Is Cortne’s Attitude a Red Flag? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Is Cortne’s Attitude a Red Flag? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

PAULINE: I like that one. PARIS: This one?
CORTNE’: I did. PAULINE: Let me try this.
CORTNE’: Try that one. PAULINE: That’s sweet. AUDREY: You don’t like it. CORTNE’: So we did hear
some of your concerns. I honestly don’t
feel like there was ever a time where it was a
welcoming spirit in your home. AUDREY: Well, I think
what started out, he said you said he
was a mama’s boy. And I didn’t ever think he was. But he’s– Well, you’re not
going to see it. But he is. AUDREY: I’m no
going to see it, no. So that started the discord,
you know what I mean? It definitely goes
back way further. The first time we
came to your home. You asked J about another girl. But if he had someone else
at your home, why would you ask him about another girl? Like, that’s where the
connection– the disconnect started. It’s– when this started,
if I tried to introduce him, I probably didn’t know the
depths of y’all relationship. Right. AUDREY: ‘Cause he would
come home, be like, saying, you know, this girl
too much for me. You. And he’s be like, I
can’t do– you know, so I’m going on
what he telling me. CORTNE’: You know, you were
at a point of telling him that I ran all his friends off. And the people that–
that was there for him, they’re not there
anymore because of me. But the friends
are telling me that. When you meet somebody and fall
in love, life just don’t– you don’t cut the whole world out. CORTNE’: From the
outside looking in, you really don’t know, you
know, what’s really going on. You’re basically going
off of he-say, she-say, instead of actually
getting to know the person. PARIS: OK, can I
make an observation? Cortne’, when you
talk to people, your body language,
your facial expressions, it comes off as defensive. Like, that doesn’t seem genuine. AUDREY: Your body
language speaks up more so than your verbal language. So over the years of being
around you, I always picked up, you always kind
of bat your eyes. Or you don’t never
give me eye contact. Like, you flippant. Like, always like, mm, whatever. mm. Kinda like that.

Author: Kevin Mason

32 thoughts on “Is Cortne’s Attitude a Red Flag? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. The mother is correct you should not loose your friends because you are with a new person an thats on both parties part. She already sounds like a little B.

  2. Yes she (Cortne) definitely has some feelings about his family that were repressed…Cortne has some hurt feelings for sure…but that’s his mom and she needs to listen and communicate respectfully even if they have a difference of opinion.

  3. They tried to kill me in the comments for talkin about her on the last video, I seen all the red flags but they always try to shoot down the truth

  4. His mother was being messy by telling her what other people said. She should of given her a chance and just explained the tension she feels.

  5. When you have a difference of opinion with someone who is older….it's automatically disrespect. 😐Meanwhile…just because you're old enough to be my mother, doesn't mean that you can't be told how I feel or my opinion. My mother isn't above that, and my man's mama damn sure ain't either! Cortne is telling you how, why, and when…but you got excuses?! Like…. that's why she don't talk to you!

  6. I dont think Cortne has an attitude at all, if Im just meeting you and you're bringing up another girls name its shady. Point blank. Obviously interactions with you going forward will be tense. His mother needs to own up to that. Maybe if she was warm and welcoming in the beginning, Cortne wouldn't be as distant.

  7. Why is his mom all in their relationship?! Courtney needs to run because dude is a mama’s boy. Who wants to deal with a meddling overbearing mother in law?!😒

  8. Yes it is. And she was fake to get these blessings, and we all know she is back to business as usual. If his mother is reading this she's like…. she Shole is. Lol

  9. I love older people who are not extra … But she seems like she doesn't know how to talk to older people who really want to be coo with her I'll be having them laughing …. All love tho good times…

  10. She speaks into her convictions I’ve noticed. I don’t like her personality towards his mother for his entire LIFE!!🧘🏽‍♂️

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