Let’s #FightFatigue – Fight Fatigue campaign – Association of Anaesthetists

Let’s #FightFatigue – Fight Fatigue campaign –  Association of Anaesthetists

Typically, most adults require seven to eight hours sleep a night, but in reality some of us are not getting the required amount of sleep. You’re probably already sleep deprived. Over time this can lead to impaired performance comparable to one night of sleep deprivation. Fatigue effects your performance in many ways. Working at night is similar to working when you’re jet-lagged and makes tasks, like driving home after a night shift, without a rest dangerous. In fact driving while fatigued is like driving when drunk. A rested health care professional is better for everyone. There are lots of practical things you can do to improve your sleep. Download our fight fatigue guidance from our website. You can use this guidance within your hospital. Let’s fight fatigue together.

Author: Kevin Mason

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