Hey folks – really sorry if some of you have
already seen this video. I ran into some technical difficulties and
had to re-upload it. Definitely worth watching a second time, enjoy. hello everyone its Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen today we are testing some more kitchen gadgets first things first this is
a sponsored video by best scenes so thank you very much to them I’ll come on so in just
a minute but it really does help make getting with gadgets possible first up we’ve got a
stonking gadget but remember as always some of these might help people with disabilities
and also there’s an amazing playlist full of all the other gadget videos up here and
down below right let’s get going first gadget we’re looking at we need to make a batter
for another gadget so that works really well as this is one of those as seen on tv ones
it’s a -inch easy whisk instructions very simple you just push down on the whisk and
it should whisk that’s basically it you can do omelettes cream chocolate sauce smoothies
or more but we’re going to make some egg waffle back I don’t technically need to separate
these eggs but is a good excuse to use this gadget again there it is thank you very much
in the packaging I mean it hardly ever is so you get what you pay for right yes quite
a rustic fancy nostalgic handle on it good grip how’s that take care of it so this is
it we just stick it in there and whisk it away if the heck of a workout I’ve got to
say it would work a lot better and probably quieter on a plastic bowl but that hasn’t
worked an absolute charm and got it all nice and phony lump-free exactly how i need so
i needed to make that batter because we’re about to make an egg bubble waffle pan thing
this is the next gadget come all the way from Japan or China I was expected to come as one
pan but actually turned up like this in a whole kit I’ve got to make it myself so while
I start to build it here’s a little commercial break from today’s sponsors so today’s video
folks is sponsored by best themes and if like me and like Lizzie here you don’t know what
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all right i’ll give it a little try so i downloaded it and had what i thought was going to be
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actual real gold or diamond otherwise that would be very different indeed but they are
amazing in the game they really help you I need more diamonds actually I seriously do
love saying this game I need to put it down so anyhow to be honest during that break I couldn’t
build that thing at all let’s do it now where do we start there’s no instructions with it
at all it’s literally come with that telecom doing DIY run house again not even Lizzie
helps me that brush I guess handles or drumsticks screws no one is some sort of probe and this
must be the actual pan oh okay cool with us a bit of Japanese newspaper in there we can
have a little bit of a look at the stocks and shares markets if you want so effectively
it’s hinged here what we lift it open to tune and we should go to make an amazing waffle
like that so hard can this be okay so dirty as well look at that don’t worry once they
get it will built I’m going to give it a darn good wash and myself
right I think this is for lubricating our pan and this I think is as good as going to
get so let’s give everything a wash yep he’s still going strong as standard are you turning
to really practical video today I feel like this has actually come straight from the factory
like not even than any safety protocols whatsoever just straight and promote the production line
into a box two mothers in case you just want to say right now if this gadget works it could
be the greatest thing of all time if it doesn’t after that I think I have the greatest
gadget of all time so apparently what we do is so I new stock bonus game now found a recipe
online to help me it smells really good by the way really custody and what we have to
duplicate the pan first hence our big paintbrush that came with it preheat each half of the
waffle pan on a medium high heat for about million alright so that’s going to get warm
and I’m turn over and warm nib aside time for the other side this is where it’s going
to get dangerous alright kids cups gonna take the tape off the brush we’re going to oil
inside that feels really nice maybe you join her and then this side to pour the butter
into the middle of the egg waffle pan and then immediately flip it over making sure
to hold the pan together tightly so it doesn’t leak cook for minutes teeny bit more than
that let me close it and then activity that’s all over my job but I’m going to carry on
I put my handles on wrong are going to come back to that in a minute it’s not shutting
flush i’m going to show you the other gadgets then we’ll come back to this so we kind of
did get a bubbly effect um we’ll come back to that in just a minute now have you ever
been to a radish themed dinner party and thought to yourself mmm I would much prefer these
radishes if they were in the shape of Super Mario mushrooms could this be the greatest
gadget of all time this is the Ravenel oh I’ve been all that word means sounds like
a ninja turtle radish shaper create mushroom shapes from radishes or multiple radishes
should that equaled radish I know okay look for that that’s that if we can make this work
this is going to be phenomenal basic instructions on the back let’s listen it there is look
at that it’s just one piece tool thing so the steps which I’ve now managed to slice
in half okay first thing cut the top off the radish I mean I actually going to need the
knife in just a jiffy press the cut edge into the serrated center okay so that’s that raised
bit there flat edge into there or just press it in oh no its kind of split my radish ball
just skim over that so it’s in holding the Ravenel Oh in one hand turn the radish clockwise
into the blade until it can go no further right my stallion ok so that’s your blade
inside it so we do need to twist it I’ve got a lot of radishes I supposed to pull this
out and it’s supposed to look like a perfect mushroom they just I’m not not getting that
vibe at moment oh just a bow looks like a button mushroom well we’ll move on with this
shoddy looking anyway and then basically to create the white circles we use this little
tool nipply bit on the end so we just sort of go into it okay that looks pretty neat
that looks good but the rest of it pretty friggin shocking isn’t it look at that I think
I’m going to cut more going for a much deeper cut so I come out a radish festival and if
that does exist I’d imagine they will take these along with them all right this one I’m
more confident about its collinear nice it hasn’t broken so I’ve been a slightly deeper
cut oh because it is actually can you see the actual radishes come out that side I was
wondering what was going on but is it magic it’s like a radish pencil sharpener one of
the first gadget videos ever did was the carrot sharpener is Phoebe but this is actually
can you see that is coming out of this great yeah because I can see the stems come out
right that side there as well so lets them yes can you see that that’s much better
look at that yep that’s the mushroom now there’s a lot of scoop out with it you just
pray that it doesn’t break remember the good old days when it used to be things
like the RO hooks I also feel on a drone those were easy gadgets it’s coming on top
of a radish so I just gave it a bit of a top and tail so I tried to straighten the
edge a little bit and there we go we have a super mario radish just trying to get
one more done oh yes that is much better you get a little radish mate as well I love
it and anyone but I love it here’s a question for you if Michael Jackson didn’t take up
scene but was actually a nice expert sure he would use these these are no cry gloves basically
they are gloves that apparently you can use sharp objects I did speak to my builders
and I did recommend not using an angle grinder but more things like sharp knives so when you’re
slicing which we have been perfect from a radish moment right thereand these can
prevent you from being touched so we will start in a verysimple knife it’s not made
of steel or anything like that I don’t think unless it’s really finely woven sort of
met Lee stuff I’ll advert um it feels very comfortable kind of like total toasties for my hands
so this is a like a butter table knife and wouldn’t really hurt anyway if I did this
who actually feels quite nice I’m like buttering my own hand but there we go this is a slightly smaller
paring knife that I just used on the radish a moment looks quite big from there but
it is it’s quite a small knife here we go I’m just going to go to the top of a live
personalized look okay that’s really really cool I can go like that and it’s not it’s
not those play with most people but obviously this is what this gadget is intended for
that is legitimately work in that’s really cool bigger knife so this is my big boy
knife I’ve just sharpened as well that I use the most chopping my veg and stuff so
uh here we go can you see that wow that is amazing I’ve got loads more knives like
of use but I want to try it finally with a bread knife see how it’s called I that serrated
edge so use that quite a bit when you slice some fresh loaves of bread this could be
quite useful oh wow there is that initial fear we are like I’m using a knife on my
hand is this dangerous but no these gloves they called no cry gloves and that works
a charm and then you are optional backup hey shamal michael jackson just in case you’re
wondering look my hands not a single mark on them jazz hands next gadget I am dead
excited about because I get to have ice cream at Hattin I mean no one in this is
the quiz e-pro it sounds like a rapper doesn’t it is let quizzy pro in the house my new
album ice cream scoop and stack this is where it’s an ice cream scoop and stack
create for embedded milk cream glass a basically a shaft of scooping ice cream out until
I a really neat cylinder shape does it sort of compress it lift it out so many great
the servants suggestion was in one of these sort of like cone balls but my supermarket
I webs who didn’t have that but you have oysters which is like the second-best wait
forever after those ones but huge with chocolate will over it and even better we’re using
Cornish ice cream now Corman was quite near where I live in it’s like we don’t get round that
we were always coroner’s holy scream is amazing oh wow well it’s a lot more expensive
than I thought and also a lil bit like a pepper grinder not pepper on your ice cream
look so we push into out that you’re the ice cream right now and imagine it ice cream
in there but I’ll just reenact it like that so the ice cream is there I push my button
I’m going to call you out oh and if you’ve never seen them before these are ice cream wait
for oysters they are friggin amazing they’ve got marshmallow in the middle or stir shaped
chocolate and coconut oh nice not about is that it is family’s in the drawer from
a previous gadget video the heat one on the review I did a bit it wasn’t that great
but we now use it regular to really warm it up so there we go we push the scoop into the
ice cream like so huh holy ice cream get it so sorry oh look at that come on up you
come ah my mind tournament Oh Ron closes so I all right I folk so despite the pile
of random musings of pancake leftovers left behind me I’ll change the handle round and it now
does the shop flush why don’t you guys tell me right you watching it you could help
me out if you think that’s bad though that DIY you should see the state of my wallpaper
in that she ate too bad on camera right Stevie’s pancake just do it folks I’m going
to use my pastry brush this time they’re doing it on my terms finding me while I was putting
that together the postman arrived they’re not i’ve got another gadget just to watch
called a fry wall without going to the box with the other their way in it’s nice and
hot and oiled up batter up so those instructions were to literally flip it as quick as you can
so if you honest I’m just going to cover the hell Alice please work please work if
it doesn’t have got enough batter for one more attempt and this is a lot harder than
it looks and it’s an innie gun in my face I just saw up or drop don’t take that the
wrong way yes that’s right not so much no more noise you know what I can’t be bothered to
do it again but that does work I’m so�excited to feel this tastes like it’s got custard
in it okay then stuck oh my gosh prom come so there we are then folks another kitchen
gadget testing video done and in the bag if you’ve missed any of the others now please check
out the playlist as a link up here and down below hours of gadget testing videos you
guys seem to love grabbing the popcorn and watching that and thanks again so much to
best themes for sponsoring this video it does just make my whole channel and even
affording gadgets and things possible so do please check out the app download it
addictive but ultimately thanks so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe for regular
recipes and food fun and I’ll see you next time

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “KITCHEN GADGET TESTING #18

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  7. Hi Barry, you can make Aebleskivers with that pan as well… Just look on YouTube for instructions. You only oil and fill each well and turn them with a pointy stick 1/3 at a time until you create a perfect sphere/ball. They are fantastic when filled with Nutella! You can make a lot at one time having both halves of the pan… I'm so jealous lol! Wish I had that pan! 😟

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  16. Nordicware makes an egg waffle iron/pan. It's brilliant. Even the first one turns out perfect. I once used it on a camp stove at a social breakfast for 200 people at a music festival. Much love for it.

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  20. 11:11 Thank you for always asking for consideration for the disabled who may find gadgets silly. This applies to me when it comes to the No Cry Gloves! I have a genetic disorder that makes me more likely to develop blood clots. I've had multiple DVTs & PEs and will be on coumadin therapy for life. I love to cook and on occasion have cut myself. As you can imagine this could be a meal ender as a small cut to my finger or hand can get really bloody. With these gloves that won't be a problem 😁 So thank you for sharing the item!! And for all that you do!!

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