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[music playing] Today– oh my god! Oh my god! I’m on the ranch with
“The Pioneer Woman”. Yay! And we’re doing
things in the kitchen and I already feel guilty about. We’re going to need
to go to confession after this, for sure. [music playing] (VOICEOVER) Today is a day
I’ve dreamed about for years. I’m on my way to visit someone
who’s sort of a hero of mine. She is someone I look
up to and admire. Oh my god! Oh my god! (VOICEOVER) Part big
sister, part mentor. But she’s also a friend. And her name is Ree Drummond. [laughs] Oh my god! I might cry! Yay! Hi! Oh my gosh, Ree! I am so happy you’re here! Let’s run and greet. Hi! I feel like I’m going
to cry a little bit. Oh, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m so happy to be here. So good to see you! You look fantastic! So do you. You’re on the ranch. [contented sigh] I feel like it’s,
literally, taken me five years to get here. Oh, I know! I just– My buddy. Well, come in and stay forever. I will. I will. (VOICEOVER) Ree is
known all over the world as “The Pioneer Woman”. She’s written a bunch of
bestselling cookbooks, and now she has a
popular TV show. You had a long journey. -Yeah.
-Come on! Yes! (VOICEOVER) She also has a
family with four children. So yeah, she’s kind of busy. And we’ve never had a chance
to spend this kind of time together, which is why
I’m so happy to have this opportunity now. Well, Joy, you’re in Oklahoma. I can see that. It’s like there’s
just so much space. Yeah, there aren’t a lot
of neighbors to borrow eggs from around here. It’s incredible. I have this near my
house, but it’s ocean. Oh well, that’s not too shabby. It’s not too bad. Where is your house? Um– it’s that way. It’s like– It’s about two miles
that way, I think. Two miles? And my brother-in-law
is over there. And California’s that way. California, I was just there. Yep. you just came from there. Yeah. Oh man. Well, I’m glad you finally
made it to the ranch. I’ve been wanting
you to visit forever. Thank you for having me. Well, tonight just
make yourself at home. Oh, I will. And then tomorrow we’ll
hit the ground running– OK. – –and do what we do best.
-Eat? Yeah. [laughter] Let’s go in.
We’ll get settled. OK. [music playing] [heavy rain falling] (VOICEOVER) I spent
the night in the lodge, and woke up to the rain. I wasn’t expecting it, but
it’s actually kind of nice. Ree is on the way from her
house, and that’s perfect. Because I’m in the
mood for comfort food, which is Ree’s specialty. Oh my goodness! Lovely weather we’re having. It’s raining! You brought storms with you. Hi! Good morning, lovely! Good morning. How are you?
-Good morning. I’m real good. How’d you sleep? Like a dream. It’s so fun to have you here. I woke up and I was so
excited to get up here. Yeah. So what do you
want to do first? I think we should
make breakfast. I think that sounds perfect. -Yes.
-I’m excited. OK. So Joy the Baker, I’ve
been dying to make you my mom’s cinnamon rolls. Oh. And she started making
them when I was in the womb. Really? So I’ve loved them all
my life, and even longer. [laughter] (VOICEOVER) Ree’s cinnamon
rolls are a big deal. Her batch makes about
seven trays of rolls– enough to feed an entire ranch. And then I’ll throw
in a cup of sugar. And you can stir that in. (VOICEOVER) You can tell
it’s a family recipe, because Ree knows it by heart. And she improvises
along the way. And I’m not careful
when I measure. You aren’t. Joy the Baker’s
here, and I’m like– [laughter] (VOICEOVER) Ree
uses a technique I’ve never tried before. She mixes all her
ingredients in a Dutch oven, and uses that for proofing. Proofing is when you allow
the yeasted dough to rise. We cover the dough for an hour. And when it’s done–
let’s see what it is. Ah! The dough is risen, and
it’s ready to be rolled. Ooh. It smells so good,
like, and yeasty. It does.
It’s so yeasty. I love it. So now I’m going to add
another cup of flour. Oh. A heaping teaspoon
of baking powder. OK. And a scant teaspoon
of baking soda. -Science.
-Yeah, exactly. [laughs] Oh, and then we need
a tablespoon of salt. (VOICEOVER) The next step
is to take half of the dough out of the pot and roll it out. And you know there’s
going to be butter. This is getting good. Cup of sugar. Sprinkle until a
little bit of sugar is standing on the surface,
so most of it has absorbed. And then the cinnamon
goes right on. Of course, cinnamon, you
don’t want to go overboard. Oops.
Overboard? We’re nowhere near overboard. Wait, wait, wait. Before we finish, I’ve
brought some ingredients from California. Is it sushi? [laughter] Pistachios. Mm. And oranges. And then if we’re totally
crazy, we could chop some dark chocolate inside too. I’ve always thought
we were really crazy. I’ve always thought
we were crazy too. So I’m in favor of that. (VOICEOVER) This is
exactly why we’re friends. Because we know
that you can never have too much of a good thing. Oh my gosh. I know, what have we done? We’re going to need
to go to confession after this, for sure. (VOICEOVER) And then Ree shows
me how to roll it up in a new way– typewriter style? I just make these little
movements with my fingers, and just roll it as tightly– It is sort of a
typewriter move. Yeah, and then it’s cling! And then you go back
the other direction. Once the rolls are ready,
they are cut into thick slices. And then it’s off to the oven. While they’re baking, we whip
up a vanilla-orange glaze to top the warm rolls. Oh, Joy the Baker. Oh my goodness. Ah! These look absolutely gorgeous. Look at the pistachios. They’re beautiful. And the chocolate is all melty. (VOICEOVER) There’s no
shying away from this glaze. We’re just going
to tip this bowl. And finally, they’re
ready to eat. Cheers. Cheers! Ding! Mm. Mm. These are so delicious. That might be the best
variation I’ve ever tasted. I mean– Really? The chocolate, the orange
zest– perfectly representative of your fine state. I love it. And we smash it all together. Well, I hate to tell you this,
Joy, but you’re never leaving. I brought a really
big suitcase. OK, good. Because I thought
you might say that. [laughter] Seriously.

Author: Kevin Mason

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