Legit Paying Sites 2020 – Paano Kumita ng $4 to $50 in 1 Hour Sa Online Jobs Phillipines

Legit Paying Sites 2020 – Paano Kumita ng $4 to $50 in 1 Hour Sa Online Jobs Phillipines

In this video, I will share legit online jobs where you can get income online this 2020. Hi guys, is it your first time here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and Bell to get notified for new uploads. Let’s divide these online income to 4 categories. First, full-time with clients with required hours. Second, work with flexible time, log in anytime and log out anytime. Third, just an extra income that requires no skills. More on survey sites. Fourth, cellphone applications that really pay and are legit. Just an extra, online investment that I recommend and affiliate marketing. The top website I recommend is onlinejobs.ph, I was recommending FreeeUp before. A lot of our viewers already got a client here to work with. A lot of them are now working stable online. OnlineJobs PH, Upwork, FreeeUp, and Freelancer.com We’ll discuss all these altogether since they are all freelancing platforms. Freelancing platforms are where clients abroad are posting their job openings and these are where we can apply by registering on the website first. We can see their job openings here where we can apply. Once a client hired us and we worked for them, that’s when they’ll pay us. Samples of freelancing jobs you can d here, 1. Telemarketer – placing calls Here, you’ll call clients. 2. Content writer – writing articles 3. You can also work as a customer service representative That can be via chat or email or you can also answer phonecalls. It depends on your client’s needs Those are the jobs you can find here. What are the differences of OnlineJobs, Upwork, and FreeeUp? In OnlineJobs PH, there’s no fee, it’s direct to the client. But then the payments are not recured, there are chances that clients wouldn’t pay. That usually happens at first. But once you receive payment, it will go from there. Number 1 advantage in OnlineJobs PH is there are lots of job posts and there’s no fee. The fee is on the client’s side. Another legit website where you can find work is Upwork. The only difference from OnlineJobs PH is in Upwork, there’s 20% Upwork fee. It goes down in the long run of working here. Unfortunately, to be able to apply here, you will have to pay for “Connects” But that’s affordable, so don’t worry. The payment here is more secured compared to OnlineJobs PH. I always mention about FreeeUp because this is where I’m a freelancer at. There is no fee and there’s not much competitors in jobs you can apply for. In the first two, OnlineJobs PH and Upwork, in a single job, you can have as much as 50 competitors. Here, there’s just one or two in one job offering. So these are Client 1 and 2 who hired me. They have different rates too. By the way, your earnings here depend on your rate. We have another full video about online jobs, watch that. This is just a shorcut. So here, Client 1 and 2, also you’ll see my login times. 3 hours, 5 hours, and here 1 hour and 40 minutes login time. It’s prorated on your rate. Here, for 5h and 36m i earned 77.38 USD My rate here is $14 per hour and here, $18 per hour. Freelancer is our fourth website. It’s also free, you don’t need to pay their monthly membership here. It’s almost the same with the first three, but there are more cons here. You can earn in two ways here: Freelancing jobs and contests. A client will post the contest For example, logo. Freelancers will send their sample logos and client will choose one he’ll use and that’s when the client will award the money. Fiverr is also a freelancing platform but it’s the other way around. Here in Fiverr, clients will be the one to look for freelancers. Normally, they’re the ones posting job offerings and us applying to them, but here, we’re the ones posting our services and the client is the one browsing for skills and will look for a freelancer they’ll like. We are selling our services here where clients can choose from. Another full-time or part-time you can do at home is Acadsoc, ESL teaching company. There are lots of other sites, but this one is what we’re able to try. We have viewers who are currently working here. This is trully legit and paying. For now, we’ll talk about this. In ESL companies, you will teach English. basic, advanced, or business English to kids, adults, businessmen, but mostly to kids. In Acadsoc, students are Chinese. There are other websites who have Japanese students. It depends on the ESL company. Here in Acadsoc, they have Chinese. I have read some negative comments about Acadsoc in Facebook that the rate went down to 40 pesos per hour I don’t like that personally but I’m not sure because I have asked my viewers and none of them gave a feedback. There are also negative comments about the leaders and many more. Maybe it really depends on the leader or teacher’s attitude. Also on your work ethics and behavior. Our viewers have positive feedbacks anyway. Now, we’ll share part-time or free-time online job websites. This is where you will only log in when you need to work. And log out if you don’t. No client that will require you to log in or log out on a specific time. Just free time or flexible. Whenever you want to work. Number 1 (When I posted this the 1st and 2nd time, a lot of our viewers are already earning $100 to $200 per week) We have a certain student viewer who earns $3 per hour She’s working before and after going to school and earning $3 per hour here. What is Remotasks? It’s doing annotations. What they mostly promote is boxing cars, that’s called annotation. But here in Remotasks, the number 1 source of income of our viewers is what they call lidar tasks. I am not sure about what Mamoth is from the comment section, but I think that’s under lidar too. This is where we are helping self-driving cars about the ways ahead, if it’s a car in front, is that a pole, sidewalk, or a person… We are identifying it for the car’s AI or self-driving cars. Remotasks pay via Paypal every Friday or Saturday. Next is Directly where you work as chat support. You can work for Samsung. Here, this is Rock City I think this is for GTA. They also have one for League of Legends PostMates Also Shopify. Us experts will answer customer’s questions. We get $1 per answer we provide to them. You are a chat support for certain websites here like Samsung. Another legit and paying website is Appen. I asked for feedbacks from our viewers and they said there are only a few tasks here but they are regularly sending tasks at least twice a month This is where we are helping Facebook search engines The task I got from Appen is about Facebook’s search engine. It’s just more about if you saw what you’re looking for or if the search results are sufficient. We are helping social media search engines here. There are full-time online jobs here where you work 15 to 20 hours. That’s minimum $3 per hour as a social media evaluator but only few from our viewers got accepted there. Only 1 to 3 viewer gave feedback to us. Second website will be for transcription websites. We have two videos: GoTranscript and Rev.com You will register on their website, they’ll see if you passed or not. Once you’re hired, there’s a list of files that you can transcribe. Each file transcribed has a corresponding pay. What’s transcription? You will type what’s being said in the audio. It’s not that easy, it takes time to do it. The longer you’re workking here, the faster you become. The primary difference between Rev.com and GoTranscript, Rev.com pays more but it’s harder to get in here, in GoTranscript, it’s not easy to get in, but easier compared to Rev. And the pay here is lower than Rev. In 2018, I tried 10-minute audio for $2.33 I’m not sure if it went up, but it says here upto $0.60 per video minute. Another legit website where we got proof of payment, Humanatic. Problem is, a lot of cheating happened so they temporarily closed the registration. I’m not sure when they’re opening again. Once Humantic doors reopen, this is a good opportunity. This is non-voice, you’ll just listen here and there’s no talking. You’ll listen to the call and categorize it if someone answered the call or not, what the call is about, is it just an operator who answered, depends on the category, you get $0.10 per call. They pay via PayPal. This is where I started sharing videos on YouTube because Usertesting is really good. Other viewers don’t know how it works and how to takke advantage of this How can you take advantage of this opportunity? Usertesting is where you’ll be testing websites. You get $10 per each website you test for 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t worry about testing the website or if it has codes or anything, you will just test the website as a normal user. For example, Facebook submitted a test to Usertesting for this first page of the group “When I scroll down, I think this is really not necessary I think you should put more content or you should stretch this upto here.” You don’t need to have perfect English here as long as it’s conversational and clients can understand. Don’t mock my English earlier, that’s just a sample. You will just test products as a user. $10 per 10 to 20 minutes website testing. That’s a fixed $10. Just always pull up a tab for this whenever you’re on a computer. You can do Appen, Lidar in Remotasks, or Directly and it will ping you if there’s task available. Next category are for extra income online. This is both for PC and cellphone users. This is just an extra 500 to 1,000 per month income. These are survey sites or so called microtasks. You don’t need a skill here, but you can only earn like 40 pesos to 50 pesos per survey. Here, clients will send out surveys and once you’re able to take it and get qualified for it, you’ll get points that you can exchange for real cash. This is the first one we shared in 2017, Lifepoints. It was Global Test Market before. This is legit and paying since 2017. Another legit survey site that we have a proof of payment of, Mobrog. It’s instant payout. Minimum withdrawal is 250 pesos Once you cash out the money from their site, you get it in PayPal in jusst 20 to 30 minutes. Toluna, almost same with the first two and we also have proof of payment. It takes 15 days to 1 month to get your payout here. SurveyTime is the recent one we shared about. SurveyTime has no minimum payout, $1 instant per each survey. You will receive it in your PayPal within 15 to 20 minutes after finishing the survey. $1 per survey. InstaGC is good too, but if you don’t have a fully verified PayPal, you can skip this. InstaGC also sends out survey like Toluna and Survey Time. They also pay instantly. Once you request payout, you’ll get it in your PayPal within 30 minutes. Another website that is legit and paying, Shopback. It’s not an extra income online. It’s rebate when shopping in Lazada, Shopee, and booking with Agoda. They give cashbacks for that. If you paid 10,000, you may get 600 rebate in your Shopback which you can withdraw into real cash via PayPal or bank transfer. This can be your extra income online if you will invite users that like to shop. If you know someone who always shop online in Lazada, Shopee, or Agoda, send them your referral link. After you invite spent a certain amount, you get 100 pesos. That’s when it becomes extra income online if you will invite shoppers. I personally use Shopback when using Lazada or Agoda. Another legit website where you can earn online, but here you also need to do invites, it’s not a requirement, but that’s how you’ll get income. This is really legit. Every invite, sometimes it’s 75 pesos, every successful referral, you get 50 to 100 pesos. It varies per month because sometimes, they have promos. You can also buy and sell Bitcoin here. Buy if it’s cheap, then sell a a higher price of BTC. Fourth part of our video is more on for cellphone users. I am not recommending it that much because it’s just a small income. These can be applications to kill time that are proven to be legit and paying. First in the list is Kumu Livestream. How can you earn through Kumu Livestream? They have major games here like QuizMoKo and other games where they give real money prizes. For example, answer 10 questions correctly gives you 10,000 pesos jackpot sometimes it’s 20k, 50k, and one time it was 1 million. If there are multiple winners, they’ll all have a fair share of the prize. Another way to earn here is through livestreaming. When doing a livestream, your viewers can send you diamonds. Those diamonds can be converted to real cash. Another legit application is Tangere Pinoy Survey with Prizes. This is not like the first survey sites where you get cash, here, you get raffle entry. You can win iPad 6th gen, 500 coins, cellphones, flights… Those are sort of their prizes. Once you finish a survey, you get a raffle ticket to win phones or sometimes, cash prizes. I went to SM on one of their live draws and they really have a DTI representative during the live draw. You don’t have to shell out any amount here. Load Rewards is another legit and proven paying application. You will have to spin here and you can get from 10 load up to 100 load. I already got and received both 10 and 100 load. These are applications you can use to kill time and get rewarded. Premise also offers surveys, mostly quick surveys. They pay like 5 pesos for that quick survey, they’ll ask you to take photos, like missions from this place to this place, they will ask you about the transportation, take a photo of it, all in exhange of payment. Premise is proven legit and paying. Another way to earn is called affiliate marketing. What’s affiliate marketing? If you have an item that you want to share to your friend or cousin, or even sharing it to anyone using your affiliate link, you can get referral commission if they used and buy that using your link. You can go with Lazada Affiliate Program. Last one we’ll share is about investments online. “Sir James, where’s the best place to invest online?” Stock market is the only recommendation I can give to invest online. This is where you will buy stocks of like Jollibee, Puregold, SM, Globe, PLDT… Those stocks can either go up or down through time, if you invested and bought stocks here, your money can goo up or down. If it went up, then you get profit for investing. In stock market, you can get profit or deficit. Your 100 pesos can be 200 or 50 pesos the next day. Investment, you can get profit or deficit. In buying stocks, you will need a broker. COL Financial is a broker, but there’s many more. It’s up to you to choose. Make sure that your broker is legit because this is where you’ll deposit money. COL Financial is the only one I’ve tried and their services are good. You will deposit money here through bank that you’ll use to buy stocks. You will do both buying and selling stocks here in your broker. Once you sold it, it’ll come to your cash fund and you’ll withdraw it through bank too. You will request it within COL Financial too. Those are the legit sites where you can earn online this 2020. Make sure to click the like button if you liked this video share this to your friends if you they want to find real online and typing jobs. Not the fake ones, so they won’t be misled to other things. Thank you for watching, homemates. See you next time.

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