Is your cosmetic dentist a prosthodontist? Ask.

Is your cosmetic dentist a prosthodontist? Ask.

On Good Morning America they had a
segment on a study done by and it was a pretty simple study and
they were just looking at characteristics of people and what
people found to be attractive. And what they did discover was that the most
important characteristic that people found to be important was their teeth.
How I look and how I present is important. That I look sort of confident
and attractive and like I’ve got myself together. Your smile affects everything you do. I deal with clients, I speak in public. I just wanted to have a perfect smile or as perfect as I could get. I had waited so many years to have this implant done and I wanted it perfect. There’s really
no specialty of cosmetic dentistry because all dentistry
should be esthetic, as well as cosmetic. As a prosthodontist I’m a specialized
dentist with advanced training in oral health issues. After dental school we
complete a residency program, in our case it’s a three year program after dental
school in which we get trained to deal with the most complex patients with the
highest esthetic demands. Creating esthetics for a patient really involves
an opportunity to potentially enhance their appearance. Now enhancing the
appearance means complementing their parents as well. So you can see what we
can do with porcelain veneers and porcelain veneers are a very conservative
option. You watch TV and you see people with big white teeth and so people think
their teeth need to be big and white. We want to see teeth that are symmetrical,
we want to see teeth that match the shape of someone’s face, we want teeth
that are proportionate to some body’s appearance. Healthy teeth can be lightened, not necessarily whitened, which means you’re
taking it brighter you’re making it lighter color. A lot of our training is
focused on the oral facial aspect of that patient. She sat down with me
watched me talk. She would actually make me smile all
different ways just to make sure my smile was perfect. Matching a smile to
the patient’s individual personality is probably the hardest thing to do and
really one of the hallmarks of the specialty. Okay could you move
your jaw to the left side. The teeth, the bite, the gum, the jaw relationship, the
jaw movement has to be harmonious with each other. As a prosthodontist we
measure a lot of different times before we actually initiate treatment. It was
kind of the difference between buying clothing off the rack or having
something custom-made for you. We do procedures that can be basic from one
single crown to implants, dentures, a combination of implants and dentures.
When you’re young dentistry is basically about avoiding cavities and as
you get older you find out that’s actually the least of your problems.
A lot of the baby boomers are interested in implants. Well they’re at the age now
where their restorations that they’ve had such as their crowns or caps may be
failing. I wanted an implant instead of my crowns and I had a broken tooth on
the bottom too. We are going to do veneers and some crowns six on the top
and about six on the bottom. Are you excited? “I am.” We are highly trained
dentists and when people are seeking the best in dentistry they should be seeking
prosthodontist. I know I’m making an investment in avoiding real problems in my future. It was not about the time, it was not
about the money it was about doing it right. I don’t know why I’m one of these
people who talk about that I have an implant but maybe it’s just because I’m
happy with the results. Oh it makes me feel great I mean I can
go into my 50’s knowing I don’t have to do anything with my teeth!

Author: Kevin Mason

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