43 thoughts on “Linux for Chromebooks: Secure Development (Google I/O ’19)

  1. Thank you for the nice talk! Can anyone recommend a good Chromebook for running docker + VS Code?

  2. Got one of these to do web development on. Got everything working with ease, except to mount the nfs server where the files are stored. Not sure if I missed something or if this is not available (yet?)

  3. Chrome OS don't need a bar at the bottom like windows or mac this was the worst desicion ever made by Google! The best UI for an OS would be like Chrome Browser! When using Chrome on Windows we have 2 bars…..one on the bottom called windows taskbar and Chrome Browser bar itself ….but why 2 bars and both have tabs or in windows called tasks? The perfect solution for an OS would be when booting up to have an UI like Chrome Browser and the Tabs can be Websites or Nativ Programs, imagin how cool that would be to have next to an website tab an tab for an nativ program like Photoshop…..the desktop or multiple desktops need to be reachble with one button maybe next to the search/browser bar. The bar itsef need to be for search / websites / and local search. Please share this comment so someone from Google will see it. This is the way Google need to build the next gen OS! I hope my dream will become true!

  4. Chromebook development with chromo S app and other analytical dev tools I believe will be a must have for the Chromebook.

  5. 1. Get Chromebook
    2. Install Linux VM
    3. follow instructions to install chrome on Ubuntu
    You have chrome in chrome! BUUUM

  6. You'd think for a company that has been working with the linux kernel for this long would do this earlier. Even MS has a much deeper knee in linux

  7. Most chromebooks appear to have a super slow CPU, low amount of RAM and only about 32-64GB SLOW eMMC as storage. How on earth do you expect any developer to be productive with that?

  8. now the question is… are you going to provide backdoor access to the fbi/fusion centers like apple does with the iphone? if so it kinda makes the all this 'security' moot.

  9. Several layers of security to prevent one process snooping on another one.

    Now who or what prevents Google from snooping on all of my private data and share it with any random advertiser?

  10. I have alot of chromebooks and crostini would fill the gaps the i have with chrome os such as video editing without online subscription – gimp for photo editing without cloud subscriptions but its all fairy tails if my students have shell access!

  11. Why not just make it Linux system… And save us all this stress. I think windows and Mac are still the best for web dev. I was thinking to move from windows to chrome but as I can see you guys are still trying to use us the developers for experimentations

  12. Connecting phone to my Pixelbook crashes linux container, reboot helps… Version 75.0.3770.42 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

  13. Interesting why not using Golang! Don't take me wrong, I love Rust but really interesting to see Google is not using their own language and rely on Rust instead!!!

  14. HiddenWasp, anybody else find this in your machine? Theirs also a tandem program that does something. I am still trying to figure it out

  15. I haven’t activated Linux on my chromebook yet. Is it a specific distro managed by Google or can you literally pick any distro to install?

  16. Someone needs to make "DeveloperOS" which is a linux distro which uses a desktop environment heavily based on MacOS. None of this VM insanity we see Windows and ChromeOS using

  17. This is all very interesting and I Appreciate the talk.I am a True beginner to this info. At this point I am simply looking the attach an external DVD drive , so that I can play CD's and DVD's through my Chromebook. I am Pretty sure this will be possible in this new configuration. Could someone Please confirm that I can In fact do this? Thank you. Harold..

  18. I wish I could do, Embedded Software with a ChromeBook, I do a lot of work with Arduino and MPLAB X not sure if ChromeBooks can support this. Does anyone know???

  19. Security, simplicity, flexibility. Choose one. The usual form is a, b, c, choose two, you can only have 2 out of 3 at once. But with these three, you can only have 1 at a time.

  20. I would need a Windows VM running for .Net WPF und UWP development. Any Solution here? I guess right now its only possible to use an VDI right?

  21. This is really awesome and impressive especially the security aspect! Also it gives us more options other than Dell xps developer edition(Ubuntu) and the Mac-book.

  22. All of this complexity to simply run Linux… you could also just install Ubuntu to a standard laptop.

    And if you're really worried about security and you like to install random untrusted software (why would you do this?), you could run a VM on top of Windows, Mac or Linux.

    Honestly seems like a waste of some really intelligent people's time.

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