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hello and welcome to this tutorial on locating laws using the Justice laws website. We’re going to be looking at
how to use navigation of the site to locate laws and also how to use the search features. I’m going to start by showing you that if you scroll down if you’re looking for an act that’s
accessed quite frequently you might find it under the list here.
So for example you can see the Copyright Act Criminal Code Youth Criminal Justice Act- all of these and many other popular laws are located here. To have a look, you can either click and get into the table of contents, you can
click if you know directly what section or area
you’d like to look, at you can click there and it’ll open right up for. Or if you would like to
view the whole document at once you can either click the
HTML or PDF links. So by clicking HTML you can see I’m opening
up the whole act. Going back to the main page, you can see that there are links to the
consolidated acts. This would be if you know the title of your act, but it’s not one of the popular ones
listed on the main page. Just click whichever letter of the
alphabet starts the title of your act. Scroll down until you find the act you’d like to read click it and then again use the table of
contents, view the HTML, or you could click the PDF if you also wanted to open it up as a PDF file. Consolidated regulations work exactly
the same way. Notice that there’s also Constitutional
documents link, so for example you can go right into the Charter that way.
Annual statutes are more appropriate for historical research so for example if I wanted to see what laws were new in 2005, I would click 2005, scroll through to find
what I was looking for as it was in 2005. So these these annual statutes volumes aren’t updated. If you didn’t see what you’re looking
for, maybe you don’t know the title of the act that contains what you’re interested in researching, click the search feature. You can use the basic
search to search for specific content. So for example if I knew I wanted to
look up to see what legislation had to say about street
racing I could just do a search for street racing. Because I’m looking for that exact
phrase “street racing” those two words in that exact order, I’ve got them in quotation marks and I just hit the search button so you can see all the results are brought up here I can either open the page immediately that mentions it, or I can actually see it highlighted in
context and I can even use the next results to
navigate through that. If I wanted to do something a little more complex I could
use the Advanced search. The Advanced search page allows me to
construct a more sophisticated search I could use
these different boxes for example to search for all of these words, if I had an exact phrase I wanted to look
for but what I really like about this is it’s got a
word proximity search. So if I wanted to search to see what
legislation says about medical marijuana I could type the word medical but if I
wasn’t sure if it used the exact term medical marijuana… maybe it says
marijuana for medical purposes, maybe it’s medical applications of
marijuana, what I would do was I would just use this because I have typed in medical and then you can see it looks for within
5 words of marijuana and I also wanted to show
you that it has a very specific spelling ’cause if you are using the Justice Laws
website you need to use exactly the same spelling
that’s used in the piece of legislation so if you’re
not sure what that is unfortunately you just have to rely on
trial and error, or maybe even have a look at a legal
textbook. I do that search and you can see that the results are like they are with the basic search are
highlighted in context so I’ve given you an overview of some
of some of the contents and search features of the Department of Justice, Justice laws
website that brings us to the end of our tutorial.

Author: Kevin Mason

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