Kudlow blasts Sanders’ policies: I have strong disagreements with him

Kudlow blasts Sanders’ policies: I have strong disagreements with him

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Kudlow blasts Sanders’ policies: I have strong disagreements with him

  1. Bernie and his cult are about pure ideology. They won't listen to anything that disagrees with them and will blame others when they take control and run the economy to the ground.

  2. Many economists support the Universal Basic Income that Andrew Yang is proposing. World renowned economist Greg Mankiw specifically has some great videos discussing why he sees UBI as an effective possibility. I don’t agree with many of Bernie’s policies, and neither does anyone who understands economics.


  4. Disagree with any of the Democrat anti Party folks < They don't have the legal voter support for rallies so they sure as Hell don't have the Legal votes to win any elections , Assimilated America is voting in Mass Numbers again , It screws with their voter fraud techniques cuz it makes it harder to pick the number they need to cheat to win ( You don't want to go over lol), Except for mass voter fraud in 20/20 Trump can't legally lose < Fox is selling BS again

  5. the American people have a lot of things against every one of these corrupt lying Democrats scumbags trash there a disgrace to our country they're liars their communist garbage and they will be removed we're not going to put up with any more communist socialist garbage in our country your corrupt your liars and we will prove it and remove you

  6. . Trump will use their heads 4 mop & their butts 4 a broom. these loud mouth do nothings can't beat 3.5 UNEMPLOYMENT … U don't jump ship when it's not sinking … KAG

  7. Young people with student loans that helped them get a useless degree love Bernie since he promised to pay for their screw up……

  8. Of course Kudlow disagrees with Bernie Sanders because he wants to keep his $1,200,000,000,000 tax gift for the top 1%.

  9. Only a fool will vote for Sanders. He would literally cripple the economy with his policies. If u are a working class or middle class person u are sealing your fate by voting for Sanders.

  10. I disagree with Kudlow extending the spend and pretend strategy of the establishment. I know Trump is trying to get elected but these markets should have been allowed to implode in his first 30 days to give him a chance to allow the liquidation of debt and endless spending with deficit financing and money printing. All that does is allow the banks to get even more over leveraged and pad their pockets with unjust profits for doing nothing.

  11. The 2016 COUP continues against President Trump. Why? Because “MAGA” is a brand name for a “populist movement” or business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class. President George H.W. Bush introduction of the "New World Order" and President Bill Clintons "NAFTA" are “Globalist” business models. Ross Perot (who ran against GHW Bush and B Clinton) said the USA would here a "giant sucking sound" of jobs leaving the USA if we got into NAFTA and other multilateral trade agreements. Perot was right. The trade practices from the 1990’s to 2016 created US trade deficits (“sucking sound”) and it hurt the U.S. middle-class. Donald Trump is supporting a business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class by replacing multilateral trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements or if not replaced move to renegotiate existing multilateral trade agreements (USMCA) in a manner that benefits the U.S. middle-class. Negotiate with U.S. trading partners to move toward balancing USA trade deficits. Create incentives for companies to operate in the USA that will create higher paying jobs for US citizens. The two different business models will always put the Anti-Trump movement (globalist) at odds with Donald Trump’s MAGA (populist) movement. Vote for Trump and a Republican Congress in 2020. Keep America Great

  12. Bernie opposes this NAFTA 2.0 bill, for the same reason he opposes NAFTA.
    It benefits the big corporations that are involved, and generally those at the top – but not the average working class people.
    These people know this but they just don't care.

  13. I am shocked. Larry Kudlow doesn't like Bernie? I can't believe it. A man who never did a day's physical labor in his life. A man who once said auto workers should not be paid more than $14 an hour doesn't like a candidate who wants $15 hr for all workers . Doesn't like a guy who wants to get those workers the same health care Larry has. He doesn't want to see America's middle class going to college.?I'm so surprised! Larry's joining the Bernie pile on. This coming from a guy who spent his life getting paid to look into his crystal ball and tell us if the market's going up or down.

  14. Trump-Russia! TRUMP-RUSSIA!! RUSSIA!!! RUSSIA!!! Hey, remember when Russia was a communist country? Oh yeah! Speaking of communists, we should elect a communist U.S. President! I agree, comrade! Bernie 2020! 🤣😂🤣😂

  15. So the guy that didn't get a job until his 40's doesn't know much about the economy? I guess the fact that he passed 3 bills in 13 years, 2 of which were to rename post offices was the first clue.

  16. Those you have made those wages off of are coming to get their proper share, it is time for all of us to be able to partake in the American Dream again, not just the select few who can afford it.

  17. Ole burn e is so delusional look who the vulture is up against in the d.n.c….liars..crooked creeps..deplorable flip flopping wana b

  18. When leftist conquer the comment section of fox news channel. it has bold message for those on the right (I am sure so many on the right are with us in many issues, I meant those group who love to worship money, self benefits over sociaty benefits and etc). your days are over selfish capitalists

  19. shocker!!! greed-ridden corp interests against paying fair taxation and no longer 'trickle-down reaganomics' off the backs of the middle class and working

  20. Despite what the liberal media wants you to believe, Americans are aware of the socialist lunatic, freebee Bernie Sanders.

  21. LOL..look…all the hillary cli-nixon and CONald trump bots are out in full force with their same old boring cut and paste garbage from 2016….that's funny…these bots dont even know how to update themselves…fact #1. 99% of CONald trump voters aka trumptards including coke sniffing kudlow voted for bush & cheney not once but twice… fact #2 fake corporate democrats & corrupt republicans starting to defecating in their pants the stronger bernie gets..fact #3 the problem with america is that its filled with clinton & trump voters…the same lying idiots on different side of the corrupt coin

  22. BERNIE 2020!!! DUMP Trump and the 1%. What's good for the house aint good for the gander. Support the people dump the 1%. BERNIE 2020

  23. Bernie- It's all going to be free I tell ya, healthcare, college. Quit lying Bernie, this is not reality and you know it, what is going to happen when you can't make good on your promises? Angry mobs is not a pretty thing.

  24. I was surprised that China changed its mind and suddenly agreed to sign the agreement before the election. Now we know why, they knew about the virus and if we had known about it we might not have sign any major agreement. They are supposed to buy billions from us and after this plague reaches its pick China will be such a mess we probably will end up giving them money instead. They knew about the corona virus months ago. Good luck enforcing anything. Is any government official going to fly to China to ensure compliance??? Nope. Now they need our dollars more than ever and they have an excuse not to deliver on their end of the bargain.

  25. bernie is a GOD DAMNED COMMUNIST, he has never held a public job, he honeymooned in the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War.
    Let that sink in he honeymooned in a country threatening nuclear inaliation to America while he was on his honeymoon. 🖕bernie!

  26. To all Bernie supporters: I Love Bernie, he means well: But $15 a hour and/or FJG are old-broke-slavery-mentality “Swapping time and labor for money” you stay broke. The Rich don’t work for money, they have money work for them. It takes money to make money. A $1000 a month UBI is residual income for life will change the “money game”. What good is $15 a hour, when you don’t have a job? acronym “Journey of Broke” Lol.
    A FJG to sharpen pencils? Please issue the gray jumpsuit along with that, a waste of money and time. Bernie can keep the dignity of a job, give us the money, a $1000 a month in our hands, then we’ll have dignity: Retiring, paying student loans, college Tuitions, medical insurance, helping homeless, jobless, volunteers, at home Moms, to start a business, donate more, less stressed, healthier both physically and mentally, staying out of prison. The 4th Industrial revolution is here and these old Politicians are experienced about the past, but are clueless about the future. Artificial Intelligence will bring big sweeping changes, we must embrace and benefit from it. We need a “New Way Forward” Andrew Yang is the only candidate of vision for the future. All other candidates are stuck in the past.

    $1000 a month UBI empowers people in need, socialism empowers big inefficient Government, China woke up to that fact: I pinched and saved paid my student loans off, do I get a refund? I didn’t take exotic summer vacations with my student loans, I worked. I have a rich medical insurance plan, I don’t need socialized medicine, I am retiring $15 a hour can’t help me. I’m earning in excess of $15 a hour, I want to start a business, I want to pursue my passion, I’m a volunteer, I’m a caregiver, I’m struggling every month, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul etc. $1000 UBI don’t discriminate, it even help me, to pay higher taxes, Lol. “The idea is not to bring the rich down, but to bring the poor up” “human centered capitalism” giving everyone an opportunity to strive, unbridling their passion and purpose that would benefit mankind in some unimaginable way. “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”

  27. Socialism in other countries have proven to be disastrous . As well Bernies campaign staffers condone violence . In turn, Sanders, Yang and Tulsi has not disavowed this. Sanders has never accomplished anything, he is sure not a business man, his wife bamboozled money. He has proven he is weak and contradicts his policies. Once he was against open borders, but now he has changed his mind….. why? He attracts the ones who wants things free and we hard working patriots would foot the bill…… WHAT THE HELL IS GOOD ABOUT BERNIE'S commie POLICIES?

  28. Watch some YouTube videos about Stalin and communists and how that worked out. F Bernie and the useful idiots following him.

  29. Kudlow is a hack and a phony, this man has never worked a day in his life and inherited most of his wealth. He advocates for horrible pay for workers while he gives his kids free money and allows his family to be stuck up and vain. Get out of here with this clown. Bernie 2020

  30. Bernie is a good dude who has a lot of knowledge about politics. I just think he would be totally one sided, handing out cost breaks for the bottom class. Obama did the same thing. That sounds great but the middle class pays for that, not the super rich. People who had great health care through their good job took a drastic cut in coverage and yearly allowance. I would like to see better schools, infrastructure and student loans reduced. Support for Small business owners. I live in Sacramento and cost of living here feels unfair.

  31. None of my friends can afford a house or children due to student loans. Inflation and lack of wages keeping up makes this worse. Many of my family members go without needed medical care and medication due to the lack of healthcare and the pharmaceutical lobbyists strong hold on our government. The economy might be booming for the men in suits on this show, but for Americans across the country, the economy is not working

  32. Bernie is the best communist dictator up for supreme leader of the 21st century.

    Feel the burn in the gulags….Nazi's!

  33. yet investors love corporate socialism.
    the investor elite have no problem with tax breaks that add to the national debt that can only be paid for by taking tax dollars from wage earners

  34. I wonder why you disagree with him? Could it have something to do with your wallet? Time to pay your fair share, that's all the American people want. Corporate socialism is done, it's time to make up for the last 40 years. Give us 40 years and we will be even, call it a day.

  35. Biggest worry is my hard working kids will be stuck funding the freeloaders that support the socialist movement. I wonder when "everyone works and pulls their own weight" became a bad thing. Its not a Republican or Democrat thing, its simply common sense. Socialist systems eventually end with everyone standing there with their hand out wondering where all the handouts went; And wondering why only the folks living the good life is a few elitist in a tight circle. That tight circle usually consisting of those chosen by government officials that view them as worthy. Sure it'll be great in the beginning while you still have folks willing to work hard for their communities, but because of human nature, we will all eventually say bump this I want to everything for free as well. I'm sure some, with this pipe dream, will be pissed at the fact I think all able bodied folks should all work for a living and be rewarded via lifestyle, education, etc, for the amount of work they put in. But that is my opinion and since we live in America I get to say it. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  36. Wow, so the guy who was the economic advisor during the Reagan administration working under Paul “the American standard of living must decline” Volcker doesn’t support the policies of the modern equivalent of a New Deal Democrat?

    In other news: sharks aren’t particularly fond of seals

  37. The trade deal is trash and Bernie has always been very strong on trade of their was someone who could fix our current trade relations with China itd be Bernie.

  38. Dear Joe Biden and all democrats running for the presidency of the United States, your policies are wrong your open borders are wrong your free medical is wrong your failure to enforce our countries laws is wrong I’m very sorry we don’t want you as our commander and chief

  39. Where is Trumps S S A Commissioner

    With the vengeful acts committed by Andrew Saul, targeting lowest paid employees, mostly women demanding telework cease and people rerun to work, he's been M I A for 67 days. He doesn't mind stealing from Tax Payers and his new attack will now cost the tax payers 8 million a year.

    Swamp at its finest

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