Les Amis Episode 16: The Agony of Life

Les Amis Episode 16: The Agony of Life

Enjolras: Today is the big day it’s finally the first day of the rally. Grantaire: What’s the cause again? Courfeyrac: Protesting the
administration’s blatant disregard for its student’s well-being.
Grantaire: Right… I thought we were protesting that the broccoli cheese soup in the cafeteria is just canned nacho
cheese and broccoli. Which I think is much nobler cause. Courfeyrac: Oh hey don’t forget to
pick up Marius. Enjolras: Is he bringing Cosette? I need him to be focused on the rally, not on her. Courfeyrac: She’s she’s packing. You know, moving to England. Enjolras: Is that why he’s been so
emotional? [Marius scream cries] Courfeyrac: He just needs time. Grantaire: There he is. Grantaire: Get in you Al Dente little freshman. Grantaire: How are you feeling? any better? Marius: I don’t want to talk about it. Enjolras: Well then let’s not. Alright do we have everything? Can
we go now? Courfeyrac: I don’t think we need anything else. Enjolras: Alright that’s great. I’m excited it’s our first rally. I feel I feel like my entire
life has been leading up to this. Grantaire: You’re peaking kind of early. I feel like my life is culminating to me getting a drink named after me.
Enjolras: I actually do have a drink
named after me Grantaire: Yeah I want a better drink than eight shots of espresso in a cup. Courfeyrac:Oh do we all remember our proper protest etiquette? Marius: Don’t get tazed. Don’t get gassed. Don’t get trampled. Enjolras: And if anyone gets arrested
call me. Grantaire: What if you get arrested? Enjolras: I’m white and my parents are
multimillionaires I think I could figure it out [Enjolras and Grantaire bicker over directions] [Courfeyrac discusses changing her outfit] Courfeyrac: We’re here! Enjolras: Combeferre you look… tired?
Combeferre: I’ve been here since 3:00 a.m. Enjolras: That would do it.
Grantaire: Joly! How’ve you been buddy? Joly: Good.
Grantaire: Even with Bossuet being gone? Joly: Yes. [Joly cries] [Joly cries like only someone who has known true loss could cry] Feuilly: So how does one start protesting?
I mean we’re all here now what? Eponine: Do we just start yelling? Bahorel: I have to be angry to
Feuilly: How do you feel right now? Bahorel: Hungry.
Feuilly: Channel that into a hanger. You’ll be good. Enjolras: Combeferre do you want to get the troops riled up? Combeferre: I don’t know I’m not very invigorating. Marius: What are you? Body wash?
Bahorel: What? Marius: You know like how soap is invigorating. Courfeyrac: Well Enj it looks like you’re
gonna be the one rallying the troops. Enjolras: Alright, Oh did anyone tell dr. Valjean
that this was happening today Courfeyrac: I forgot.
Enjolras: Okay somebody’s gonna have to go
hold it Enjolras: Really? Grantaire? You volunteering? Grantaire: Yeah, me, Enjolras. I mean look at my jacket like a volunteer or don’t I.
I just sent Valjean an email I left because it wasn’t really that
interesting. Enjolras: Students do you see a future for yourself? One where you can buy a house, raise a family, have kids, live life maybe not be crippled and drowning in student debt?
That is not a future that you get with Hugo University. Hugo University will bury
you, take away your money, your funds everything if you so much as insult the
university president and after you’re at the end whenever they’ve taken all of
your money and everything and you end up Six Feet Under
do they care? They don’t care to them we’re just numbers student IDs bank
Eponine: Preach! Enjolras: Feuilly agrees with me, where are you Feuilly. Right there, Feuilly agrees with me she doesn’t have any parents she
doesn’t have any extra funds or anything like that she’s alone and what is Hugo
University doing to help her? Combeferre: Nothing!
Enjolras: She holds more jobs than I think is
legally possible Hugo University does nothing. But I see a
new administration in the future one where maybe students don’t have to worry
about their university president skimming their funds off their tuition. Maybe one where we
can just focus on our studies on our lives on her friends on the bad cafeteria food, student dances but maybe we’ll be happy. Our years at Hugo
University have been great but maybe just once
maybe tomorrow they’ll be happy Police: Attention students. Leave the vicinity
immediately you’re not authorized to assemble private property Combeferre: Wait we have a permit! Enjolras: Combeferre, I forgot the permit. Combeferre: You what? Eponine: Guys get back to the Cafe? Where’s Gavroche? Marius: I saw her go with Courf! [Assorted yelling] Grantaire: What are we doing? I want to be included. Combeferre: It did not go well.
Feuilly: They shot at us! Grantaire: They shot at you? Enjolras: Do we have anything else?
Combeferre: Close up the door back there! Gavroche: Go! That way! Combeferre: Okay is everyone here? Courfeyrac: This is bad.
Gavroche: What gave you that impression? Combeferre: It’s okay we’re going to be okay. Bahorel: That was not what was supposed to happen!
Eponine: Guys. Enjolras: When did you get here? Grantaire: I’ve been here for a
while I came back this way may have fallen asleep, it’s not that important. Feuilly: We only paid the dog sitter for the one day what are we going to do if we go to jail. Eponine: Marius.
Joly: I’m having a panic attack. Grantaire: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Eponine: Um. Joly: Now I’m hyperventilating.
Marius: I have a paper bag somewhere. Joly: I piss on your paper bag! Courfeyrac: Slow down edgelord! Bahorel: Oh my God!
Combeferre: Eponine! Are you okay? Combeferre: She’s been shot. are you done

Author: Kevin Mason

26 thoughts on “Les Amis Episode 16: The Agony of Life

  1. (spoilers spoiler spoiler)

    me: it would have been more 'realistic' and modern if she died by inhaling some gaz thrown by police while having asthma! This could really happen in a protest!
    me 2 seconds later: oh wait, you guys are from the US…… where dying by being shot could totally happen in a protest…. .-.

    Anyhow I loved this episode, I don't comment enough but I really like this serie, keep it up, please and thank you 🙂

    I'm from Paris, it's funny seing "my" cultural patrimony seen and reinvented by other nationalities and accent ^^

  2. I haven’t been checking the account every day for this episode after binge watching last week I have no clue what you’re talking about 🙃

  3. .. I.. I .. Don't know what to say.. Eponine.. I was laughing because of Enjy's speech (you inclued the feuilly part !!!) but then the police and and..

    I'm sad.

  4. I gave you my heart and you shattered it into 1000 pieces in less than 3 minutes AND IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING (all acting is SO on point tho I am SHOOKETH)

  5. Feuilly, when Enj gets to that part of the speech: You know, I came out here to have a good time but honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now.
    Everyone, one minute later: same as above, but more shooting

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