Justin Gets Caught in the Middle | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Justin Gets Caught in the Middle | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Cortne’, what do you
think about our outing that we had, at
the cake tasting? I think we had a
really transparent talk that actually put
everything out on the table. AUDREY: So while we were there,
we brought up the controlling. You’ve mentioned
to me in the past, when you all first started out,
about she can be controlling. Am I right? Yeah. AUDREY: OK. We did ask J, why
don’t you go out? What did– what did you say? So sometimes, you know, when
I do say I want to go wherever. Sometimes, Cortne’, you
do catch a little mood. She don’t directly say no. but I can just tell by
her face expression. Let me ask you a question. Did you stop doing what you
normally do with your friends? The amount of time
that I spent with them changed because of Cortne’. I didn’t stay out. AUDREY: Well, I’ma
go back to when you said sometimes you want to
get off work and go to the bar. And she didn’t– she didn’t
like for you to do that. You can’t get off work and
go sit at a bar, have a beer? So that’s prison. PATRECE: So that’s where
all this is coming from? – That’s prison.
– The discussion that you told– That ain’t– ain’t
no happiness in that. What you told your mom. Justin needs to be more
responsible, as far as what he wants to do and
how he wants to do it. Handle that and make
that your business. And you won’t run
into this situation. I do know that Cortne’
is a dominant person. If it was me, if I see where
my husband couldn’t leave, then I would. PAULINE: I didn’t
see it, where she had to take the lead at all. But I just pray and hope that
you be the might man of valor that God is calling you to be. And you be the head
of your household. CORTNE’: Well, while
we’re talking about engagement and
wedding, you know, we did go wedding cake tasting. And that’s literally like, the
first thing you’ve even talked about, about the wedding. AUDREY: The bride-to-be
setting up the wedding. You should take the
time to call her. She had not been involved
in the wedding period. PAULINE: Right, because no one’s
pulled her in, to come into it. The phone works both ways. BRE’: But why would Cortne’
invite her somewhere, when they haven’t even
had a conversation of hey, how you doing? Protocol is that you bring
the groom’s mom to the table. That’s where integrity comes in. Integrity has
nothing to do with it. PAULINE: It has a whole
lot to do with it. No it doesn’t. Because that disconnect
was there, we don’t have– we don’t have that relationship. So I don’t feel
comfortable calling, hey, this is the information. This is what we’re
doing for the wedding. Wedding planner. I’ve been communicating
with him heavily, haven’t I? But why you don’t
communicate with her? Because it’s a
breakdown there. AUDREY: And I know
it all started when he wants to come see me. He said you didn’t want
him to come see me. So– I don’t think it was that
she didn’t want to come– You said, (WHINING) “Why
we gotta go see your momma? La, la, la, la, la.” And I don’t think that
she would just say, I don’t wanna go to your momma’s house. He just could’ve
went by his self. – But that’s what he said.
– Honestly, I– PATRECE: Common denominator. JUSTIN: I have to balance a lot. You know, you, my mom,
it becomes overwhelming. And sometimes I mismanage. But the key thing here
is communicating this. AUDREY: OK. Well, let me bring
up the last issue when I was in the hospital. And you brought her
in the hospital room. And you didn’t say a word to me. When she walked in
the room, she act like she really didn’t
want to be there by her body language, as usual. But I didn’t hug your momma? In her hospital room? AUDREY: If she hugged
me, she hugged me. She didn’t say nothing. She stayed on her
phone the entire time. [LAUGHS] The entire time–
CORTNE’: Ooh! AUDREY: She was doing that. RON: Come on, come
on, come on, come on, CORTNE’: Child, I’m done.

Author: Kevin Mason

47 thoughts on “Justin Gets Caught in the Middle | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. This is a disaster in the making because everyone sees Cortne as controlling and him as too permissive…he needs to communicate in a mature way..what he likes and dislikes and she needs to learn to listen and compromise…even her family said she’s dominant at times…as for his mother and Cortne there is a lot of strife and discord there…I don’t envy him being in that position at all….however him running back and forth between the two saying one thing to his family and then making Cortne think he’s cool with how things are between them is entirely wrong and he needs to address that issue.

  2. He's creating all the drama and strife between them. Mama's boys never comprehend what goes on in the relationship is private. Now his mother is holding on to every little thing. He needs to learn how to lead

  3. Trying to rule over your significant other, will only lead to some heavy problems and resentment. In any relationship, there should be a balance and there should be times when 2 people should be able to go out with their friends. If you trust one another, there shouldn't be any problems. Sometimes you need space and not being under each other every second of the day. Its healthy and when she or he comes home, you can show them how much you missed them. Wish I had a boo so I could show them what I've learned and are still learning, over the years. Cherish your love, not easy to find.

  4. He’s weak. Men like him usually end up with women like her. Opposites attract. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Makes me wonder though if his mom has been overbearing his whole life, because I’ve noticed men like him tend to look for women who will control him like his mama possibly did(does).

  5. I Love this particular Reality Show @Oprah #OWN Now. One would think that this Relationship is ideal for this Young "Mighty Man of Valor" and His Beautiful Bethrothed. However, even Courtne's abstinence is causing division between the in-laws/merging families, and it's seen for what it is: Courtne's motives are controlling and selfish; and, She's actually the One that has the best of both worlds- She gets to monitor Justin's every move with a "short leash", and haughtily mock His family during their entire engagement- which by the way is founded upon Lustful Temptations (due to the fact that they're ALREADY living together, AND He's ALREADY "put a ring on it!")…Courtne's decision to abstain should be seen as a Good thing- right?! Yet, it's received with disdain. Justin needs to articulate how He honestly feels to His Fiancé, and not be a cowardly "two-faced go-between" which is causing even more division, and perceived to be just as manipulative as Courtne (He's subtle with it- She's BOLD and better at it) -can't wait to see how this turns out. ~Queen Chyna🌷

  6. I watched the full episode and she's made them abstain until marriage. He's putting up with all of that and he can't get any ? naw son wrong move !

  7. I know Courtne personally she was the manager of my business while she was at the university of alabama. She isnt controlling. She is very coachable with a awesome personality. Dont let this TV show fool you. Just be entertained.

  8. This BOY is immature! He is GAY! Please don't marry him let him go. He's feminine like you, will be competing in the marriage.


  10. These henpecked men are the problem. They have to learn to lead before assuming the lead role of the family, otherwise the woman gets out of her natural order trying to do it for him.

  11. He needs to exhibit having a backbone, this isn’t just all on Cortne… he lacks the ability to make a definitive decisions. He tries too hard to please everyone. Make up YOUR mind, and get your decisions be your own.

    He is trying to please his momma and date his girl… classic mommas boy. And then not keeping their business THEIR business. Yuck

  12. I think cortne is used to running things specially with her own father, I feel Justin has to many women around him instead of some men figures and Cortne will run the marriage and him .

  13. They good people but her attitude is a little too salty. She's not inviting at all. And he needs to man up and set some boundaries with her AND his mom.

  14. Justin please run!!! She is very disrespectful to your mother I wanted to smack her rolling eyeballs out of her head… she need a woman since she wants to be the man so bad

  15. The aunt and mom are the ones that really want control. They are saying they want Justin to lead the young lady. But really, they want him to control her and they control him which ultimately puts THEM in the driver seat.

  16. Just throw the whole relationship in the trash. This man cant even speak up for himself. Poor thing has two mamas and no girlfriend.

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