Kudlow says proposed coronavirus stimulus package is roughly $6 trillion

Kudlow says proposed coronavirus stimulus package is roughly $6 trillion

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Kudlow says proposed coronavirus stimulus package is roughly $6 trillion

  1. It doesn’t make any sense that the government will literally give airline companies free money to keep people employed, and somehow the national debt becomes a responsibility of the people! Modern slavery? Keep in mind that small business are being offered loans to keep their business going, and are expected to pay it all back.

  2. Why do I keep hearing direct deposit? Where are they getting our account numbers? Not everyone has a bank account. Also: what about people who owe taxes? Will the irs take their money if it’s deposited through tax returns?!?!


  4. Kudlow, didn't he advise up to buy stock after the first dip. You would have lost half of following his advice. Ignorant moron. Like Trump

  5. So now the Democrats are withholding aid from the United States citizens until they get something in return a quid pro quo

  6. I see naw haw Republicans and corporate Democrats are agree with Bernie Saunders. Yet again socialism for corporations will win but not for people. Stupid sheep’s one day will realize that Bernie is real Conservative Republican old fashion.

  7. We’re never going to see aid. It’s all going to corporations. What’s new? There is trillions upon trillions unaccounted for every few years going in the pockets of fat cats. We’re all screwed. We are gonna have to face it. We’re doomed and he Republicrats and the Democrans don’t care. As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

  8. This is great. Living in a centrally planned economy is surprisingly chill. They just give you like trillions of dollars to stay home. Welcome to The New America.

  9. I pay about $25,000 taxes a year. Federal, State income Tax bill and $5,500 for county real estate assessment. I hope I get at least $1,000 bucks for a few months. Somebody else is getting mighty rich on the SIX BILLION Dollar bail out.

  10. 1,500 one time? What about next week? I'm in N.Y that's no help fuckers. Why wouldn't they pay by cost of living per state? So the guy in Alabama pays 2 months rent and buys groceries and I get a cab ride and a cup of coffee? Great, thanks.

  11. 90% of all Americans will have to pay that money back in 2021 it's FEMA this is nothing new fellow Americans always remember 2005 katrina

  12. DANG companies suddenly have a bad month and we add $6 trillion to the debt. But you try to fix healthcare and they scream “there is no way to pay for it!!!!!!”

  13. Do we really need checks sent to Americans??? is this deal with devil worth our souls/// we are looking pretty screwed right now Patriots look past the check what is in this bill that we wont never here

  14. Allow psychopaths to rule your life and this is what they come up with, insanity debt debt debt… and more debt I mean stimulus will fix it🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣 wake up people

  15. Wow China has cost the USA a bundle. I think China wasn’t happy with the Trade Deal, so it unleashed the Virus on the USA and the World. If this isn’t a signal to totally isolate China from the rest of the World, and just shut them out of everything.
    And importing anything medical from China is just asking for trouble.

  16. This is the theft of the century happening right in front of your eyes.
    This is the end of the Dollar.
    They gave you some pathetic tax cuts early on so you go out invest and build.
    And now they are going to steal everything you built with inflation and devaluation and then tax whats left over into oblivion.
    All your savings are going to vaporize overnight.
    They let you get back up, just so they can knock you down.
    And while you are on the floor and they are kicking you in the stomach, they are going to tell you its for your own good and that they are doing it to save you.

  17. If you owe arrears on child support, they will snatch every penny of your stimulus check, and leave you and anybody else in your household to starve.

  18. Where's the conservative out rage over this enslavement of at least five generations. What in the hell happened to the republican party. Jesus christ not even the dump Democrats had the balls to pull this off!

  19. 90% of the money will go to the 1% , Too Big to fail Companies , Big banks , Trump's Rich friends , but in the end the virus will wreck the American economy and history will read , money wasted on a failing economy , instead of stopping the virus by spending the money on much needed medical equipment and supplies . Save Lives , then build a New economy

  20. All about money, the market is Based on Soros " Alchemy of the Market " otherwise known as " overage ",,, people all 6 noble gasses which make up our barrier membrane, have a weight heavier than air. This weight has been bought and sold bartering blue chip market value on OIL painting artifacts, for which there is no ceiling. Markets are being controled, and purposely posturing a pandemic, so you can again be injected with ignorance. Stay away from needles, and be aware we still have missing Fentynal, and God only knows what they're doing with used diabetic test kits.

    But most of all, dont handle money. Truck routes have been reversed ever since the 1982 #12 Mileage Guide in the States, which is why shelves cleared so fast, and product went under ground. This is a fake polar shift event manufactured by white collar globalist. If you need to shoot an azimuth out of this athiest compound, you may want to keep an eye on Hawaii. They're now trying to put the 0° longitudinal Prime Meridian Line on the 180° International Date Line, Calendar Start Date Line, on the illusion of a globe, from a flat map.
    This is a changing of the Axis of Power, and a white collar conspiracy of networks, Cartels, and mob tactics of the deep state. How long are we going to watch this ? -DO NOT let them put an observatory in Hawaii.

  21. Why is Kudlow lying about the cost of the package? How can we trust any government official when they deliberately misinform us? The bill just passed at 2 trillion, not 6 trillion… unless he knows something we don’t.

  22. what happened to every American gets a stimulous once again the poor left behind, but not the large corporatios lol what a scam this whole charade has been

  23. When he says $6 trillion dollar bailout he means theft, its a $6 trillion dollar heist. Theyre killing the dollar. Bailout by bailout its like another nail in the coffin of the dollar.

  24. We just crossed over the line to bankruptcy. Lets get ready because we will be heading in the third world direction. Start learning mandarin or Cantonese. 🤦‍♂️

  25. Awesome!!! As long as the super rich corporations are taken care of by the tax payers for an eternity, I’m in!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  26. Cool, instead of big companies cutting bonuses by 90% the gov decides to give them money so they can then pay higher bonuses which will happen! If you keep carrying your baby they’ll never learn to walk.

  27. Larry is recommending Stock Purchases in Coffins and Cremations. Trump's daddy Satan is happy with all the Deaths he has and will cause!

  28. In 2017-2018, 45 million Americans got the flu, 61 thousand died, according to CDC.
    Something's not right here.

  29. These people do not give a "F" about the people in America. They only care about the biggest business owners. Cash injections? American Airlines are going to get more money than the American People! The American People are getting chump change while their businesses and doners get most of the money

  30. The banks never have any consequences. They just get to write new laws and print new money. God forbid THEY lose any money.

  31. So what will happen to people like me who are working hard, got affected by is crisis but live alone in a different state with no family whatsoever to rely on, I'm 24 years old, no mom, no dad, no brothers or sisters, no kids, no wife, only but my two dogs, how can I claim a check that requires a family of up to 4 members to get 1,300$

  32. Nothing is what seems folks. Billions of dollars will end up in secret slush funds….never to be heard of again.

  33. That's 4 trillion federal reserve repayments by Uncle Sam….principle plus interest….to be paid by….you guessed it….the tax payer….over the next 20 years.

  34. How are they going to determine who gets a check and do we have to fill out some type of application in order to benefit from the stimulus package? I'm a bit confused

  35. If you paid 1 million dollars a day to pay off a 2 trillion dollar loan, it will take you 5,479 years to pay it off. That’s without interest. I guess getting this bill paid off will NOT be my problem!!!

  36. Is everyone forgetting about the people still going to work to help keep the country going, risking their life to assure all the food and etc is shipped out

  37. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voiced skepticism Monday over the massive economic-stimulus package being drafted by Democrats, likening Barack Obama's first major initiative to a "trillion-dollar spending bill" that could leave the country saddled with an unsustainable debt.

  38. F U Kidlow
    Why dont you come bail me and those who built a business for many years and paid taxes and its failing now or had failed before. YOU SOB
    Why dont you bail out our vets that fought for “freedom” for your CEOs freedom. You POS. F U and all those CEOs today that are waiting to rob us again.

  39. American citizens, i highly recommend to spend your money wisely. Invest it to plant carrots and potato at your backyards. And this is free advice, i don't need your thanks

  40. What if you owe the IRS money from the 2018 tax return? Will you still recieve the stimulus check or would you get nothing?? I’m confused

  41. You guys do realize printing that kind of money with a almost zero interest rate is going to create MASSIVE inflation. So buy assets that appreciate.

  42. How about?

    25 million the Kennedy Center
    75 million National Endowment for the Humanities
    350 million for “migration and refugee assistance”
    25 Million “increased salary” U.S. Congress

    Only employed?

    How about seniors, SSD or SSI disability? The most vulnerable.

    Where is
    $1,200 adult, $500 every child

    Do not have Trump sign this hideous bill.

    Democrats even inserted more money unemployed than employed.

    It will keep people out of work the full 16-weeks.

    Democrats have no interest in small business employing 60% of all employed.

    Democrats have shown their contempt for this country.

  43. I seen all the packages about going to those that are effected. What about those that are risking their lives having to work full time in food service. My lung capacity is about 70%. Coronas virus would cut my lung capacity to 40%. I am having to go to work as normal when its spreading. If there was a tornado I probably be expected to work as normal.

  44. No don’t sellout to Dem it’s not worth it, what selfish individual, please Lord Jesus protect us from the enemy, I wonder how someone looks themselves in mirror. I believe in free speech and of different ideas, but why does someone or others continue push a reckless ideas on American people. I believe you feel strongly about something you don’t the right push ideas and demand people your only your way, environment, flying ,cars, trains, why our you not using different types of transportation, like mules, horse and buggy, bicycle, or tricycle if you can’t the reach pedals ?

  45. Better raise corporate income tax to 50% on companies that take a grant or a loan from this mess & get rid of all loopholes. Take no tax from households making less than 150k. We are going to be f’ed for couple generations after this.

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