Les Amis Episode 17: The Agony of Death

Les Amis Episode 17: The Agony of Death

Enjolras: I’m so excited it’s our first rally I feel I
feel like my entire life has been leading up to this.
Grantaire: You’re peaking kind of early. I feel like my life is culminating to me getting a drink named after me.
Enjolras: I actually do have a drink named after me Grantaire: Yeah I want a better drink than eight
shots of espresso in a cup. Grantaire: Joly, how’ve you been buddy? Police: Leave the vicinity immediately. You are not authorized to assemble on private property. [Gunshots are heard] Combeferre: Put the chairs on top.
Enjolras: Do we have anything else? Courfeyrac: Slow down edgelord.
Bahorel: Oh my God! Combeferre: Eponine! Oh my God, are you okay? She’s been shot. Marius: You’re okay you’re gonna be okay.
Gavroche: What’s going on? Combeferre: I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do I haven’t gotten to the
life-saving for my major yet, just microbiology. Gavroche: Microbiology isn’t going to keep her alive! Joly: Hang on. I know
what to do. Eponine: No, no Marius. I want Marius. where is he? Joly: I’m going to help you.
Eponine: Marius? Joly: Marius keep her calm. Distract her. We don’t need her freaking
out right now. Combeferre are your hands clean? Combeferre: No.
Joly: Okay you can elevate her legs. Then Eponine, I’m sorry Courfeyrac: Should we call 9-1-1?
Enjolras: 9-1-1 is waiting outside the door to arrest us Combeferre: 9-1-1 is going to take too long anyways and
I don’t think she’d have that kind of time. Marius: You’re hurting her.
Joly: I’m the only
one even marginally helping right now Eponine: No I’m not hurting.
Joly: That’s not good. Eponine: Marius stay with me
Marius: I’m right here. Eponine: That’s all I wanted to hear I think
I was a little bit in love with you Bahorel: Who invited you? Javert: I came to volunteer. Enjolras: I think we’re gonna need all the held we can get guys. Courfeyrac: What’s your name?
Javert: It’s Javert.
Courfeyrac: Who? Elizabeth: He’s a narc. He hangs out around Saint
Michele all the time and then tries to get me to sell him weed.
Javert: So you do sell weed? [Javert makes old man injury noises, Bahorel makes fighting noises] Police: This protest has gotten out of hand. You’ve trespassed on private property, started a riot that’s spread throughout the city and attacked officers in uniform. Come out with your hands up or we’ll come in after you. Enjolras: They’re gonna break in.
Courfeyrac: They’re already in. Feuilly: The doors are locked from the other side! Marius: We have a hostage!
Enjolras: What? Combeferre: Marius what are you thinking? My life is not yours to risk! Marius: We have Officer Javert! If you come in we’ll kill him! Police: They have a hostage. We are in a hostage situation. Combeferre: I’d rather serve a community service charge over trespassing than getting life in prison for kidnapping an officer.
Marius: What other choice do we have? Courfeyrac: We can do what he says. Enjolras: They came here ready to shoot guys. We’re not going to prison. Feuilly: We’re all doing to die. Combeferre: Enjolras, what do we do? Enjolras: I don’t know. Courfeyrac: What do you mean you don’t know? You always know. Enjolras: I don’t know! Cosette: Papa! Papa, there’s been a shooting. Valjean: I know Cosette calm down. I
heard all about it everything’s going to be okay. Cosette: Marius is there.
Valjean: Now that is a problem. Cosette: They’ve barricaded themselves inside the cafe musain, the police are going to knock down the door at any minute and
are not listening to reason they’re gonna kill him!
Valjean: Please calm down Cosette. I want you to wait right here Be safe, okay?
Cosette: Where are you going? Valjean: I’ll be
back soon okay Bahorel: How’re you doing?
Feuilly: As good as can be expected. You? Bahorel: About the same. I’ve been thinking of that vacation we’ve been planning on
Feuily: To Poland? Bahorel: yeah I think we should go. Feuilly: Even if we got out of here we
couldn’t afford to go. Bahorel: We’re getting out of here.
Feuilly: Bahorel. Bahorel: We could go to Warsaw and
even if we got stranded that’s your favorite place and if you’re with me it’d be my
favorite place too. Feuilly: I guess I wouldn’t mind being stranded in Warsaw with you Combeferre: Well the police are not sending over a hostage negotiator which makes no sense thanks for putting us into the situation
idiot Marius: I said I’m sorry Ferre, multiple times. I just panicked. Combeferre: If this
wasn’t a hostage situation we probably would’ve been to bailed out by now.
We could’ve laughed at this later. Marius: I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.
Combeferre: Sorry isn’t
going to keep us alive. I thought you were more of a flight than fight person.
Marius: Me? Combeferre: Yeah, I’m really into personality types. You
know? I guess I misjudged you Marius: We’re in a real tight spot aren’t we. Combeferre: Yeah but I have the feeling you’ll be
fine. Marius: Thanks… Ferre, what would you do if we got out of here.
Combeferre: Go change my major to philosophy I don’t think I can handle blood like I thought
I could. Marius: I’d propose to Cosette. Probably have Courfeyrac help me with plan something elaborate. She’s better at stuff like that
than I am. She just deserves something that’s breathtaking.
Combeferre: You’re writing her a letter? Marius: Yeah I wanted to let her know I thought of her, Combeferre: I’m sure she knows. Even without the letter. Joly: I don’t know what’s going to happen Musichetta but I love you. Tell Bossuet I love him too, how is he? Musichetta: He’s good, misses you. I think the travel abroad here in Canada has been hard for him. Joly: But he’s with you. I wish I
was. I should have done all this differently, I should have said no Combeferre I don’t want to spend my weekend at a protest or no Grantaire I don’t
want to throw rocks at the police. Musichetta: You threw rocks at the police? Joly: I didn’t want to! I should have gone
abroad with you it was just you and me and Bossuet in a cute little coffee
shop in Toronto none of this would have happened Musichetta: Your friends would still be there. Joly: Well then I should have paid attention in class. I had my first patient die on me today. Musichetta: Joly, I’m so sorry Joly: Me too!
Musichetta: Please be careful. I’ll see you in two weeks when you come to visit, okay? Think you can hold on until then? Joly: Yeah, soon as I get out of here Courfeyrac: Gav is there anything I can do?
Gavroche: Unless you can turn back time and fix everything then no. Courfeyrac: It’s going to be okay.
Gavroche: It’s not going to be okay! Cause my sister is dead and and
not only is she dead but now I have to go back I have to live with my abusive
father! Corfeyrac: You don’t have to go back you can stay with me. Gavroche: I appreciate that but it’s
not gonna help anything. Cause we’re all going to die. Gavroche: Courf, I’m so scared. Courfeyrac: Me too. Gavroche: What are we going to do? Courfeyrac: Why don’t you tell me how many people are smoking oregano right now? Gavroche: At least a dozen. I wish I could see them. Courfeyrac: You will. Grantaire: Do you want a drink? Enjolras: Where did you get that? Grantaire: I’ve had a stash hidden since August. Enjolras: no no I I
don’t drink. Grantaire: I mean, I don’t either. Enjolras: It wasn’t supposed to be like this. All of
these people, they’re all gonna die For us.
Grantaire: Well that’s life sometimes. Can’t always get what you want. Enjolras: Always the optimist.
Grantaire: I’m not being pessimistic
I’m being… Enjolras: A realist I know. Grantaire: Are you afriad. To die, I mean. Grantaire: Do you remember the meeting a few months ago? You sent me home. Enjolras: When you were drunk? Grantaire: Yeah um, but you said I didn’t believe in anything. I wasn’t kidding when I said I believed in you and if I have to
get shot or gassed or tased whatever I I think I’m okay doing that following
your lead. Enjolras: R, you’re a real pain in my ass. Grantaire: I try. Enjolras: But every once a while you say the right thing. Grantaire: Well you should feel honored me saying something decent is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Enjolras: Well I’ll enjoy it for the rest of my
life Grantaire: Enjolras, you made a joke [sounds of police busting through shabby barriace] Gavroche: You killed my-
Courfeyrac: Ga- Valjean: Cosette I’ve got something for you!

Author: Kevin Mason

28 thoughts on “Les Amis Episode 17: The Agony of Death

  1. Do you know how many times you just stabbed my heart?!

    EDIT: If you pause at 12:43 there is the girl who was filming Marius life from the beginning! She's dead too! (I'm even more sad now)

  2. Wow, that was amazing! I'm crying right now, it was heartbreaking. I love your work, it's beautiful what you have done♡♡♡

  3. 1. You kept Éponines last words from the brick. Wow. I might have shed a tear.
    2. Feuillys love for Poland! Yes!
    3. Most of you guys' acting was so much better here than ever before!! I'm literally to impressed holy shit
    4. Max' hair??? I was confused at first like "when did Enjolras get a haircut" then I remembered this wasn't probably all filmed in one day
    6. Shaky cam usage when the police stormed the room and shot everyone? Excellent choice
    7. "COSETTE I'VE GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU" made me fucking wheeze I can't stop laughing what the fuck I wanted to be sad

  4. I literally screamed omg! I was crying and then the "Cosette I have something for you" line made me laugh. I was just half crying and laughing in my room, saying "my children of the barricade" i cant

  5. THIS EPISODE WAS HEARTBREAKING. Even so, Joly talking to Chetta and the clip at the end were hilarious. Amazing acting!!

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