Joe Concha on the media’s reaction to Sanders’ Nevada victory

Joe Concha on the media’s reaction to Sanders’ Nevada victory

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Joe Concha on the media’s reaction to Sanders’ Nevada victory

  1. I love how everything these traitors touch is turning to crap!Trump gonna glide to victory and all these slimeballs are going to prison!😎😂😂😅😅😅

  2. Yes, We have a Winner : A Very Old white antique male Marxist socialist corrupt millionaire hypocrite Russian asset and top-secret Communist-spy Sanders with Cholesterol over-clogged post heart-attack arteries and 35 trillion $$$ on Medicare for all….Yep the dimcrats have gone full tilt.. silly hypocrites….Diversity much…..LOL!!!

  3. Imagine what a Sanders foreign policy would look like? Put sanctuary cities etc as a top priority? Imagine him speaking at Annapolis or West Point? Although I can see him at the Kremlin, he would be comfortable there.

  4. Unelectable Democratic candidates – Joe Biden
    blackmailed the Ukrainian President and then lined his and his son Hunter
    Biden's pockets with corrupt Ukrainian money. All under Obama's watch. Sanders
    is a communist. Buttigieg – the husband kisser. Which is why nasty Nancy Pelsoi
    and her demented poodles, Shumer, Nadler and Schiff tried to weaponise
    impeachment and failed

  5. Free stuff!! Dope & Chains.
    ALL the useful idiots nodding with their Free "I'm With Stupid" signs.
    Post rally soup line in the alley.
    Used clothes bales in boxes along the avenues.
    Everything democrat socialists want!!❄️❄️❄️

  6. I'm excited to say that the majority of America has common sense and we don't want socialism here in America. Bernie Sanders is a communist/socialist and most Americans just don't understand why people would want socialism in our country. maybe these people should go live in Venezuela for six months and then come back because their entire view of socialism will be completely different because of their lack of education when it comes to socialism… the Democrats will be lucky to see another Democratic president for the next 20 years and they did it to their anti-American self's.. we love you PRESIDENT TRUMP ♥️🗽🇺🇸

  7. Imagine that! After Bernie Sanders wins the primaries and is up against Trump for the Presidency, the media would be rooting for the underdog Trump.
    What an amazing turn of events it will be.

  8. Call me a crazy person, but each four years I hope the DNC primaries select the best of their best that will administer the nation's Departments and Foreign Policy for the betterment of all the people and the nation. I hope the same for the RNC.

    I want a tough thoughtful decision on my part in Nov to select the better of two great and promising Americans. Most times I am dissapointed by one or both parties. They end up offering a choice of the lesser of two evils. This just proves TV and the party primary system is not a functional way to choose good candidates. The Founding Fathers were right.

    Oh: if in the typical scenario in Nov…
    Always choose the greater of two evils. If you end up with an evil you may as well have competent evil.

  9. Can anyone name one single accomplishment of Bernie Sanders in all his years growing rich off the backs of the American people??? I heard he renamed some libraries. That's it. All he's done in his entire career as a political hack. Sanders is a BUM

  10. Bernie is going to wish he had been aborted by the time President Trump gets done with him……… free………free……all basement dwellers who are Bernie’s main base.

  11. The liberal commies are done! If you want to give away your freedom you can start today- but your commie is not going to be Prez-period

  12. Don't worry, America, Bernie Sanders will be the best thing that's ever happened to the Republicans. If he is the Democrat candidate who goes against Trump, that will guarantee Trump's re-election. What we do have to worry about is what happens in 2024. Unless we the people come together and realize what's happening and why the leftists (communists and socialists) will be back again. Be aware, people, that Vladimir Lenin (chief architect of the socialist state in Russia) once said "the goal of socialism is communism". If freedom-loving Americans want to fight a Cold War for 75 years only to be taken over by communism, sit on your butt and do nothing. If we don't want to live in a system that prohibits private ownership of business and property, then we have to stop letting the left make advances. They are following the Antonio Gramsci model of taking over from within. Recognize their b.s. promises of free everything as deceit to reach their goal of permanent power. To them, the end justifies the means.

  13. Personally I don’t find it funny. We have a socialist that has won a number of states. Including the Hispanics everyone claims won’t vote for him. It’s ironic. It’s horrifying. But not funny.

  14. FOX is afraid of Bernie he would hurt there paychecks.. LOL. As far as the economy goes a Lucky's store closed a mile from the house Pier one imports is in trouble down the street also a big Jewelers are closing they have been there since 1963 the SEARS is gone JC Penny's is in trouble Macys not doing very good all these places our in our town and mall.. I think this economy stuff is based on how the corporate world is doing and not how the people are doing getting there hours cut getting crappy pay still they might have jobs but need 3 jobs to make it.. I think Trump is out of touch with those people… I hear this all over town so it's not made up..

  15. Bernie is running under the democratic ticket that does not make him a democrat his a pure Socialist maybe even a communist can't tell some times…

  16. Notice how things are already censoring with my comments that have disappeared. I just said that it was Cuban that I have been in COMMUNISM for more than half a century and I will put acronyms to see it, and I said that BS is a confessed communist and has exalted the dictator of my country Fidel Castro and says that in Cuba there are no major problems and we are not Let us express ourselves, let's go to jail. Americans want that system for their country SOS SOS, SOS USA.

  17. Dosen't matter. President Trump's Re-election win will see the DEMISE OF THE DEMONRATS.
    We look forward to MASS SUICIDE OF DEMONRATS.

  18. The only GOOD COMMUNIST IS A DEAD COMMUNIST, no country has prospered from what any have said. Bernie loved the USSR so well, he had his 1988 10-day ‘honeymoon’ in the Soviet Union where he was bare-chested, towel-draped, sitting at a table lined with vodka bottles, as he sang “This Land Is Your Land” to his hosts in the Soviet Union in the spring of 1988. Think it is a lie, try me. This is well known. “Let’s take the strengths of their systems,” he said upon completing the trip. “Let’s learn from them". He has for years used it to help explain his views about foreign and national policy, citing it as recently as last month. If you are under 50, then you are not educated enough to know what a Communist is. The under 50 year olds in America are just too stupid and dumb to know what a Communist is. Even how to spot one. The Iron curtain may be gone along with the USSR, but Communist are still among us as the Cockroach Sanders is showing us.

  19. You have to be a special kind of short yellow bus stupid to not know the Democrats will sabotage Bernie Sanders again like they did with Hillary. Oppps that's right, I forgot……..Bernie Sanders supporters ARE gullible and stupid.

  20. I remember the "Little Sperm", that wanted to be first. He would run around bragging, when time comes, he wants to be first in line, so he could be "The Sperm" to fertilize "The Egg". So one day, as the temperature was building, the Little Sperm was getting excited, "Today is the day, get outta my way", yelled the Little Sperm, as he fought his way to the front of the line. Then, it was time for the explosion, all of a sudden, he could tell something was wrong. "Oh No, Go Back, Stop" he yelled, "Go Back Go back, it's blow job"…. enjoy your ten cent lead Bernie…

  21. "And a set of steak knives." I guess you don't think that there are any fox news viewers under the age of 50. Think farther ahead than 2020. The new right is young, plentiful and not going away.

  22. Bernie, Joe and Mike are 80 years old. That's too old to be president. Everyone knows how quickly a President ages. We have a better choice, a you,g veteran who is smarter than hell!
    20 PETE 20

  23. he says just medicare for all plan which is his plan will cost 30 billion a year do any of u idiots know Americas tax intake a year?

  24. It's not Bernie's fault.
    Democrats have self destructed thanks to Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and their Fake News Media hacks.

  25. I predict BERNIE will be the DEMOCRAT NOMINEE


  26. The DemocRATS have change so much over the years now they are all True Socialist Anti-American Communist! Not a DemoncRAT at all.

  27. The mainstream media is nolonger trusted by the REAL American People, We know they're Nothing but the Propaganda Department of the Traitorous Liberal Democratic Party.

  28. Please stop calling him a "Democratic Socialist" there is no such thing. It's like "illegal immigrant" , you can't be "illegal" and an "immigrant" your either one or the other. Socialism in short is the government control of your life . You have no say/choice about job, healthcare, education etc. Their is nothing democratic about socialism. He is a Socialist/Communist. One more thing, because I see/hear this happen a lot, stop calling America a democracy, we are a Republic, there is no mob rule here, the individual has rights and freedoms regardless of what the majority might think.

  29. the dumbass left doesnt realize that they caused this whole mess and now a socialist is going to win the nomination dems should just dissolve themselves as a party

  30. Breaking news
    Bernie Sanders is a flat out communist
    He always was and he always will be.
    Bernie Sanders is the devil and must never be president

  31. The DNC is disqualified for American politics because they are Autocratic "democrats"
    Liberals don't seem to know what is it that they are REALY supporting and that some of the USA greatest enemies are domestic, neither do they see what the enemies of the USA at home or abroad are REALLY doing

  32. we are all a 12 week illness/injury away from being fired and not having health insurance, some companies as little as 6 wks like one of my friends but three other were 10-12 weeks. even a country as poor as Scotland has free health ins and education but us military needs ins and edu to recruit the poor to fight their bogus wars

  33. Bernie take from the people who work and give to the people who don’t wow what a policy…vote red to save America nothing is free in this life

  34. Bernie is having a hard time getting the black vote, so his campaign manager suggested Bernie change his first name Colonel.

  35. The Dems are truly a twisted group. Trump wants to build a wall. The Dems want to change our country into the some kind of country people flee from to come here. Sounds like the same goal to me, the Dems just don't realize what their doing.

  36. Congratulations Democrats, for decades u dumbed down the education system to the point where generations have no idea what communism is and are gleefully ready to nominate a communist pig that promotes murderous dictators like Castro

  37. It won't happen but I'd love to see a Rep. sweep of the House, Senate AND White House as great as FDR's in 1932. Nixon and Reagan swept the president races in '72 and '84, but they still had split legislatures.

  38. So like Bernie's hair, right? Its been the same length and in the same places for 35 years. However, in 1985 it was curly. Now its straight and sticks straight out. Does that mean that Bernie curled his 'hair' in the 80s, what little there is of it? Because if he did THATS FREAKIN HILARIOUS!

  39. Bernie Sanders has no excuse he’s just a bad Apple he’s corrupt wicked worthless communist fascist pig he will split hell wide open the day that he leaves this earth he’s a dog.

  40. Disturbing that those in the crowd behind bernie think socialism is about being more social!! tinder, facebook, insta, etc etc
    25% of Americans dont know what socialism is.

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