Karate – Uraken Uchi : Le revers du poing [Karate-Blog.net]

Karate – Uraken Uchi : Le revers du poing [Karate-Blog.net]

Hello everyone, and welcome to karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. So today, we will see an attack technique, Uraken Uchi. So it can also be used for defense, Uraken Uchi. So Uraken Uchi, in fact, it is the strike zone. It is a fist setback. You have Kento which are before. Hitting a punch, knock with Kento front. And Uraken, “Ura” upside is behind. You see, the area here, Uraken. So Uraken Uchi: we must try to imagine his arm like a whip. You see, we leave from the arm like a whip. We will try to work a lot on it on the whipping arm and try to see different ways of doing Uraken following hip rotation. Next if your hip rotates in the direction of the art or whether it rotates in the opposite direction to the art. Here. So in short, we will start, it will be much simpler. Imagine your arm like a whip. A whip, energy … when you have a whip, you have a party, the handle is big enough, and we will go to the end, the more they end. Well here is the same. We will already start working with the large muscles of the body, that is to say, the muscles that are in the trunk and then, to unwind, to get on the end muscles. So the first thing is in the back: there is a contraction in the back and the elbow is sent in the direction we want to hit. It sends the elbow there and then we place the arm and at the last moment, we will place the forearm and fist. While there, I remain open hands. I do a bit on purpose, it’s to show you that you must be relaxed. Well, I’m open hands. Being relaxed, my hand, she looks down. Once I do that, I created a tension. So we said tension here, they put it at the last moment. So for all along, hand and looks down at the last moment, one turns. When you go to the fist, we do the same. All along and at the last moment, one turns. After when we reach the end, you can get slightly fist when hit. Not too much because if you let your hand go, you may hurt you in the articulation there. You will see that when we go very quickly, Uraken, fist after … arm … you have a lot of speed … the fist lot of speed So you still have to control that speed. We must not let it go crack at the joint … – I’ll get there, sorry the articulation of the wrist. So you still have … we go out a little bit, but not much. Otherwise in percussion, Uraken is generally – that can be penetrating but in general, it is striking that is to say a slight rebound, it comes back … that it hits and one returns. It struck and there is a slight rebound. Now it is quite fucked with. I will make you just now a little bag to show you how it hits. In the bag, it knocks anyway. So we, get together. So, imagine: you squeeze the back … start by tightening … then tighten the back that does not mean bomber. No, I stick the shoulder blades. I leave from the elbow. I place I turn my fist. One, one returns; two, one returns. Being relaxed. Three, one returns. Four, one returns. Five, one returns. Six Hikite pulling together. Seven, eight, nine and ten. Come on, now we’ll let you go and will stop after here. Come on, one, two, one returns; three four. So, look carefully where you hit. Me there soon again, I tend to look at the camera because I speak, but when you do, look good where you hit and you come back. You do not have to watch me all the time. You hear me, it’s not bad then, you leave. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi. Come on, we will make three shifts: knock it back. I knock, I bring. So when I hit, it should not have come … snapping elbow there. So do not let your elbow stops here and then you try to go a little further. Because otherwise the elbow, it goes too far. You really: I come from, my elbow, he spent the axis there. There he spent the axis. That is to say that when I hit my arm is not fully extended. My arm, what stops it? It’s the strike zone when I hit, but when I hit into the void, no percussion therefore, it must be that there is something that stops it. So when I’m in space, even when you hit a target, it has to be at the level of locking. It’s the biceps that will contract suddenly to stop the fist. That’s why I made you do it well, and you stop. Try to train yourself to stop there, stop at a very specific point and not to slam the elbow. So there we will leave soon enough, but be careful. When you go fast, you do not see too what we do. We do not see too. Then after a while, I do not know why I do Uraken, I hurt the elbow. Yes, it is because in fact you leave from the arm, you bring him back, but each time he slammed. So it must be that you lock it and bring it. Come on, again! Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go. Ichi, Ni. Come on, we will pass to the other side. The arm relaxed. I squeeze just a fist, but just right. I did not need strength. I would put the force there at the end. There, here I have no strength. I’ll just close. I’ll go quietly. The shoulder blades stick. The elbow will toward the target, knock. I bring before. One two three four five. Come on, now, we let him go, but it blocks the end. Ichi, Ni, San. well is pulled at the time of impact. Hikite pulling here. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi. Go now, allowed to leave and brought back. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go. Yame So the most important in Uraken is to have the arm relaxed. I tell you, it’s like a whip. A whip … All along, the whip, in fact, it is a wave that goes all the way to the energy that was in the handle the energy you have brought the more it is going to last, it will reach the end with great force and speed because it is becoming finer. And here we must do the same. If from there you take here, you will not force. You will come to touch but you will not have speed at the fist. We need your fist it go fast. He must go very quickly. Generally Uraken, it strikes at the temple, at the cheekbones, at … it’s all the areas that are very bad, it’s got struck quickly. It hurts there, or else in the body. You can also strike at the body, in the ribs, it hurts. So Uraken, I tell you it is a scourge that must be relaxed. Try to relax your arm as if it is the body that sends and I relax. So we will try to see different ways. I can have hip that turns upside down like that. For example, if I go ahead, I’ll hit like that, my hip is going the other way. I want to have hip that goes in the same direction. For example, from there, if I turn to hit. You see, I turn to hit … for example, then I just hit like that. I have an attack before. I avoid the attack and I turn, knock. I go back and I retyping. There I: hip turn … I had to put me too close, you must have seen my feet. I start again. Sorry. So there I am facing my opponent, I digress. Okay. And I turn, I let go my arm and I just hit. I go back and I just hit. You see, my hips rotate in the same direction. So it’s not quite the same in the sense there. There, in the sense there, using the force of contraction of the shoulder. Hip rotates in the direction where the body goes in the other direction. The pressure is by rotation … hips and shoulders in the opposite direction. A bit like when you do Gedan Barai, Uchi Uke. That’s all, shoulders going in one direction, but it may well have arms that go in the same direction as the body … if we use the rotation, it uses energy, body rotating centrifugal force to come knocking. I also show you the bag. You’ll see, it hits pretty hard too. So what I can say else? Well, I’ve shown you Uraken horizontally, Uraken but is also vertically like that. Returning strike vertically a little version Otoshi. I fall … there, falling and hitting. So Uraken, the bag … I told you, Uraken, it’s still a relatively powerful technique. You would not think so because often we have made sure to flick on the temple there, but if we really want to hit, it hits hard. So if we start as earlier, horse stance and I hit here; I just, it hits. I think … that you hit in the ribs like that, even when you feel it. So it’s still important. So be careful placement of the elbow, shoulder and stuff because the energy return is still relatively large. Okay ? At fist, well lock to have fist hand like that. And it’s not that either. I come and knock. OK ? So we can also hit by bouncing like that, but at the time of the strike, we did not. I lock. I lock, I bring. This is not just a small flick. Okay ? I wanted to show you also rotated. In rotation, I’m facing my opponent, I turn, I just hit. I turn, I just hit. You see, I’m like that, facing him. He attacks me. There, it’s not obvious, I have no opponent … He attacks. I have an attack here. I rolled up in his attack and I just hit. Immediately, my hips rotate in the direction of the attack and I just hit. Okay, this is powerful also in the sense there. There, when I showed you like that, it was: the hips rotate backwards. There, in the sense there, hip, it rotates in the same direction. Okay. My hip rotates in the same direction. OK. So that was just to show you at the bag Uraken, it hits. Oh yes, I can also show you like that. When you hit like that, it’s the same. You just hit on the nose or here, there. Here, it hurts anyway. So all that to say that this is not a technique to neglect, although often, we see just a small flick with rather open hand Haishu guy like that, like a slap upside. If you really want to hit with Kento, you can really hurt. So, be careful when you work with a partner partner because it is not always easy to control the stopping of the wrist. And often was quick … here, we stop and then the wrist, we did not well controlled. He continued and then pat on the head. So, these are the points where there is no need to type very hard to hurt. And, if you type in the temple like that, here, it hurts. So, be very careful. When you work with a partner, Uraken, pay attention. You can put gans too, just in case. But hey, I do not like working with gloves. Here, so thank you. So, for Uraken, I hope you enjoyed the video, you have grasped the principle. I will remake you a video soon, with Kihon where there will Uraken it. So here we will be able to work well Uraken. Well, thank you and see you next time for the next video to karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. Thank you. Goodbye.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Très bonne vidéo, très complète! Seule petite correction mais c'est un détail : force centripète (11:00) 😉
    Très bonne chaine!!

  2. Je vous remercie pour l'explication! Vous demontrez la technique très bien! Et les autres qui se moquent… Fermez-là..!

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