38 thoughts on “Kotlin: Android Support Announced at Google I/O

  1. When is Android Studio 3.0 stable being released? I'm waiting for this before pushing any Kotlin code and switching over at the company where I work

  2. I want to build android apps and yes i m a complete begineer. I m in college. Can anyone plz help me and guide me step wise process from where should i start (language which i should learn to build apps). Thank u

  3. Please forward this to JetBrains: We need a "what the F is this" feature for Kotlin, so that we can click any operator, keyword or symbol and it should tell us what the F it means, in that specific context.

    The language has several times more features than Java, and this would help with retaining and learning them. Thanks.

  4. I was read on medium.com, Kotlin build process is slower than Java. I think we don't need to rush Kotlin. but Kotlin is future, that is fact.

  5. is to many function for change to in proven I take my time to understand those function I am new in this people,google team

  6. I would love to find photos I lost in a fire in 2013. If you can help or guidance of any kind I would appreciate any advice, thank tish smiddy

  7. Why do you think, that Kotlin will replace Java? Kotlin is an interpretive language, so it's slower than Java.

  8. "You can't get null pointer exceptions if you do things right…" – Uhh, this is not a plus for Kotlin. You wont get null pointer exceptions if you do things right in any language, including Java. But programmers are not infallible and when interacting with Java from Kotlin you'll be dealing Kotlin's platform types, which forces a programmer to deal with null issues. So, back to square one.

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