“If my beloved.. makes
my heart sorrowful?” “Beloved.. you will be
famous as a betrayer!” “Beloved you will be
famous as a betrayer!” “If my beloved makes
my heart sorrowful?” “Beloved you will be
famous as a betrayer!” “I don’t get the time.” “I don’t get the time.” “Because I am always shedding tears.” “I become sorrowful!” “I become sorrowful!” “Because you left!” “Because you left!” “If you come close, then
I will be.. happy again.” “If you come close, then
I will be happy again.” “Beloved you will be
famous as a betrayer!” “By giving the oath of loyalty!” “By giving the oath of loyalty!” “My love is remorse!” “Don’t play with this heart!” “Don’t play with this heart!” “It is a very delicate thing.” “It is a very delicate thing.” “Even a slight blow.. can shatter it!” “Even a slight blow can shatter it!” “Beloved you will be
famous as a betrayer!” “Your red lips!” “Your red lips!” “I am afraid to call it lotus.” “On your rudeness!” “On your rudeness!” “I am afraid to say a sonnet on it!” “I am afraid to say a sonnet on it!” “What if you become..
even more arrogant?” “What if you become
even more arrogant?” “If my beloved makes
my heart sorrowful?” “Beloved you will be
famous as a betrayer!” Wow! Wow! Wow! What a nice voice! Wow! Wow! Wow! This beauty! This adolescence! And then, this voice. All I wish for now,
is for your grace. Hello, uncle the great. You? Here? Darling, congratulations. Today, the sun itself has
descended in your house. This is Thakur Suraj Singh! Whoever he blesses with his grace.. ..he becomes filthy rich! Mr. Thakur, this is Chand (moon)! And she is moonlight! Chand’s mother. My name is Hirabai, take a seat sir. Why are you standing here? Come and sit besides him. So that I can see how the
Chand looks besides the sun. Bihari! You know I
don’t like ill-manners! I have come here for a reason! Dear uncle, the reason for
which you have come here.. ..for that same reason I
have been coming here for years. But.. – Mr. Bihari, it’s not
right to joke with elders. Thank you! Thank you! You found out about
his bank balance so soon. I cannot even praise it. Mr. Bihari, now you please leave! You even misbehave with an attitude. Fine, we will meet tomorrow. Mr. Thakur, goodbye. We are sorry, Mr. Thakur. Please tell us, what
orders you have for us! I was passing by from here,
and I heard her sonnet! My heart was overwhelmed. This is my favorite poet,
Vijay Kamal’s sonnet! His sonnets are filled
with a lot of grief! Now there is only
grief left in his life. What do you mean? Your favorite poet, has gone
insane for the past 2 years. Insane! Coincidentally, I am
his unfortunate father. We are very sorry to
hear that, Mr. Thakur. My Chand often sings his sonnets. Will you give me the permission sir.. ..that I can see my
favorite poet from a distance. That’s why I have come here! So that someone can
see him from up-close. What? The doctors feel that,
if a young girl.. ..comes in Vijay’s life as his wife. Then maybe he will be fine again. Then what do you want from us? If the moonlight shines in
our house for a few days.. ..then maybe my son
will get a new life! I didn’t understand. I want to make your
Chand a fake daughter-in-law! Mr. Thakur! Hirabai, it will only be a charade! An experience. I regret Mr. Thakur, my
Chand will not play any charade! I cannot live even a
moment without her. I am ready to pay 1000
rupees a month for it. A mother’s affection is invaluable,
Mr. Thakur. Really, the love for
the child is such. Okay! Mr. Thakur! Please, take a seat! Mother, you want the same thing.. ..that I leave this world behind.. ..and lead a
respectable and honorable life. Now that God has given me a chance.. what if it’s for a few days,
then why do you refuse? Chand? How will you live
with an insane person? The people that come here,
they are not sane either! Drunkards! Gamblers! Goons! Thugs! My favorite poet can’t
be worse than all of them! His every sonnet, finds
a new place in my heart. Mother, with my service if
I can bestow a new life.. such a great poet.. ..then it will be my good fortune. No dear, I can’t see you cry! Mother! Thank you. Thank you, dear! May God bless you with happiness! Hirabai, I will have the
contract written by the solicitor. And I will have my car
sent tomorrow evening. Do come to my mansion with Chand. Mr. Thakur, just
keep one thing in mind. Even though we are
in this profession.. ..but I didn’t let
Chand get blemished! Be assured, Hirabai! Chand is going to a Thakur’s house. Here Hirabai! According to the agreement, this
is 1000 rupees advance. – Thank you. Come, Chand! Is Mr. Thakur there, Ranga! Greetings Mr. Thakur! Excuse me, I got late. Why are you scared? This is Mr. Satram Das. The president of the
Women constitution! And my sister’s in-law. Solicitor, take his signature too. Come, Chand! This is Vijay’s mother. Come. Come, Chand! He is my elder son, Kishore. Come. Greetings.
– Greetings. She is Kishore’s wife! Our eldest daughter-in-law!
– Come! Is this any auspicious occasion.. ..that you are welcoming her! Go inside! Come. Father, it will be better
that she uses the backdoor! Come, Chand. No need to be scared. Vijay’s room is always
locked from outside. – Okay. Come. This is your room. If Vijay gets too enraged,
then flash this light on his eyes. He will calm down!
– Okay. Look, Chand! I have taken this step
against the will of my family! Don’t do anything, for which
I will have to feel ashamed. Be assured, Mr. Thakur. I will never tarnish
yours or this house’s honor. Fine then, rest now. What gift.. can I give
you on your marriage. I present you my broken heart! You have arrived! Welcome! Welcome! Mirza! Mirza! Welcome! You have arrived too! I had forgotten! There is
a poetical gathering today. Respected guests! Respected guests! Sit back, uninvited guests! Respected guests! In today’s poetical
gathering with great difficulty.. ..we have called Mir
Taqhi Mir, and Mirza Galib! Yes, from heaven! Now I request Mr. Mir,
to present his sonnet. Come Mr. Mir! Come, come, come! Come Mr. Mir, come. Here. “Why do you ask the poets.. ..their religion?” “They are from above.. ..why
differentiating them with Islam?” Wonderful Mr. Mir, wonderful! Your sonnet is so wonderful! This world is full of love. No matter
you stay in a mosque or temple. But still these
idiots don’t understand! Sometimes they fight
in the name of temple! And sometimes they fight
in the name of mosque! Now Vijay Kamal will
present his sonnet. Do I have your permission, Mr. Mir? Clench your hearts! Now it’s my turn! I still haven’t read the sonnet.. ..but already I can hear poetry. Who are you? Me.. me.. Forget that.. tell me..
– Leave me! Where are you fleeing off too? Listen to your praise! Lights off! The girl disappeared! Mr. Mir, this girl seems
just like your sonnet! Mir only saw her come. And after that,
the lamps were doused. “What gift..” ..can I give you on your marriage?” “I present you.. broken heart!” “Body without life!” “The river without water” “Just like, a woman
is without a husband.” “Sita said, just
like body without life.” “And river without water.” “Just like that, My Lord!” “Woman is without her husband.” “O husband, there’s
no life without you.” “I say, there’s no happiness.. ..without you.” ‘She can’t even raise
her hands and stretch.. ..she saw me
and put her hands down.’ What are you looking at? My poet, are you really insane? Or are you playing a charade? Shall I tell you? Tell me! Come. Will you tell me a sonnet? Come, come. I am coming! Come closer. I am coming! Come closer. Some more! Some more! Some more! Now tell me a sonnet! Leave my hand! Leave
my hand! Leave my hand! ‘Her scarf came into my
hands torn in pieces.’ ‘The golden bird flew away
leaving the cage behind.’ ‘What gift do I give you on wedding?’ Chand! Greetings, Thakur! How was your night? First time I felt, that I have
come in the light from the darkness. I am very happy to
know that you are happy. Yes! Your marriage clothes! Marriage clothes! Yes! Tonight we are
getting Vijay married. Wedding? Don’t worry, it will be a charade. Yes. I understood. Fine. Mr. Vijay Kamal, did you hear? Uncle has arrived! Uncle has arrived!
Uncle has arrived! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! You fools! Your father is my nephew! I am his uncle. So, now you tell me. Whether I am your uncle or grandpa? Uncle! You are my uncle, isn’t it uncle? Just because I am your uncle,
the entire city calls me uncle. How many times have I told you,
call me Mahesh uncle? Mummy’s uncle has come! He has brought toffee and chocolates. Mummy’s uncle has come! He has brought toffee and chocolates. Stop it! Stop shouting! If the radio people hear it.. ..then they will make me
the uncle of entire India. Uncle of India! – Uncle of India!
Uncle of India! Uncle of India! – Hey! Rani! Pappu! What’s going on? Look! Go inside! Greetings sister! Bless you. How is Shashi? That Goddess is busy
in her oath of silence. Oath of silence? Sister, both those
sycophants have instigated here.. ..that for glorious son
observe an oath of silence. Glorious son! Yes, they say, the child
that will be born again.. ..he will either be Shankaracharya.. ..or Vivekananda! That’s it! Forget about talking, she
keeps a long distance from me. Anyway sister, forget about this. Tell me, how is the girl that
has been brought here for Vijay? She is good looking. But she isn’t worth
stepping inside this house. Sister, tell me one thing. When the Lord took birth
in the cobblers house.. ..then did he become a cobbler? It’s difficult to talk to you! Insane! Mahesh! Why are you going upstairs? When will you open the emporium? I am going brother. But first let me congratulate
my poet nephew for his marriage. This is not a marriage,
it is devastation! Go and open the shop! Go! Who are you? Deceiver! You! No. Vijay!
– What are you doing? Vijay!
– Young master. Vijay! Vijay!
– Sapna! Sapna! Young master! Young master!
Young master! Stop young master! Bring the torch! I’ll not leave you! I’ll not leave you! No! No! No! No! No! Stop it! No! No! Go inside! Go inside! Come on!
– No. Yes, go inside. No! No! No! No! No! Go! Go! Go! Go! Son!
– No! Stop him! For God sake,
please stop him! Mother! Mother! What are you doing, Kishore? Are you human? You don’t understand! Kishore!
– Go inside! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Go! Go inside! That’s it father! Enough of your experiments! Take this girl back in the morning! And I will take Vijay
to the mental asylum. And along with that, take
me to the crematorium too! Mother!
– I have told you many times. As long as I am alive, he
will not go to the asylum. Fine! Do as you please!
– Mother! Mother. Seems like, our bad
fate will never spare us. Don’t say that Thakur! The request of a father
and the tears of a mother.. ..can never go in vain. With Gods wish, Vijay
will surely be cured. Chand! Even if I have to lay
down my life for it.. ..I will feel I have attained life. Did you hear? Forgive me dear, and
I misunderstood you! Darling! Are you angry? Your uncle insulted me a lot. I am sorry dear. Actually, he’s father’s lovable. I am scared of him too! Honey! Don’t cry honey! Please, Honey. Please! You.. idiotic uncle! Go, see what he wants. No, I won’t go! You dictate me the letter,
I will jot it down. I haven’t even read the letter. Then read it right now,
I won’t go from here. Dear sir, with reference
to your letter, dated. Dated..
– May I come in, sir? What is the matter, Mahesh? There are a lot of bills to be made. And she is sitting here. Can’t you see, I am
dictating a letter.. ..for Mahindra and Company? Dated.. But boss, you have already
sent that letter yesterday. And you still
haven’t read today’s mail. I haven’t read it!
– Yes. Go and make the bill! What? What is the matter, Mahesh? Brother Kishore, I want
to go home early today. Why? Today your aunt is going to
break her oath of silence. Really? Hail Lord Ram! Come my saga of love. Your radiant face is the witness.. ..that you have broken your
oath of silence in the temple. My darling, answer me. Let me hear your melodious voice. Wonderful. Smiles like a lightening. Beware! Hail Lord Ram! Ram! My darling, sweetheart,
don’t be so cruel to me. Don’t create these distances! Break your oath of silence,
and let’s begin our honeymoon! Yes. What is this? Sage says, that the
Amavasya will end tomorrow. That’s why, I cant
break the oath of silence.. ..until evening tomorrow. We will talk tomorrow. So, no problem.. Tomorrow! Sage gave the orders very easily. But what if this celibate
commits suicide by tomorrow? Beware! Saubhagyawati! The bed is ready! Hey you two, be afraid of the Lord. This is Modern Times. Hail Lord Ram. Remember one thing, in hell
Death God will make you toil.. ..for the sinners! Curse you. Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Close the doors from
inside Saubhagyawati! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Here Ram! Hail Lord Ram. Lord, for sometime give
her such a deep slumber.. ..that she loses
herself in beautiful dreams. Beware! Where am I? Such a deep slumber. The oath of silence has broken! Terrible! Pardon us, Lord! Pardon us, Lord! What should I do now? Repentance. Observe oath of silence for a month! For a month! I will do it. I will do it! Then come on, we will
sleep along with you. Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Have something, madam! It’s not good to sleep
on an empty stomach. Uncle Ranga, tell me one thing. Who was Sapna? What can I tell you, madam? It is a very sad story! Sapna and Mr. Vijay
loved each other very much. May God curse this Bihari,
that ruined both of their lives. Bihari?
– Yes. Our neighbor! This Bihari showed fake
dreams to Sapna’s drunkard uncle.. ..that he got ready to
marry Sapna to Bihari. Poor Sapna had lost her
parents in her childhood. She was helpless. But still that Bihari wasn’t content. To have his share of fun
and to torment old lovers.. ..he invited Mr.
Vijay to the marriage. The one you would always
dream off, he has arrived. It is worthless to introduce you two. The bud and the bee,
both know each other well. Their saga’s are engraved everywhere. Mr. Vijay, do one more favor to me. Grace us with a few of your sonnets. And this ambiance will lighten up. I don’t have any
sonnet for this situation. Wow, great sir. Just great! Our great poet is saying.. ..that he doesn’t have any
sonnet for this situation. You will have to sing!
You will have to sing! You can recite anything
you want for your praise’s! I will assume that it
is my marriage gift. “What gift.. can I give
you on your marriage.” “I present you my broken heart!” “I pray, that you always be happy.” “I pray, that you always be happy.” “Though a betrayer!” “Though a betrayer! But
you are my sweetheart!” “Be happy!” “May I be alone, but you
be always find a crowd.” “May I be alone, but you
be always find a crowd.” “Let me drown, may
you find the shore.” “That my will!” “That my will! I
want to be in solitude!” “I pray, that you always be happy.” “Be happy!” “All my life it will torment me.” “All my life it will torment me.” “My sorrowful heart will
perish along with me.” “Death is the only.” “Death is the only cure for me.” “Death is the only cure for me.” “I pray, that you always be happy.” “Be happy!” And after that night, Mr.
Vijay never saw the dawn again. “What gift..” Have your food, madam! I am not hungry! Take the food away! “I present you.. broken heart.” “What gift..” “I present you.. After writing my name on
the ground, you erased it. For him it was a game, but
he erased me of existence. Who are you? You forgot so soon! Hey girl! Tell me who are you? Or else you will be erased off
existence like a wrong sonnet. Poet, erasing once
existence can be a child’s play. But you cannot erase
the soul of imagination. Sapna! Yes! The most
beautiful dream of your life. But.. you were dead? How did you come back? For your love. Then why did you die? To make our love eternal. No, no you are already married. In that last birth! Forcefully! But my favorite poet,
how can I forget you! I am reborn again! Don’t ever be angry with me again. Sapna! Sapna! Not Sapna! Chand! I didn’t like that name. I have changed it. Now my name is Chand! Did you hear? Chand! Chand! My Chand! The queen of my dreams! My Chand! Queen of my dreams! Yesterday you left my hand
and fled from the marriage. Betrayer! Wait! My Sapna! Again the same thing!
– Chand! Chand! The dream of my Chand! The dream of my Chand! Chand! What are you doing?
– Leave me! That’s your attitude, you
forsake me after making me yours. Someone who leaves you must be crazy! You are very hasty. You don’t even know
the methods of a lover. No, I don’t!
– You are my wife! Look, it’s not right
to be so stubborn! No, no!
– You will have to listen to me. Fine! Let me close the door. Chand! Chand! Chand!
– Now Chand will arise in the morning. Chand! Chand! Open the door, or
else I will break it. I will break it! Husband, everyone will wake up! I will just be back. Be back soon! Be back soon! Mr. Vijay, breakfast. You! Why did you bring it? Where is my wife? Go! Go! Go! Go! Mr. Vijay! That’s the limit! You hit me! But you hit that innocent girl too. Hit him! Hit him! Hit him some more! Take this! Hit him with this! Take this, and hit him! Then what? Who are you to interfere
between us husband and wife? Can’t you see Mr. Vijay is so worried! He hasn’t slept all night. Isn’t it? What are you looking at? Go from here! These unwanted people. They just like to interfere
between the husband and wife. Who are they? Isn’t it? Am I lying? Fine! Why only this, throw this too! Throw this too! And this too! Forget it! Don’t show your love now. You look so nice in this condition! Lower that pajama! What are you looking at? Bring that pillow here. Straighten that chair. Straighten that lamp. Bring the chair here. Now sit and have breakfast. Then you have to get a haircut.
Take a bath.. ..and change your clothes! I will hit you Mr. Vijay Kamal,
let me tell you that. Have your breakfast! Beautiful! Lovely! Darling! I had it specially made for you. How nice of you. I will wear it for Christmas. But darling, I don’t have
a matching dress for it. I want some money. Oh sure, sure! Thank you, darling. Chand! Have you come
to take food for Vijay? Yes. Jamuna, hurry up! Come. No, sister-in-law! The kitchen will be tarnished. It won’t be tarnished,
but it will lighten up. Not everyone knows, you are
looking after Vijay so nicely. Even women from good
homes cannot do it! I have learnt it
from you sister-in-law! Foolish! Laxmi! Will I get food to eat, or will I
have to go hungry to the emporium? I am bringing it! Jamuna! Rani! Pappu! Wait! What is this? Watching slyly! And running away when I call. Why had you come here? To see you! Isn’t it, aunt? I like you very much. If you come on the
screen as a heroine.. ..then the audiences will go crazy! Really! Then why are you watching
my film from such distance. Come closer. No, no! A film looks better from a distance! Why, has someone asked you not to? You can say that. Aunt Radha, lets go quickly! Or else daddy will beat us. Rani, Pappu what are you doing here? Go! The food is getting cold! And I shouldn’t see you here again! Radha, aren’t you
ashamed to come here? Go! Tomorrow if your alliance is
fixed what will the people say? They are children.. ..but why don’t you understand.. ..that your influence
can be bad for them. Mr. Kishore, why do
you always slander me? If that’s so, then why
did you bring me here? Who brought you here? It
was my father’s insanity! It’s not his insanity,
it’s his love. Which you don’t have
for your brother. Take a look how his
love is progressing. Mr. Vijay, your
elder brother has come.. ask about your well-being. Come! Vijay! Greet him! Do it. Chand. Take this sweet porridge! Vijay likes it very much. Sweet porridge! What are you looking at? Take sister-in-law’s blessings. No. Sister-in-law, have
you added raisins in it. Don’t worry, I have put in a lot. Come on, let’s have sweet porridge! Yes, but..
– Come on, let’s eat it. Let’s have sweet porridge! Hari Om. Greeting sage, greetings. Greetings. Bless you. Bless you! Devotee! Your oath of
silence was a success. Now you can break
your oath of silence. You can speak. Yes, speak! Speak! But sage, how did
you know about my oath? It is the grace of Guru! He is omniscient. He has sent a special order for you. What is the order, sage? So listen, and remember it. For a glorious son, you
don’t need to do veneration.. ..or take any oath! And neither
do you need any followers. Hari Om.
– Hari Om. Now you only need your husband. Hari Om.
– Hari Om. As you wish sage. So go, and get ready
to welcome your husband. Hari Om.
– Yes, Hari Om. You will have a radiant son. But sage, without
performing veneration. Without taking an oath. You keep quiet! I don’t even wait for a second.. ..where the orders of
my Guru are disobeyed. Hari Om.
– Hari Om. Pardon me Guru! Don’t be angry. Have something to eat! Hari Om.
– Yes, Hari Om. There is no time. My group is waiting for me. Do come again, sage! Of course! Of course! Hari Om.
– Yes. Hari Om. Hari Om.
– Hari Om. Guru, you are great. “I will dance with Girdhar!” “I will dance with Girdhar!” “I will dance! I will dance!” What’s the matter? Today you are adorning yourself. My oath of silence got over today. A great person had
brought the message of my Guru. That now, I only need my husband! Great person, what an idea! Thank you very much! Thank you very much, great person! How nice! You are simply great. Shashi! My sweet heart! My fragrant flower! Now there is only
darkness in this house. Uncle! Where are you uncle? What are you looking at? Call him! First of all, he
made us play a charade. And then he fooled us by
giving a 10 rupees note. Did he have to fool us too? Beware! Saubhagyawati, we have
been heavenly deceived! It wasn’t the order of any Guru! He posed as a fake sage,
and made you break your oath. What nonsense? Who says that? Go and ask your accomplices. Accomplices! Who accomplices! Let me take a look! Where are they? What is it? Hari Om.
– Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om. Who.. who are you? Sage, you don’t even recognize us! Then you must surely
recognize this fake note. So, you print fake notes. Come with
me to the police station. – Why us? Pardon us Lord! Pardon us! What should I do now? For repentance, take
an oath for 6 months! Only then can you get
rid of this sin. I will do it! I will surely do it. What can you do here? Your husband is
always looking for ways.. reach to his Shashibala. Yes! There is one option. Come to your mother’s home. Fine, I will do that. Rani, aunt is nice, isn’t it? She is very nice. Not just very nice,
she is very, very nice. Isn’t it, aunt? That’s it, no need to flatter me. Tell me, what do you want? Nothing, aunt! That.. that kite. Aunt, please get it. I will get you the kite. But what will I get? Whatever you say. One kiss, each! Very nice, aunt! Did you like it, aunt? How nice! Come along with me to Mumbai! I tell you, everyone will
feel shy in front of this face. Can I really become a heroine! The best. Radha! Oh, so it’s you. Mr. Thakur’s
contract daughter-in-law! Bihari! Don’t you feel
ashamed of instigating.. innocent girl like Radha! You are very innocent too, Chand! But I couldn’t instigate you. What do you want? I still want you. Quietly come with me to Mumbai.. ..I will make you the best heroine. Your dreams will never be fulfilled. And the dream that you are seeing.. ..that can never be fulfilled too. The day Vijay will be cured. Remember, they will throw Chand out! You don’t worry about that! I will think that, it was my
reward for doing a good deed. But you.. If you keep behaving like this. Then people won’t
even acknowledge you. Very good aunt! Very good aunt!
– Very good aunt! Aunt, you are very nice. Here. Come on Rani, start.
– First you. Did you like it?
– How nice! Rani! Pappu! Run away from here! If I ever see you coming here again. I will break your legs. Go! Go! Why did you tear their kite? So that we respectable
people don’t take robbed things. Brother Kishore! What did you call me? Brother! You dare take advantage of
the respect that we gave you. You don’t have the stature. I don’t know about the future. But today, I have the
same stature in this house.. sister-in-law Laxmi. Insolent! Don’t forget, your stature
is like a wandering kite! Anyone can catch hold of
it and anyone can leave it! ‘Don’t forget, your stature
is like a wandering kite!’ ‘The day Vijay will be cured.’ ‘Remember,
they will throw Chand out!’ “You break my heart.. .. like a toy!” “You break my heart like a toy!” “How can you leave me in this state?” “You break my heart like a toy!” “I would appease you..
but you are far.” “I would stop you..
but I am helpless.” “As I can’t even run and you..
are running away.” “You break my heart like a toy!” “I don’t have
any grievance with you.” “But there is a regret.” “The sorrow that I
forgot so difficulty.” “You have reminded me
of that sorrow again.” “Like a toy..” “Don’t take revenge from me
for the anguish of the world.” “Stop, listen, my life
is very short-lived!” “You can leave, but why do
you already turn your back.” “You break my heart like a toy!” Vijay! Will you leave me? Will you leave me? I won’t go! No, you will leave me! No,
you will leave me! No, you will leave me!
I won’t go! I won’t go! Chand! Chand! Chand! Chand! Chand! Chand!
– What happened? Vijay, I will go and change. Vijay, go to your room. Go! Vijay! What is this madness? Vijay! Vijay! Leave me! What is this misbehavior? Leave me! Leave my hand! Leave me! Leave me! Vijay! You animal! Leave me! Leave me! No! No! Leave me! Get out! Get out of my room! Animal! Go! Go from here! I am a sinner! I am an animal! I am a sinner! I am an animal! I am a sinner! I am an animal! I am a sinner! I am an animal! I am a sinner! I am an animal! I am a sinner! I am an animal! I am a sinner! I am an animal! I am a sinner! Madam! Madam, a terrible thing has happened! Mr. Vijay has bloodied himself! What?
– How? What has happened to my son? Quickly call a doctor. Mr. Vijay! You are a sinner! You are an animal! I will kill you! I will
kill you! I will kill you! Mr. Vijay! Mr. Vijay! Mr. Vijay!
– Vijay! ..I will kill you! I will
kill you! I will kill you! I will kill you! I will kill you! His condition is very serious! You will have to keep a
watch on him for 24 hours. After this assault, no one
here can keep him in control. Today he wanted to kill himself. Tomorrow he might try
to kill someone else. Isn’t it, doctor?
– Yes! Mr. Thakur, my advice is
that you send him to an asylum. No! Don’t say that doctor! Don’t send my son to the asylum! Dear, what else can we
do in such a situation? Then I will call the mental asylum
and have them send an ambulance. Kishore! Kishore! Now you must be satisfied! Send my son away! Everyone together send
my son to the asylum. Send him! Everyone will be content. Everyone’s desires
will be fulfilled. Chand! My Chand! Why are you quiet? They are taking your Vijay away! They are taking him
to the mental asylum. What has happened? Why don’t you say something? Dear!
– Why don’t you say? Calm down. Come on.
– Why will you say anything? He isn’t related you! Everyone is against my son.
– Calm down. He isn’t anyone’s brother,
nor anyone’s son. He has no one in this world. Everyone is a stranger. He has no kin! Lord, he has no kin. No one! Leave me! Vijay! Stop it! Vijay! Vijay! Mother! Mother! What are you looking at?
Go catch him! Go! No!
– Leave me. Leave me. – Wait! Vijay won’t go to the mental asylum! What? Do you know how violent
he has become? Who will be responsible if
he does something to someone? He won’t do anything
to anyone, Mr. Kishore! I take his responsibility! I will look after him day and night. That’s it! Everything you did,
that’s was enough! Now pack your bags,
or else you will die too. Don’t worry about my life. I have already passed
the point in my life.. ..where there is danger..
where there is fear. Vijay! Go inside. You can leave. Chand! My dear. Vijay, come. Lie on the bed. How long will you skirt eyes from me? Am I not worthy enough
to be looked at too? No! Don’t say that! Don’t say that! This is the punishment for my sin. I can’t look at you. I am a sinner! I am an animal. No, no! You haven’t
committed any sin! You are saying that? Yes, I am saying it! You haven’t committed any son. Look into my eyes. Can you see any grievance in it? Take a look at me. Vijay, leave me! Vijay! You animal! Vijay! No! No! You are a sinner! You are an animal! You have to die!
– Vijay! Control yourself. Leave it! Leave it! What has happened to you? Look at me? No! No, I cannot. Why? Whenever I look at you? When I love you, then that.. No, no I cannot! I cannot! Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!
Why don’t you kill me? Kill me! Vijay! Vijay! Don’t worry! If that’s so, then don’t look at me? I shouldn’t look at you? I shouldn’t look at you? Then how will I live? Then.. What are you doing? It is the fault of these eyes. I am punishing them. What is this? Through the eyes of my soul.. ..I am witnessing the
beauty which these eyes cannot. This is the divine
play of the Lord too. He is punishing the ones that
are innocent. They are innocent. I have been waiting for hours.. ..that Radha will come now. Now I will get to see her. Have you brought the photographs? Yes, I have. Wow, what photographs! Many new film companies
will open up seeing this. Really! I will become
a heroine, isn’t it? The best! Have you brought the
money for the expenses? Here! That’s all! Anyway, I will manage it. And I will ask you if I need more. Fine! Send the photo’s quickly. The world might turn old,
by money never does. Mohan uncle has arrived! Mohan uncle has arrived! Mohan uncle has arrived! Grandma, Mohan uncle has arrived!
– What? Mummy! Mummy! Mohan! No telegram or letter! You should have informed us. Mother, I thought if I
arrive unexpectedly.. ..all of you will be very happy. Wonderful! You look so gorgeous! Already you have
started praising me. Mischievous! Greetings, brother! What a hairstyle! I as afraid,
you watch so many films.. might become a film star. Mother! Mohan! Hello, dad! Congratulations! Really,
by bringing Chand home.. have set a new
example for the world. I am so proud of you. Mother, you should be proud too. You have such a great husband.
– Mischievous! I will go and meet brother Vijay! You have grown up,
but still act childish! Mohan! Mohan! Mohan!
– Mohan! Greetings brother Vijay!
– When did you come? Chand! Chand! Chand! Mohan, she is Chand! Chand, this is Mohan!
– My younger brother. He is very studious! Very studious! Greetings! Greetings! Again the same thing! Come on, wear it properly. How is she? Brother, she seems like your poems. Poet! Sonnets! Sapna! Vijay, control yourself! Come on, go inside! Go! See! She is upset. Going! Going! You have completely
changed brother Vijay! – What? I am telling the truth! Hey you, Mr. Engineer! When did you return? Bihari! Come here. Have you come to celebrate Diwali?
– What else. Can I ever forget
father’s Diwali party? And you know, this time my
party will be in the sea. Really!
– How nice. You come too! I will be very happy. Those who are upset, remember this. I will forsake the world. Please, excuse me Mohan.. ..or else your brother
will get very upset. And then, I will
leave my message behind. And then he will wander
around in a helpless state! Greetings, brother Kishore. Brother, father is just great. He has brought such a
priceless gem in the house.. the form of Chand! Look Mohan, there is no need
to praised Chand too much! Bur brother, Chand(Moon)
is itself praiseworthy! Don’t talk nonsense! You know where she has come from? There is so much
money being spent on her. Mr. Thakur! Mr. Thakur! See, there he comes. Oh, you! Wait! Who’s he? That gem’s namesake brother. Why has he come here? See it for yourself. Here, take your 1000 rupees. I have told you many times,
don’t come here in this state. I will keep it in mind, Mr. Thakur. Actually, Chand’s mother
is very ill. That’s why I came here in haste. If possible, send Chand there. Fine.
– She remembers her a lot. Fine, I will send her! You leave.
– Goodbye. See, every month
1000 rupees are spent. Brother, when you go to the market.. ..and buy your luxurious items. Do you pay for it, or
do you get it for free? Mohan, quickly freshen up and
have dinner with your brother. Sister-in-law, I am already fresh! Quickly serve the food,
I am very hungry. Come brother.
– Okay. Brother. But I don’t understand.
After reading this telegram.. will Rosy leave
Kishore and start loving you? According to the law. You fool! If you could understand that much.. ..then why would
your business be down? Money is a very valuable thing. When Rosy will find out
that my aunt.. ..has left 5 lakh
rupees for me before dying. Then see how she switches her sides. Your aunt expired! Leaving 5 lakhs in your name. Contact Janki Das advocate, M.A.LLB! 5 lakhs? Mahesh! Poor Mahesh! Sorry, there is a very bad news. What?
– Your aunt expired. Okay. What? My aunt expired! Aunt! Mahesh! Dear Mahesh!
– Yes. Don’t cry. Dear aunt! Aunt dear! Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Look, no one can
interfere in God’s will. Rosy! It was not the
time for aunt to die. What was the age of your aunt? Only 1! 101! 101? Yes! Is that any age to die? Yes darling, very young. Do you have a chocolate?
– Yes. Give me. I am sorry. Whenever I cry, I eat
a lot of chocolates. Do you have more chocolates? No, I am sorry. Don’t cry. Listen to the second news,
it is very nice. What is it? Your aunt has left 5
lakh rupees in your name. I am sorry! No darling, you can. Really! But why did God give
me all this money? My wife doesn’t even love me. But darling, God doesn’t
give wealth without a reason. Do one thing, divorce your wife. Divorce?
– Yes. Good idea! But I will be a widower! I will die alone. No darling, God told me
in my dreams.. ..that Mahesh is the
best boyfriend for you. But you love Kishore. No darling, I couldn’t tell you. Your face is exactly
like custard pudding. Really!
– Yes. Then, I will go to
the lawyer right away.. ..and send my wife a divorce notice. Not now darling. I will
come along with you too. And bring uncle Johnson too. He knows all the legal ways. Really!
– Fine! Fine! Fine! Darling! Darling! Darling! No, that’s a lie!
That’s not possible. Look Hirabai, you cannot
take advantage of me.. ..because I am the president
of the women’s association. I am prepared to help you
in any way. But I am not ready to agree,
that Chand is my daughter. Try to remember,
around 20 years back. There was a train
accident a bit ahead of Merut! I was returning from
a program from Delhi. In the same compartment,
you, your wife.. ..and your two small daughter’s
were traveling too. You were very badly
injured in the accident. Your unconscious wife
and elder daughter.. ..were lying on one
side in a pool of blood. And the younger daughter.
Was lying a bit far. I was looking at her and thinking. I wish.. I had a daughter like her. Seeing the chance,
I ran away with the child. Now do you believe it! Chand is your daughter
Mr. Satram Das. – No! Hirabai, I can believe
anything you say. But I can never believe
that Chand is my daughter. My daughter died in that accident. No, no she is alive. Even if she is alive. Then she is dead for me after
being brought up in this ambiance. Listen, Mr. Satram Das. Don’t reject that
innocent girl like this. She doesn’t even know
who her parents her. Accept her! No, that’s not possible. Mr. Satram Das, accept her! Mr. Satram Das, accept her! Dear! Forgive me! I.. I separated you from your kin.
– No, mother. Forgive me! Forgive me! No, don’t say that mother! Don’t say that! You are the greatest for me. Because you gave me
the love of my parents. My child, now..
I can die peacefully. Mother! Mother! Mother! Don’t leave me, mother! Don’t leave me, mother! Mother! What happens to the
money from the shop? You want to take loans. You don’t trust me! Then take a look at the account! Don’t trouble me. I will have a look at it later. Did you see that? Father thinks that
I don’t use the money for business. I am spending it myself. But he doesn’t see
that he is spending.. much on money unnecessarily! Brother Kishore! It is the question of
our brother’s life.. ..and you call it useless. What else will you call it? Wasn’t there any
other way to treat him? Whereas thousands of
rupees are being spent.. ..on a characterless girl.
– Mr. Kishore! You don’t have
to spend anymore money. Here! Your agreement! You just watch, Mohan. This must be mother
and daughter’s new plan. For God sake, please don’t
say anything to my mother. She is no more.. Lawyer! Lawyer! – Your honor,
under section 440.. – Lawyer. Look, the witnesses
have arrived too. Mr. Johnson! And, Ms. Rosy! Please, sign here. Sign. So lawyer, how long will it take
to get the 5 lakhs? – 2 weeks. But remember, I should
get divorce from my wife.. ..before I get the 5 lakhs. Oh yes! It is very important. Hundred percent. According to the law. How sweet of you. Have you brought the 10,000 rupees.. ..that’s needed for the
court fees and stamp duty? – Yes. Uncle Johnson, have you brought it? Uncle! Please help him! Sure! I don’t have cash, will cheque do? It will! It will! I will go right now and cash it! Mister lawyer,
this is your business hour. I will go and encash it. Happy Diwali, sister-in-law!
– You too. Greetings, aunt!
– Bless you. Mahesh didn’t come. You didn’t call your
son-in-law on the eve of Diwali too. I had called him but.. Sister, shall I go and give the
offerings to Laxmi sister-in-law? How long will this continue? He is looking after the house.. ..and she is always
in her parent’s house. You please explain something to her. I will! But what’s the matter? You have completely
stopped coming here. Nothing! Actually.. There is no reason,
he is so busy with others.. ..that he has forgotten his kin. That’s not it. Come inside. Come inside. Lamps are lit every year. The house lights up. But God knows when the
darkness in my heart will end. It will be such an auspicious day.. ..when my Vijay will spend
the Diwali with us. Mother, look! Vijay is coming. Come, Vijay! Come. Come Vijay! Sit. Come, sit.
– Come, Vijay. Diwali has come! Diwali has come! Have plateful of sweets!
Dance and sing.. ..come on give me a high-five! Mother! You are crying mother.
– No son. Mother, you are crying. No son, no! What are you doing here? Go upstairs! Go! Are you happy, mother? Are you happy, mother?
– Yes. Father! Sister-in-law!
Mother is happy! Mother is happy! Mother is happy! Mother is happy! Come on, son. Let us venerate the Goddess. Goddess! Veneration! Mother, shall I light
this incense stick! And then we will have the sweets!
We will have the sweets! Here, take these sweets. Here.
– No! – You take it too. Father, you have it too. Mohan! Uncle! Uncle has come too! Uncle, come here! Uncle, come here! Here, you eat this. Did I do the right thing?
– Yes, son. Uncle, where is aunt?
– She’s fasting. You didn’t bring aunt along? What are you looking at, Mohan? A magician, whose miracle I
just witnessed downstairs. Really, you have
completely cured an insane person. But it’s said, we make
sensible people crazy. I don’t know about others. But I think.. You are a kin after all. Thank you.
– For what? You called me a kin. Bihari, come. Hey lover-boy, here
you are after Chand.. ..and we are getting
late for the party. Come on, Mohan! We are
getting late for the veneration. Uncle, let them
perform the veneration. This is not our job. Uncle. Come along with us,
I will take you to heaven. I will show you what
life really is, uncle. Heaven!
– Yes uncle, heaven. Heaven! I have never seen heaven! Come on Mohan, let’s go see heaven. Everyone is sitting downstairs. We will not go that way, I will
take you through the backdoor. The back door! – Come on uncle,
don’t delay anymore. Radha, they are nice, aren’t they? Have some more. Sister-in-law, you have more too.
– No! Pappu! You have come Pappu! What’s going on? Chand! Chand!
– Get water! Chand! Chand! Chand! What happened? – Fire! Fire! Chand!
– Where is it? Look at me! Look at me!
– No! Vijay!
– Chand! You shouldn’t use such
methods to embrace me. You could have wished me
Diwali in a normal way. – No! Leave me.
– No, Diwali! Yes, it’s Diwali! But leave me.
– No! No, no it’s Diwali!
I want to embrace you. – Vijay! No, no it’s Diwali!
I want to embrace you. – Vijay! Here she comes. How nice. Wonderful. That’s great. Thank you. Lord Ram. Bihari, is this
what you get in your heaven. I don’t drink this. Uncle, even I don’t drink it. But today everything is excused. Nephew, your aunt has gone to
her parents place for veneration. If she finds out, she will go
to the Himalaya for repentance. Fine, bring Coco Cola for him. Darling, you are the bartender,
have some shame. This youth needs intoxication. Intoxication is not
something to ask for. It doesn’t have any existence. The zest of youth is inscrutable. It has its own merriment. Wow! Wow! Wow! With your permission,
can I ask something? When the time passes by,
what will you tell your youth? Wow! Wow! Wow! Wonderful! Bihari.. This sweetheart is beautiful! She is just sweet. The heart is in your
house in form of moon! How did you suddenly think of Chand! Trying to fool me. Swear on your heart,
is she worth forgetting? How long have you known Chand? Since I became sensible
and visited those places. She is wonderful unblemished beauty. Till today, I have never seen
such a beauty amongst courtesans. How is she at heart? What do you care about the heart?
Just care about her beauty. Darling! I have had experienced
every form of intoxication. But the intoxication from her
eyes has still let me become sober. “The jamboree is over!” “The lamps have been doused!” “The beautiful night has passed!” “The jamboree is over!” “The lamps have been doused!” “The beautiful night has passed!” “I won’t let you drink
another drop, my drunkard darling.” “My drunkard darling!” “My drunkard darling!” “My drunkard darling!” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “There is nothing wrong in
getting intoxicated by your eyes.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “Believe me, I am not drunk.” “Believe me, I am not drunk.” “Then my beloved, why
does your feet sway?” “That’s the merriment of
your intoxicating eyes.” “These are my eyes!” “They are not intoxication.” “Isn’t the color of
these sights, pink?” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “Beloved, you are under my oath.
Don’t drink anymore!” “Beloved, you are under my oath.
Don’t drink anymore!” “Why did you get upset
and skirt eyes from me?” “My eyes are heavy!” “The bottle is empty!” “But I am still not content!” “Get some more! Get some more!” “Not even a drop,
that’s it. Not at all.” “You are not a drunkard.” “You are not a drunkard.” “You are not a drunkard.” “You are not a drunkard.” “There is nothing wrong in
getting intoxicated by your eyes.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” “I am not a drunkard.” Wow! Wow! Wow! Wonderful! You haven’t slept yet? I don’t have sleep in my destiny. Why are you watching
these extinguishing lamps? I was thinking, one day we
will be put out like them. They burn only for a few
moments and get doused. But, you keep toiling
all day in this house. What are you watching? At least I have found one
sympathizer in this world. That has understood the
condition of my heart. Not just a bit, I have
completely understood you. But maybe you haven’t understood me. When I saw you for the first time.. ..there was a new ray
of hope in my heart. What did your heart say? It said, don’t be sad. Someone has arrived
that will understand you. Chand! Mohan, you are drunk. I was forced to drink. Who, Bihari? Someone’s intoxicating eyes. Mohan, you are from a good family. This doesn’t suite you! You didn’t like it. I am ready to apologize. I forgive you! But remember never
do such a thing again. Satramdas Shishodiya! Out! Thank you, father-in-law! “Raghav’s son is Lord Ram.” “Goddess Sita is his wife.” “Goddess Sita is his wife.” You!
– Yes! Phoolvati! Satyavati! Come quickly! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Why have you come here? Today is an auspicious day. You have come to break my penance. To give you the fruit
of your penance. Today I am in the mood. You are drunk. Yes, I am drunk! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Phoolvati! Satyavati!
Everything has been ruined! You don’t worry,
first we will purify him! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Let them purify me, I am ready. Hey sycophants, bring
the holy Ganges water.. ..and sprinkle it on me. Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! What are you doing? This is the procedure
of purification. Oh Lord, protect him! What’s going on?
– Quickly bring the pot of water. Pot? Quietly get the purification done. It’s for the betterment. Okay! Today I will agree
to everything you say. Let them bring the pot! Lord Ram! Lord Ram! Such cold water! Quickly bring the other pot. Second pot! Look, I didn’t drink it
intentionally. I have been deceived. Hey sycophants, don’t
pour the water on me.. ..I will catch pneumonia. Shashi!
– Hey Lord, protect him! Quickly bring it! I am hurrying up, let
the wood catch fire. Where are the chilly? It is kept near the box of sweets. Fire! Chilly! What is that for? For making you inhale it’s vapor! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram!
– Vapor! Oh God.
– Lord. Protect him! Chilly! So that your brain
becomes sober again. Not just sober, I
won’t have any brains left. Just like that. Quickly bring the rods! Rods! So that we can burn
your tongue and purify it. What are you doing here? Go at the back, and bring
a jug full of cow’s urine! Cow’s urine!
– Yes! So that you are completely
purified from inside and outside. No, no, now I cannot live here! What if my husband gets spoilt? Then what about the glorious son? Oh Lord, what should I do now? Don’t worry Saubhagyawati! Let’s go and stay at your home. And we will protect your penance.. ..and won’t let your
husband get spoilt too. Isn’t it, sister Satyvati?
– Yes, sister Phoolvati. Lord Ram! Lord Ram! I shouldn’t attend the marriage. I shouldn’t go there,
I shouldn’t go here! I shouldn’t go anywhere! Just get up, sit down and lie down. Hey stubborn! Come on, get up! Let
us attend the marriage. Come on. You are crying? No! I won’t say anything. I won’t attend the wedding!
I won’t go anywhere! No, I will go sleep! I will
go sleep! I will go sleep! Are you angry?
– No, no, no. Why will I be angry! You go and read. Go and read. Have you read
the story of Shakuntala? I haven’t read any Shakuntala,
not any Dushyant! I don’t know anyone. “This charade was
written by poet Kalidas.” “This charade was
written by poet Kalidas.” “Somewhere,
near the land of Tapovan.” “While following a doe!” “Dushyant saw a damsel!” “The hunter’s heart was pierced!” “He fell in love with
that beautiful damsel.” “She seemed.. like a nymph!” “Her name was Shakuntala.” “Shakuntala! Shakuntala!” “She lost her way!” “She went astray!” “She immersed her
beloved in her heart!” “She got married to him.” “When the bed was spread with love!” “When the bed was spread with love!” “The heart said to the beloved.” “Will you leave me?” “Will you leave me?” “My beloved, my sweet heart,
stealing my heart.” “Will you leave me?” “You are the king of
the entire kingdom.” “I am scared thinking that, beloved.” “Will you forget me?” “Will you leave me?” “While singing the
songs of his sweetheart.” “The king while leaving.” “Gave her a ring as an remembrance.” “Gave her a saga of love.” “She would seem lost
even she would be awake.” “She would be lost in the
thoughts of her beloved.” “She would be lost.” “One day, a great sage
came to her threshold.” “Is someone there?” “Is someone there?” “He called out!” “Love is so unfortunate.” “When the guest didn’t
get any reply.” “He.. he cursed an innocent girl.” “The one in whose
thoughts you are lost in.” “May he forget you just like,
the morning forgets the night.” “Like an insane person
forgets what he said.” No! No! No! Young master,
you have returned alone. Yes! Yes Ranga! Actually, my head is aching a lot. You go, I will go and rest.
– Fine. Mohan!
– Who is it? It’s me, Chand! What happened
to your health suddenly? My head is aching. As if it will explode. You don’t have fever. Come, I will massage your head. You don’t have to be troubled. There is no need to feel ashamed. I have heard, that if you
don’t get married at this age.. ..then the head does ache. What can I do?
I didn’t like any girl. You are not that handsome.. ..because of which you
didn’t like any girl. You talk so nicely.
You are so nice. No one can forget you
after meeting you once. Mohan. When I have such
a place in your heart. So.. let me tell you something. Say it! Swear on me, that you
will always support me. I swear on you. Tell me. Have you read
the story of Shakuntala? Why? I am sacred,
that I might meet the same fate.. ..that Shakuntala faced. When Dushyant
refused to recognize him. Everyone is not like king Dushyant. But the human’s nature
is still the same. Maybe you didn’t understand
Mohan’s nature. For you, I will change
the nature of humans. I will face a storm for you. Don’t you trust me? I do, that’s why I could
gather the courage to tell you. That I.. That I.. am pregnant
with your brother Vijay’s child! Chand! Where are you? Please, excuse me. Yes, he had come home last night. He has suddenly disappeared. Fine!
– Master! Master! This letter was
lying on Mohan’s desk. Letter?
– Yes. What’s he written, father. I received my friends telegram
he has called me urgently.. ..that’s why I am going
back with the first train. Yours, Mohan! What was so urgent,
that he left without telling us? Troubled everyone. What? He is divorcing me.
– Yes. Here is the copy of
the divorce papers.. ..that has been submitted
in the court on his behalf. I am his lawyer,
according to the law. So, Shashibala, is it true
that in midnight with their aide.. poured cold
water on your husband. Made him inhale red chilly vapors. And then, you tried to burn
his tongue with hot rods. You know all these
activities of yours.. ..under section,
under section Indian penal.. Criminal act!
– Yeah. Under Indian Penal Code..
According to the law. Sister Satyavati.
– Yes, sister Phoolwati. Begin the war of righteousness! You want to fight! Come on! Come! Come!
– No! Don’t do that! We are lawyers. Instead of the court,
we will be sent to the jail. Don’t uphold the law. Let’s run! According to the law. Run! Run! Run! I am dead!
– You! You are threatening us? I will drag you to the court! I will.. I will.. Get going from here! Run away! You fool! Come out!
– I am dead! Johnson, use your boxing skills! Johnson, use your boxing skills! What boxing, run for the door. Johnson!
– Open the door. Open the door uncle. Uncle is standing outside the door,
uncle open the door. – Uncle! Never! Never! For my safety! Oh Lord Jesus. Come! You want to do boxing with me! Want to box?
– No, I have left it! Where are you running to? Let me go first! Me first! How dare you come here? Let me go first. No, I’ll go! Get lost from here! Get going! They had come to teach us law. What now? He is divorcing me! Don’t worry Saubhagyavati,
this is his ruse! If they really would
have been legal men.. ..then would they have
fled like this? But I am scared! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Come! Stay at your parent’s house,
and we will take care of everything. Let’s go. Come on. Vijay! Get up Vijay! Get up Vijay! Bihari is eloping with
Radha to Mumbai. – No.. Didn’t you hear me?
There’s no one at home. She’s eloping with Bihari.
Let she elope! Mr. Vijay! Stop Radha! You will lose your
honor if you leave this house. You don’t know Bihari! He is a thug, a ruffian!
He will ruin you! Who are you to say all that? Radha! I want the welfare of this house. I won’t let you tarnish
the respect of this house! Those who have a respect.. ..only they care for
others respect! Leave me! Radha, I will give up my
life But I won’t let you leave! I will go!
– No Radha, I won’t let you go! I will go!
– No Radha, I won’t let you go! Let me go! Let me go! No Radha! You are so late! Come on. Hey crazy man, go in your room! Or else, I will break your head. Move. Get lost, mad. Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Leave him! Leave him! Leave him! Get lost! Vijay! Bihari! I’ll not spare him! Vijay! Vijay! I’ll not leave you! Vijay! Leave him! Vijay!
– Vijay! Move! – Vijay! Go upstairs! Go! Come on! I will kill you! What do you think of yourself? I won’t spare you! I will kill you. Come on. Bihari! Why did you come here? Mr. Thakur, I.. Tell me, why did you come here
so late in the night. – Tell me! Tell me, or else I will
hand you over to the police. That.. Tell me. I had come to meet Chand, Thakur. Me? He is lying, Mr. Thakur. Bihari, it won’t be
good for you if you lie! Thakur, you have seen me
with Chand earlier too. She used to often call me here too. Incidentally, today
Vijay spotted both of us.. That’s slander! I am innocent Thakur. No Mr. Thakur, I never lie..
– Get lost from here. Don’t believe him Thakur! You know he is not human, he is
the devil in human’s form. – Quiet! No one could even raise
a finger on my family.. ..and today you have
blemished my entire honour. No, no, I have don’t know such thing. I care about your honor too. Believe me, I didn’t call Bihari! He didn’t come here to meet me. Then say, whom had he come to meet? What? Tell me! Why don’t you say it? For the sake of your honor
Thakur don’t ask me this. Don’t ask me this. You commit such sins
in the house slyly.. ..and then pose to be a pious woman. Mother! – Don’t you dare
call me a pious woman! If I had such a daughter,
then I would have strangled her. Kill her! Kill her! Good! Strangle your
daughter with your own hands! All of you together kill my Chand! Chand! Don’t cry, Chand! They will kill you! Come, let’s go up. Come on! You won’t go! Fine then, cry! Do as you please!
Cry! Father! You will have to decide now! Either Chand will live in
this house, or my children! Come, mother!
– Kishore! Kishore! Daughter-in-law! tell
Kishore to wait for sometime! Not to test me at such a time. Ganga! Where is your madam? In the veneration room! Fine, go and tell her
someone has come to meet her. Hurry up, Mahesh darling! Who are you to call him darling? I am his future wife, and
he is my future husband. What did you say? Future husband!
– Yes. You native! Who are you? Your future husband’s present wife. Oh you! I will kill you! Want my husband.. My wig! Darling! Yes! Yes! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Leave her! Leave her! Leave my doll alone! This doll, whom you
are making your mistress. Not now, she will be
after the divorce. What? You really are divorcing me! Yes. According to my love. Come darling, come on. We are getting late. We
have to go for picnic. Let him go Saubhagyavati! Good, that you got rid of such a man. But what about me now? Don’t worry! You have such a lot of wealth! Let’s go to Kashi! With Gods grace, you
will have a glorious child. What? Without the husband! Idiots! Rogues! Get out! Get out now! Satyavati! It’s modern times!
– Really is Modern time! Get out! Get out! Or else, I will break your legs. Get out! “Everyday Rosy..” “Everyday Rosy..” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Hey man, why do you refuse?” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Come, let us dance!” “This is romance.” “Come, let us dance!” “This is romance.” “I am out of breath!” “Don’t be so smart.” “Don’t break my heart.” “Start!” “Stop! Stop!” “Hey man, you make me restless.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “1.. 2.. 3.. 4!” “What is it darling?” “1.. 2.. 3.. 4!” “What is it darling?” “You.. you.. sing like Kishore!
But..” “The wedding date!” “Oh yes, September 8!” “Very late.” “Darling, wait.” “Hey man,
why are you so cruel to me?” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “You are a nightingale!” “That’s absolutely true!” “You are a nightingale!” “That’s absolutely true!” “You are wonderful!” “Come embrace me!” “Come embrace me!” “Let the world be jealous!”
– Come.” “Hey girl I give my heart to you.” “Everyday I love you.” “Everyday I love you.” “Hey girl, why do you refuse?” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” “Everyday Rosy loves you.” ‘Radha, meet me
tonight after midnight.. the balcony with all
the jewelry of the house.’ ‘We are going to Mumbai! ‘ ‘If you don’t come, then I
will have you letter published.. the newspaper..’ ‘..which you had written to
me regarding this matter.’ Don’t cry, Radha! Let this letter be with me. I will deal with Bihari. You have already been
defamed because of me. I won’t let you be
tarnished anymore. Forget about me. You are from a good family. If you get defamed, then it
will be a very bad thing for me. No! I will commit suicide. There is no other option.
– Don’t say that! Don’t stop me! Don’t stop me!
– Radha! If Laxmi sister-in-law
would have been in my place.. ..then would she have left you? Would she let you die? Radha! Won’t you.. Won’t you give me this
right even for a short while? Sister-in-law! What? You called me sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! I swear on you, this
one word is enough.. lay down my life! Radha! Why don’t you answer? Have you brought the jewelry! Bihari, wealth is a transient thing. One day you will
have to face the Lord. Oh, so it’s you! Why are you standing in the dark? Come in the light and
show me your radiant face. I have been yearning to
talk to you for so long. Why are you after
that innocent girl? For God sake have mercy on her! She might give up her life! And what about me, I have been.. ..yearning for you for so long.
– Bihari! Not Bihari, your servant! If you give me a
chance today, then I swear.. ..I will never trouble Radha again.
– Bihari! I will not answer
any of your question! First give me the letter
that Radha had written to you. You are too smart. Trying to strike a deal in this too. Fine, it’s a deal. Here is the letter! This is just a measly letter. You could have asked for my
life I would have given that too. Maybe I was alive for this night. Idiot! You can’t escape from me!
– Leave me! Leave me, you idiot! You want to escape
without paying the price. Leave me! Vijay! Leave me! You idiot! Leave me!
– Leave you! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Bihari! Vijay! Vijay! You idiot! Ruffian! You are a murderer! Yes! Come on! No! Don’t hit him! Don’t hit him! Quiet! I will kill you! “What gift.. can I give
you on your marriage.” “I present you my broken heart!” “I pray, that you always be happy.” “I pray, that you always be happy.” “Though a betrayer!” “Though a betrayer! But
you are my sweetheart!” What did you do, Sapna? I was the one that wanted to die. Vijay! Vijay, you are cured! You are cured! Mr. Thakur! Mother! Mother! Mr. Thakur! Mr. Kishore!
– Yes. Vijay is cured!
– He is cured! He is cured! He is cured! Mother! He is cured! Brother Vijay! Vijay!
– Son! My son! – Vijay! You are cured! Lord,
thank you very much. What had happened to me? Nothing! You were absolutely fine! Ranga, bring his clothes. Bring him.
– You are absolutely fine. Sister-in-law! Laxmi sister-in-law! Vijay is cured! Vijay! Sister-in-law!
– Vijay? Who is this girl, sister-in-law? You don’t recognize me? I haven’t seen.. I am Chand! Sister-in-law! I am your Chand! I am Chand! Fine! Fine! Go up!
– Chand. Chand.
– Come on Vijay! Hello! Yes, inspector Sahil speaking. What? Bihari’s murder. Near Mr. Thakur’s mansion. That crazy man
pushed him from the roof! I am on my way. Your honor.. The testimony of doctor
Sinha and the other witnesses.. ..clearly proves, how
Vijay lost his mental balance.. ..after the incident with Sapna. And how he was cured after
the incident with Bihari. Your Honor, because there
is no other eyewitness.. ..we will have to take
into consideration.. ..the testimony of
Vijay’s attendance, Chand. How Bihari ran.. ..he slipped, fell down and died. This is just an accident.
An accident. That’s why I would like
to request to the court.. ..that Vijay should be acquitted. Your Honor, this is a
wonderful saga of love. Chand, was already a
fan of the accused poems. When she got the
chance to meet him closely.. ..she fell in love with him. Co-incidentally,
Chand’s old lover Bihari.. ..who was also the
enemy of the accused.. ..used to live in a house nearby! Chand starting meeting him slyly. Kindly note, your Honor! My fellow lawyer says
that Chand loved Vijay. And then he says, that
Chand would meet Bihari slyly. Maybe he read it in some story. Your Honor, this is
not a story it’s a fact. Because Chand is not
one of those woman.. ..that can thrive on
just one person’s love. Chand is Hirabai’s daughter.. ..and she was
a ancestral courtesan! Courtesan’s daughter!
Courtesan’s daughter! And this crazy man who
doesn’t care about anyone.. ..Mr. Thakur got him
this beautiful toy. And he kept playing
with it day and night. Your Honor, not just Thakur but
all the members of his family.. ..are responsible
for such a lowly deed! For their own need, the
norms of the society were broken. And so, on the other side
of the roof was Bihari.. ..and on this side, this crazy man. And this beautiful girl
in the middle. And in this way, the roof
of a respectable Thakur.. ..turned into the
court of a courtesan! I was forsaken from love,
to become crazy! I was cured, to
tarnish my family’s respect. Your Honor, its possible
that I have murdered Bihari! Your Honor, the public
prosecutor has taken.. ..undue advantage of my
clients mental condition.. ..and made him so emotional,
that I fear.. ..that he might lose
his mental balance again. That’s why I would
request to the court.. ..that this case should
be adjourned for today. Considering the
testimony of all the witnesses.. ..and after listening to
the argument of the lawyers.. ..the court has come
to the conclusion that.. And that’s why, the court
acquits Vijay from this case. Whatever happened,
thank God for it. Kishore.
– Yes. Give it to Chand, and send her back.
– Fine. Do I have the
permission to come inside? Yes, come in.
– Thank you! Can I ask you something,
if you don’t mind? I.. – I mean, should I
apologize for my misbehavior.. Favor!
– Yes! Sister-in-law has
told me everything. But, this is a small gift
in return of your services. ..if you have any other problem,
do contact me. Mr. Vijay, don’t you
remember anything? Try to recall it,
I might remember it. Tell me, when you saw
me for the first time.. You were doing a fake
poetic gathering here. Sometimes you would
become Mir Taqhi Mir.. When you got up to
recite your poem, I laughed. Switched off the
light and went to sleep. ..and after that the
lamps were doused. ..then you made a garland
out of it and adorned me.. ..and started
believing that I am your wife. I am sorry, but I
don’t remember anything. Sister-in-law!
Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! What happened,
Vijay? Why are you crying? She was trying to
recall me something.. Tell me!
– Sister-in-law! ..sister-in-law left
without saying anything. Why did you return quietly?
You should’ve slapped her! I always feared this
and this happened. I had told you, such
women are like venom! I didn’t know that she will
slander my honor like this. become the
daughter-in-law of this house. The one she is calling the
lineage of this family.. ..that’s actually the result
of her misdeeds with Bihari! Mr. Kishore! Mr. Kishore!
Mr. Kishore! Vijay! Vijay!
– Come on! Vijay!
– Vijay! – Vijay! Mr. Kishore! At least have mercy
on this innocent one. – Come on! Mr. Kishore!
– Come on! Father! Father! Father! Mr. Kishore!, leave me! – Come on!
Vijay! Mr. Kishore! Leave me! Come on!
– Mr. Kishore! Mr. Vijay..
– Brother Kishore! A helpless woman won’t be
thrown out of the house like this? Vijay, you don’t know
the nature of this girl. All I know is that, she
has given me a new life.. And this is not your child,
but Bihari’s! If this child
belongs to someone else.. I am ready to give it
all the love it needs. I won’t move, brother!
– Move! – Move! Brother!
– What is this? Have you gone mad? Leave me father! – I won’t
let this happen! – Leave her! I’ll throw you out! –
Brother KIshore! Leave her! What is this behavior
brother Kishore? Is this the way to
behave with a helpless woman? So, you have come to
sympathize with her! Useless, she is
a stigma on womanhood! You are no better yourself,
brother Kishore. Take a peek inside you.
– Mohan, what nonsense! ..then such a big shop
would have closed down. Only the traces of the
shop would have been left Lie!
– Yes. And God knows how much
money he has spent on Rosy! And today he is
calling a helpless woman.. Great father, you have
changed the history of Thakurs. I had heard that Thakurs
consider it an honor.. lay down their lives for
those who do a favor to them. No brother Vijay, the
Thakur’s of today find their pride.. using an
innocent woman like a toy.. ..and then discard it when
they are done playing with it! If this lowly girl
stays in this house.. And you haven’t even thought,
your young sister Radha.. Mother, you should know
what would have happened.. Whom would he show the
dreams of acting in movies? Who was about to elope
to Mumbai along with him? Look Radha! It is the
question of a helpless girl’s life! Oh Lord, for which sin
are you punishing me Lord! Why didn’t I die
before hearing all this? You consider that all
that glitters is gold. Even if all this is true,
still we cannot accept her. We don’t even know which
family she belongs too! Father, God doesn’t
create any difference. It is us humans that
make the difference! Great uncle! You teach
others about love and humanity! Uncle, if not for humanity,
not for the honor.. least try to
remember for the sake of love! Uncle, even animals
protect their young ones! But you are human!
– Stop it Mohan! Stop it! – Stop it! Thakur!
Thakur, Chand is my daughter! While dying, Hirabai
told me everything! Chand! Forgive me dear!
Forgive me dear! – Father! Forgive me dear! Forgive me dear!
– Father! My sister..
– Sister! Mohan, if the world
has people like you.. I am such a stone, that
would have gone astray.. If this Goddess wouldn’t
have shown me the path. Brother, if there is
a gem in our family.. No one could tarnish
her piousness till now. Mohan, don’t
embarrass me by praising me.. Go! Take mother and
father’s blessings. Go! Mohan!
Won’t you forgive your brother? With a handful of
sand you made a heart. You made this crazy worthy of love. Brother, praise me.
I made you a murderer.

Author: Kevin Mason

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