Kids Meet a Guide Dog for the Blind | Kids Meet | HiHo

Kids Meet a Guide Dog for the Blind | Kids Meet | HiHo

– So he is going to be the working man, which is a boss, and you’re going to be his– – I’m the boss.
– Little henchman. – No, I’m the boss. I’m the boss.
– So he’s a henchman. (light-hearted orchestral music) – Hi. Hi.
– Hi. – Hi, who are you? – Desmond. – Desmond, I’m Camille. – I’m Amaya. – Hi Amaya, I’m Camille. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – And who are you? – Brayden. – Say it again.
– Brayden. – I can’t see you, now I can’t hear you. What’s your name? – Brayden. – Brayden, with a B. Hi, nice to meet you. And this is Egan. – Aww. – Hi, Egan. – I think that’s a cool name. – Ethan, Egan. Ethan, Egan
– Ethan, Egan. How old are you? – Seven. – Oh, you’re seven. You know, Egan’s only gonna be three. – Oh, he’s big. – You know why I have a guide dog? – I think. – Okay, tell me why. – Because you’re blind? – Yes, that’s true. I am. And so, have you ever
seen a guide dog before? – Nope. – He takes me safely when I
walk with him on the street. He weaves me around. It’s kind of like a dance. We just sort of like
dance down the street. – Cha cha cha, cha cha cha. – And if I start walking
and a car is coming for some reason, he would
stop and pull me back. – Wow! He’s a pretty smart dog.
– He is smart. Yeah. – Egan goes with you everywhere? – Yes, everywhere I go. To a restaurant, to a store. – How does he know where everything is? – I’ve actually been practicing. When we’re out walking, I name everything. – Can I do this? – Can you what? – Can I pet him? – No, you know, thank you for asking. Before we’re done I’d like you to pet him. The reason why I say that is because he’s working right now. If people come up and
they start petting my dog, then he might come twirl
me around different places and I get lost. – Then how are you going
to get back home then? – Well that’s a really good question. If I’m really confused,
I have to ask somebody where I’m going. – That way, that way, that way, that way. – But usually I just
tell him to take me home and he can usually find it. – Have you ever accidentally
gone to the wrong bathroom? – Absolutely.
(laughing) I’ve done that quite a few times. But that’s the way it goes. – What did you do before
you had a guide dog? – As I was losing my sight, I decided I have to do something because I was running into things a lot. So I got a white cane. Do you wanna see my white cane?
– Yeah. – You can even try it out if you want to. You hold it, and when you walk, you roll it in front of you. And that way, you find all the corners. – Oh, this is actually pretty handy. – Yeah, it’s really handy. – I’m gonna walk towards Helena. – Okay. Roll the cane back and forth so you can feel the– – That’s Helena’s head. – Oh, good for you. – Yeah, follow Marina’s voice. – What? – How’s it feel? – I don’t know if I’m
going the right way or not. – That’s, you sound like a blind person! (laughing) It’s really hard, Desmond. It’s really hard. – What’s Egan wearing? – Okay, so I put on him,
it’s called a Gentle Leader. – Is that the same as a muzzle? – Well I wouldn’t call it a muzzle. I have to know where his
head is, when it moves back and forth I can feel
it when he has this on. – It’s kind of those things that they put on horses. – Bridles, exactly. Do you ride a horse? – No. – And then when we get home
I take off his Gentle Leader, I take off his leash, I take off his harness, and
he’s just a regular dog. – Is he ever a bad dog? – Well sometimes he misbehaves a bit. You know he’s kind of young, he’s lonely. He did something to really
surprise me the other day. He ate our dinner. It was on the counter. So he’s not allowed in the kitchen. – When he be good and listen to you, you give him a treat?
– A treat? I do, Helena. – Oh, and sometimes– – I give him a treat. – Does he give you a treat? – He licks me, that’s my treat, I guess. He loves me. – No actually there’s– – Oh, food? No he doesn’t give me, I don’t eat his food at all. – Does Egan ever have an
accident in the house? – No. He has never done that, thank goodness. – How do you know that Egan poops? – Well see, what I do is when
I go out to relieve Egan, he’s on his leash. Then if he has to poop, then his bottom goes down. I put my foot behind his
bottom but not too close, and then when he gets
up I put the poop bag in my hand and I pick it up. – Do you ever get poop on you? – Actually I stepped in it
the other day in my shoe. – I stepped in poop with these shoes. – I have a pair of boots at home I stepped in poop with too.
(laughing) Those things happen. – What’s the hardest
part about being blind? – I think the hardest part
is just not being able to see people, see my kids. Being blind, you lose some
things but you gain other things. Because of my loss of sight, I got Egan, my good working dog. I feel really lucky. I can go anywhere I wanna go with Egan. – Good job, Egan. – Do you love Egan? – I love him so much. He’s a really wonderful dog. And he loves to cuddle. Do you like dogs? Are you used to being around a dog? – I don’t know about that, but I like, I like that. He’s cool. – Is he cool?
– Uh-huh. – Do you wanna shake his hand? – Yes. – Okay, Egan, sit. Good boy. – Egan, sit! – Did he do it?
– Yes. – Good, okay. – Egan, shake. – Did he shake?
– Yeah. – Good boy. You can pet him now,
you can touch his head. Do you like dogs? You’re not afraid of ’em, are you? – No. – He’s so soft. – He is soft, isn’t he. Is he licking you?
– Yes. – He’s a good licker. – It feels kind of good. – Oh, does it? Oh good. – Now he’s gonna be my towel. – Egan is the best dog. – Oh, thank you. – I want. – You want a dog like that? So what would you do
when you meet somebody with a service dog? – Don’t touch.
– Right. – Say hi. – Always ask for permission. – Yes, that’s right. Always ask for permission. And then they might say no, I’m sorry. And you say that’s okay. Can you tell other people what
you know about guide dogs? – Yes.
– Okay. – It was nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you also. Have a good day. – Bye, Egan. – Oh, you’re so nice. – Egan, shake. Nice to meet you, Egan. (laughing) – He really enjoyed talking to you too. – Bye.
– Bye. You guys have fun. Stay out of trouble, okay? (laughing) Thank you so much for watching. To see more videos, click here. To subscribe, click here. If you wanna know more about
guide dogs for the blind, there’ll be a link in the description. Bye. Good boy, Egan.

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Kids Meet a Guide Dog for the Blind | Kids Meet | HiHo

  1. Hey everyone! We hope you enjoyed this episode of Kids Meet with Camille and Egan!
    For those asking why Camille wears glasses, it's to protect her eyes in case she runs into anything.

  2. me:mom,can i have a dog?
    me:*becomes blind*
    also me:mom can i have a dog i'm blind
    mom:sorry dear but you can have a white cane

  3. Always ask permission before petting somebody else’s dog. Especially a service dog. I would explain why, but I don’t think I have to.

  4. “Can I do this (shows hand motion)”

    Me: 🤔 She can’t see you how tf is she gonna see your hand

    Her: in head “Did this dumb mofo really do a hand motion”

  5. I love how the lady is blind and the kids keep looking away from her whenever she turns around to them and avoids ‘eye’ contact

  6. Women: You can pet him now. Do you like dogs?
    Kid: yea pulls hand away aggressively
    Women: You're not afraid of them are you?
    Kid: NO continues to pull hand away

  7. Thank you HIHO Chanel every time I watch you videos I learn something when kids meets guests. I feel really positive and I learned wisdoms and lessons in life .👍🏿

  8. This woman is clearly partially sighted not blind. Don’t come at me and say blindness comes in different forms. She’s not completely blind because she’s looking at them in the eyes

  9. Why does she have glasses on if she is blind? I know there are different types of blind people but hun why bother wearing glasses?

  10. Hi! My mom has a service dog and he also uses a Gentle Leader – a BIG misconception is that it is a muzzle and people have yelled at her saying it was abuse. A dog can pant, drink, eat, bark, and even bite with a Gentle Leader on, it also doesn't choke him if he ever pulled on the leash. Also – PLEASE stop talking to, talking at, or touching service dogs – ITS NEVER OKAY without permission. (Kids are learning and are easily forgiven).

  11. Can you do kids meet service dogs? And have different people with dogs who do different tasks? Like someone with a medical alert, someone with a psychiatric service dog (NOT an ESA, they're different), mobility, etc?

  12. my dog isnt a servive dog but he is a sport/working dog and i dont let people touch him that i dont know.. if someone tries to pet him i ask politely for them not to.. most of the time they get offended even though its my dog and they have no right to pet him.. if a child runs up without asking (which is rare.. they normally ask unlike adults) and I dont have time to stop them I lightly smack their hand away.. if my dog hurts them or bites them by mistake ( he is very high drive and has accidentally bitten me before.. never mind that he gets over excited with children) then it will be my problem and i will have to potentially put my dog dog for something that isnt his fault.

  13. The kid with the glasses is annoying tbh. On the other hand little kid in stripes and has a long hair is very polite and smart.

  14. I think it's sad that we are using animals as working tools. It's of course very helpful for blind people. But I hope that one day, they come up with robots or something, or cure blindness.

  15. My dog Bailey got loose on a walk once, a big dog scared her she ran down the street and I found her waiting at the door after a guy on my street said he saw a blur going up the road

  16. The child with the grey striped shirt absolutely stole my heart. They were so sweet and had such a good heart. 😭❤️

  17. I genuinely never even thought about how a blind person would pick up after their guide dog. Kids ask questions I would never even think of!

  18. Christ that kid with the glasses sounds like me when I was younger, which is not a good thing. Give that child some adderal or something.

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