– Basically, Ollie has
to go to the dentist, and it’s not a very fun appointment. They are going to be putting him under, and they have some work
to do on his teeth. – My teeth are so strong. – [Mom] You’re so strong? Good! – Look, you can’t even do this. – [Mom] Aww! (upbeat music) – Hey Siri, open the office shades. (acoustic guitar) Good morning guys, and
welcome back to our channel. It is a bright, beautiful day today. It actually is super, super windy. If you guys are not
subscribed to our channel, make sure you click the
subscribe button down below and click that notification
bell so you can get all of your notifications in your sub box. Today I have actually, kind
of a surprise for Ollie and I’m really excited
for the first surprise, I’m a little nervous
about the second surprise. The first thing is that, today is school. Finn is right now, out
in the living room eating his breakfast and stuff. But Ollie, I’m letting him
sleep a little bit because I don’t want him to eat anything. He is going to get to skip
school, but I’m going to make him believe that
he is going to school right up until I take
him into his classroom. I’m going to actually take
him to do something fun We do have something that he
has to do a little bit later. Basically, Ollie has to go to the dentist, and it’s not a very fun appointment. He doesn’t really have any idea about it. I’m trying to just ease the
information on him slowly, but they are going to be putting him under and they have some work
to do on his teeth. Which is such a bummer
and obviously as a mom it’s so hard and so sad
that he has to do this. But teeth things are kinda genetic, and my family is known to
have some kinda bad teeth. So before we do that we are going to do something fun together. We can let him be excited
that he gets to skip school. Make sure you give this vlog
a huge thumbs up if you are excited to surprise Ollie
with skipping school. And if you love skipping school. I know I always loved skipping school. – [Ollie] (inaudible) Mommy! – Good morning bud, are
you ready to get dressed? Ollie is over here doing his homework. – So I can go to school
cause I have school today. – Yup, you have school today and you have homework that is due today. And you kinda slacked this weekend. But it is your favorite
letter, what letter is this? – “O” and I start with an “O” – You start with an “O”? So
he knows them really well. And look at this, I
literally can’t believe you woke up with, like perfect hair. – AHHHH! – Oh, Finn’s like, “Hello!
Don’t forget about me!” Hi, and he’s also he’s watching our blog from when Santa brought
Luna to us even Luna’s over there watching.
– YAAAA! This is just getting us
excited for Christmas. The holidays pretty much
start, I feel like at Halloween Then it’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years and AH! It’s the best time of the year. Let us know down in the comments what your favorite holiday is.
I think yours is Halloween, but I’m sure once Halloween
is over it will be Christmas. (chuckles)
And then mine, Probably Christmas, like for sure. Oh guys, look how small
Luna used to be it’s so cute If you guys haven’t watched this video I’m going to link it up
in the I-Card for you. – WHAAAA!
– He’s very excited about it Luna, you were just a
baby and now you’re 2! If you guys haven’t watched
her second birthday party make sure you guys go check it out. I’ll have it also linked
up, cause she just turned 2 and we had a birthday party. He’s still this cute
little baby face, Yeah. We’re excited for a day at
school, you guys excited? – Yeahhhh oo oo
– Yeah – Finn’s excited!
– OO – Yeah – (Chuckles) These kids are so fun in the morning. Alright, we got our lunches,
we got our homework. Let’s go! Yay! We got your pictures,
you guys look so cute! You guys are literally
matching in every way. We are taking Finn to school first, Ooop, Pfft Oopsies, thanks bud. You excited to take Finn to school first? – Yeah.
– It’s always fun, huh? Okay Ollie so guess what.
– What? I actually tricked you this morning. Do you wanna know how? – How? – You’re not going to school today. You get to skip school. Does that sound good? – Yeah! – Are you sure? Did
you wanna go to school? – No
– (laughs) We’re gonna leave, you don’t
have to go to school today. But we are going to do
something fun right now. Does that sound good? – Yeah! – Are you so excited? – I am excited to play hookie again! – (chuckles)
Play hookie? Yeah He did ditch school a few weeks ago, make sure you guys go watch that video. Aww, I think he’s excited. Alright, let’s go get
in the car, let’s go. Let’s go
– I get to skip school – (laughs) Ollie is still laughing hysterically. Are you like so excited right now? – Yeah! – You’ve never done this before, huh? Gone all the way to school
and then just leave? Full thoughts on the
fact that your brother is at school, and you got
to skip, what do you think? – Cool – He’s really excited, huh. What do you think we should do? – Go to the dentist. – Yes, so I actually did tell him he has a dentist appointment, and
he can’t eat anything because we have to keep his teeth extra, extra clean today, huh? – Yeah – But, it’s actually not
for a few hours so we have a little bit of time, we can
definitely go do something fun. I’m gonna see what he wants to do and maybe we’ll go play somewhere? Would that be fun? Okay, Ollie got to choose
what he wants to do. What are we doing? – Love to play! – Yes, so he chose at
9 a.m. in the morning to go to Love to Play,
which is a little play area. Whooooo! He is the only kid at this huge playground but he doesn’t care, huh? I told you there would be no kids here, and you said you didn’t care
you just wanted to play, huh? (upbeat, playful music) Throwback! – It’s like getting
trapped in a water tunnel. – Yep. (upbeat, playful music) – Oh, hey puppies, how’s it going? What is up you guys, Brian
here, I thought since Missy is out showing Ollie a good day while he is skipping school,
I would check on the chickens because I haven’t checked them in a while. They’re normally pretty
self contained over here. But we’ll see what they are up to. By the way check out this gate you guys. We are building a closure for
a new pet we are gonna get. So comment down below,
what new pet do you think is going to live in this pen. What new daily bumps pet
do you guys wanna see? Oh, Hey chickens, how’s it going? Oh, Okay You guys don’t even wanna
say hi, that’s rude. Here, Chickie Chickies. Oh, hey! What’s up chickens? How’s it going? Alright, it looks like the
chickens are doing good you guys. If you guys have not seen the video where we named them though, I’m gonna have it linked in the I-Card. I’m gonna be honest, I
don’t know all their names by heart yet so I’m gonna go
inside and watch that video so then I can learn their names again. But if you wanna know what the names of all of our brand new chickens
are, it’s super funny so be sure to go check out that video in the I-Card to learn them. Hi chickens! Oh look at you guys all just hangin out, like you normally do. Taking selfies together,
watching lipstick lines. Alright, the chickens are
good, I’ll let them be. – Look at all this we got. We are at Love to Play! – Oh wow, you are actually
blogging right now. You’re posting on your Instagram, huh? – Go follow me on Instagram. – Yes, me and Ollie have
actually been posting on his Instagram and so if
you guys wanna go follow it, make sure you click the link down below And go follow Ollie and Finn cause they post really cute
pictures all the time and they even have been
posting on their Insta story. All the fun stuff you get to do. So yeah, make sure you guys go follow. Did you have so much fun? – Yeah – Yeah, that was a blast. Alright, it’s finally time
for our dentist appointment, huh Ollie? – Yeah – I think Ollie is kinda like,
let’s just get this over with so he can eat, huh?
– Yeah. – Are you pretty starving at this point? – Yeah, cause you will not get me food. – Hey, I would let you
eat, the doctor said. – I don’t know if “starving”
is the right word, maybe ‘Hangry?’
– Oh he is for sure hangry. – Okay you guys, I think
everyone’s been hangry a time or two in their life,
smash that thumbs up button if you guys have also been hangry before. – [Missy] And smash that like
button to send Ollie some love cause he’s about to do a little
dentist appointment, huh? I think it’s gonna be good,
we like our dentist huh? – It’s gonna go really good, okay? – Let’s head in! (energetic, electronic music) Alright, Brian and I
are now sitting outside. Ollie is getting his dental work done, and that was a little bit
traumatic to say the least. – Could have gone smoother. – He has like a high
anxiety type of personality. – Anything with doctors, or
a dentist or sharp objects. – And nothing traumatic
has even happened to him. I mean, more happened, more
things have happened to Finn and he is like totally chill. – Yeah – It is pretty hard, we
had to definitely work at getting him to basically fall asleep. We’re super bummed but
– Now he’s asleep though and he is getting all
the work he needs done. It’s such a bummer that this is happening right before Halloween too. – I know
– I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a kid who is
having all of this crazy dental work done right before Halloween. – There were definitely some
tears there, from us as well. Like we definitely had a little cries. Make sure you guys do thumbs up this video to give him some love he
definitely needs it right now. You know guys, let us
know down in the comments if you guys enjoy going to the dentist and if you have any suggestions on maybe ways to make him feel better? – Yeah, maybe some ways that would help with Ollie making it,
like a nicer experience? I wonder how many people are like don’t like the dentist
versus that do, you know? – Yeah, I was never scared
– Actually, We should do a little poll! You guys lets do a little I-Card poll So vote above in the corner right now. Do you like going to
the dentist, Yes or No? – I will be honest, when I was a kid I was not scared of the dentist. – I didn’t do it.
– He just didn’t go. – I was really bad with the dentist, I put it off for a really long time, I had a lot of anxiety
as a kid, myself going. – I didn’t have too crazy of
experiences at the dentist so it wasn’t too bad. I do
think I got shots as a child, but they were so good about
it that I never even knew. It didn’t even hurt. So, pretty easy peasy. – Shots for the most part shouldn’t hurt. – No, but anyways, alright
hopefully he’s feeling okay once we’re done with this. Mom and dad are worried! (slow mellow guitar) Alright, Ollie just got done. How you doing bud? – My teeth are so strong. – You’re so strong? Good! – Look, you can’t even do this. – [Brian] Aww! You did so good, dude You ready to go home? – Your teeth are looking so awesome. – I think I fell asleep. – You were so tired because
you didn’t have a nap and you hadn’t eaten you
just fell asleep bud. – I wanna get some ice cream. – [Missy] Do you? – I wanna go to Rite Aid. – Rite Aid? – [Brian] You wanna go to Rite Aid? – Oh, I can always count
on you for ice cream, huh? – [Brian] Did you know you
were gonna fall asleep? – No – You did so good though,
your teeth look so good and that dentist is so nice, he’s so good. – [Brian] Yeah, he is. – I love you – I love you, too. – [Brian] Love you buddy. You did really good, I’m proud of you. you ready to go home? Okay. (lighthearted guitar music) – Hey mom? Ollie is done and he said
to make sure to call you to meet him at Rite Aid ice cream because he needs ice cream with you now. – [Missy’s Mom] Heck yeah! – Mimi, come to Rite Aid ice cream! – Can Papa come too? – Yes. – [Brian] Can Finn come
to ice cream too Ollie? – Yeah
– [Brian] Yeah? Okay. – Alright guys so it is
actually the next day. We brought Ollie home and
he had kind of a rough rest of the day, huh? – Yeah, cause of this. Cause I couldn’t eat
anything cause of my tooth. – Yeah, he was like, pretty like hangry, pretty grumpy but also like
definitely going through some major swings I think from
coming off the anesthesia. – [Ollie] I had to eat
some food last night. – Yes, this is his food from last night. He barely even ate it but. – I ate some of it. – Yup, you ate some of it. – And I was watching
Paddington and eating. I had to like, fall asleep, and then you guys just
like picked me up and – Brought you to our room?
– Yeah – And we’ve just been
kind of filling him in on everything slowly cause
we just didn’t wanna like, you know bombard him with like
everything that he had to do and so this morning he
actually saw his teeth. And he came in my room and was like, “I don’t want metal teeth!” – No I didn’t do that, I
like looked in the mirror AH! AH! AH! And then I just, freaked out. – You did, and you came in
mommy’s room and you were like, “I don’t want metal teeth!” Huh? Yeah. But then we kind of
explained what happened and what they had to do, huh? And they had to pull one of your teeth, cause it was really, really sick, huh? Like those sugar bugs really got you. Such a bummer, we brush
his teeth everyday. He flosses everyday, and he
does his fluoride everyday, huh? Every day, no matter what. And his teeth are just super, super soft. So we put like a sealant on in to prevent this from happening in the future, but he’s really excited
because he gets to put his tooth under his pillow, and the tooth fairy is
gonna come tonight, huh? – Yeah – This is the first time
the tooth fairy is ever going to come to our house. He’s just been hangin out
in the guest room relaxin, having a good, good time
just taking it chill, huh? – Yeah – You had a good night? You are feeling much
better though today, huh? – Yeah – You pretty happy? Your teeth aren’t hurting
too bad, they feel good? – Yeah – Yeah We got Jack here, is this the name? – Yeah.
– Jack. And we’re gonna go ahead
and end this video. So make sure you give it a big thumbs up to give Ollie some, send
Ollie love and wish him better in the comments below. And let him know how much
you guys care about him, huh? – Yeah – Wouldn’t that be nice
to read all the comments of how people care about you? – Yeah. – Awesome. Alright, we will see you
guys in our next video! Bye!
– Bye! Boop! (upbeat music)

Author: Kevin Mason

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