Losing $115,000 with an Amazon Affiliate Site – Niche Site Case Study (Project Go White Hat)

Losing $115,000 with an Amazon Affiliate Site – Niche Site Case Study (Project Go White Hat)

Author: Kevin Mason

13 thoughts on “Losing $115,000 with an Amazon Affiliate Site – Niche Site Case Study (Project Go White Hat)

  1. If it wasn't a niche I found really interesting, I'd sell it. But if its a niche I find myself talking a lot about anyway in my day to day, it would be easier to stay motivated and continue contributing to the site and the niche.

  2. well, if I was faced with the same situation, I likely would have made the same choice. Here's why. 1) You indicated you were getting bored with it anyway… so why torture yourself? 2) You never know what's around the corner… for example, what if there was another big setback just a couple months down the road that made your first setback look like nothing? Then you would have wished you sold. But you did, so you didn't have to worry about it. "One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush," as the saying goes šŸ™‚

  3. So Doug the short answer is yes I would've sold. Reason being is from what you shared and if I were in your place really sounds like you and your partner's hearts and heads just weren't into it. My personal experience in that kind of situation is that I don't do my best work or perform at peak optimum.

    Here's a different perspective in terms of what you lost. What you didn't share was that you had an offer for $350,000. My assumption is you didn't actually have an offer on the site for $350k, however, you estimated that it was worth that based upon monetization at that time prior to Amazon changing the comp plan. That said, it doesn't guarantee it would have sold for $350k.

    Would you have sold it for more? Probably so but maybe not the 350 number. However, in the meantime while you would've been racking your brains to crank the site back up to the potential value of $350,000 … you certainly would've had to do a lot more work at the lower commission rate than you did before. As well, look at what you did after sold the site that has paid dividends to you since then. In other words, the time value invested to get the site up to $350k re directed to subsequent projects, what has that generated? Do a little simple math and maybe you didn't lose much if any money at all! :->

    Just my way of seeing the positive and negative situations like this one.

    I really appreciate everything you shared here as well as an your other videos and the information I've been able to download from your niche site project. Big thank you! -Jeff

  4. Perspective and context. If you are making $30k/year than $100k is over 3 years of your life. If you are making $300k a year than it's 4 months. Not to mention that at $30k/year you have no disposable income!

  5. Hello! These are advanced tips for people that own successful affiliate websites. Still, If I where in your situation I would've done the same thing, the original goal (sell for 6 figures) was meet so you actually came out victorious from the whole endeavour. If the site would've had a drop in value from 100k to 75k I would've brought it back to 100k. But hey! If you take an objective view and looking at the facts, it was sold for over 200k so you won double time!

  6. Hey, great video.
    I created my first Amazon Affiliate niche in the "sofa bed" niche for a transactional keyword with +22.000 searches a month and i'm currently around the 12 position. The domain is just 120 days from created. I'll keep doing what i was doing and i hope i get to the first 3 positions very soon.
    Greetings from Spain. šŸ™‚

  7. Great video. Iā€™m not sure if you can share this info, but until you reached the point of say selling the site at 230k, how much had you invested in this site (links domains content etc.) is is safe to say the investment is close to 10K range meaning this would be a 2000% ROI or you guys have invested much more in terms of capital ? Thanks !

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