Is Carlos Ghosn an international fugitive or political prisoner?

Is Carlos Ghosn an international fugitive or political prisoner?

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Diverting any resources to find and capture this man is a complete waste of money! This man being able to leave Japan it's not an embarrassment to the Japanese government. Territorial issues are at the top of the list right now.This is a complete waste of airtime. If I were the prime minister I would check this off of my list and clean my hands . ITS DONE MOVE ON .

  2. "He was arrested", said the interviewer. How dare the Japanese try to jail an alleged corrupt filthy-rich self-serving corporate!

  3. No discussion of Ghosn's crime but only on how bad Japan is? Another crooked CEO escapes justice and all they talk about is how slick his escape was and how horrible Japanese judicial system is – soft racism at play for sure in American media.

  4. The Japanese judicial system is very different from the American system. Basically its very one sided and its not on the accused side. Google it , its interesting, to say the least.

  5. Without Carlos, Nissan would have gone under today. Carlos got Nissan on his feet.
    then whether he is guilty or innocent I do not know but I only say that he lifted Nissan from bankruptcy.

  6. Extradition treaties does not apply in indictment of any staff of any multinational global business / industries of stock exchange listed public company, otherwise all multinational global business / industries must not let operate beyond the nation of origin and immediate de-listing of all public companies from the stock exchanges must follow the suit.

    Return all the money, say sorry and walk free you selfish greedy Carlos Ghosn the digressed the sinner. You must have known that your Jesus the Christ did not teach the world to be as such sinful person as you.

    Did you ever think about low paid staffs and their families at vehicle assembly line while you were robbing the Nissan for you and you family ? Do the right thing and do not go to the hell by not returning the money and not seeking the apology.

  7. He is a CROOK! I worked for Nissan as an IT contractor, they stole money from me, sent me home for weeks at a time without pay and terminated my contract when I pointed out they were breaking their AUDIT rules, and much much MORE!

  8. Japanese executives at Nissan always knew about Ghosn's wrong doings at the company but did nothing about it. They decided to stab in his back when they found out that Ghosn was talking with the French government to make Nissan a French owned company ( and would stay in his position in return). That is the genesis of the whole story.

  9. Well when a person has been charged and awaiting court and you leave without permission it normally called escape ….. so he is a fugitive plan and simple.

  10. Japan has egg on their face, He Saved Nissan from bankruptcy, seems to be a little overzealous with their prosecution.

  11. Silly comments regarding the Japanese legal system in regard to Mr Ghosn… What about Guantanamo Bay, Julian Assange and murderous navy seals being pardoned. The nation that Foxed off into some psychodelic nebular cloud.

  12. Ce sont les services de renseignement japonais avec la mafia japonaise qui ont mis en place cette fuite parce que la mise en examen de carlos ghosn et de sa garde forcee sur le territoire l'année dernière a cause d'énormes dégâts à l'image du Japon et aux affaires du pays en general surtout Nissan il est certain qu'ils ont voulu se débarrasser definitivement de ce fardeau et faire de ce magnat un fugitif a vie pour gagner leur cause internationalement. ainsi ils ont pu prouve que Ghosn est mauvais et que eux ils sont bons .

  13. 日本は、法の支配下になく、あほうの支配下にある。

  14. A Red Notice is a request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.

  15. Every country has its laws. Fox wouldn’t be defending Ghosh if he had committed a similar crime in the US then fled to Mexico.

    Don’t wanna abide to Japanese Law, don’t come to Japan.

    BTW, big thanks to Turkey for arresting 7 enablers who helped the French fugitive. Hope the Interpol will succeed and bring him back to Japan for trial according to the rule of the land.

  16. right on buddy, you said it, he is coming to Brazil, thank goodness, well done Carlos, you are welcome here great to have you back

  17. we will buy Nissan´s in his honor, though we want the widebody dual motor Leaf and R36 GTR to come out, and Patrol Nismo for the USA, if Nissan had let Carlos be, the R36 and widebody Leaf would have been out by now, but they are caught up in crap, maybe he said he wanted to leave and so they punished him? that could be the real issue behind this, not him renting a palace for nissan publicity event with company money that was actually great marketing for Nissan

  18. don´t need an ivy league director to deduce that he is on route to brazil, even a loser like me could add up 3 nationalities

  19. Japan is infamous for its injust justice system
    unlike US most people trust their judicial branch
    go gooogle it

  20. He stole millions from 2 major companies, fled to a non extradition country while on bail, yeah he is an international fugitive.

  21. A group of lawyers on Thursday lodged a complaint with Lebanon’s judiciary charging that visits he made to Israel in his position as chairman of Renault and later Nissan constitute a crime under laws forbidding citizens from interacting with Lebanon’s arch-foe, which has been in a state of war with Lebanon for the past 60 years.

    That could put him in a tougher position than any charges of embezzlement or financial wrongdoing, which are the norm among elites in Lebanon’s deeply corrupt society. Collaborating with the enemy is regarded as a serious offense, potentially more serious than the charges the former Nissan executive was facing when he slipped out of Japan earlier this week and showed up in Beirut, expecting a warm welcome.

    If found guilty, the Brazilian-born Ghosn, who also holds Lebanese and French nationalities, could face a prison sentence of up to 15 years in Lebanon, according to judicial officials.

  22. Japan wants to commit harakiri because a foreign made a huge business with their own auto industry. Hard to accept!🔪😩……😂😂😂

  23. The guy is obviously a crook, full point. And the Japanese do not play with corrupt crooks from the west, and that is their right. Is it any wonder they do not the democratic game? I honestly think not.

  24. Good luck, F Interpol and Japan. He facing charges cause he too successful and Japan doesn't like execs making too much money.

  25. Didnt these guy have his own Manga once, lol at his plane possibly being diverted when the guy flies in his own private jet! Good on him, hope they never catch him!

  26. Ghosn fleeing while on bail doesn't support his justification of his action. Now he just proved that the Japanese prosecutors were right about everything. Foreigner's bail condition will get more strict in Japan because of Ghosn's bleach of the trust.

  27. Look up Saikawa, the Nissan CEO who concocted the whole Ghosn arrest, who was found guilty of the same embezzlement crime in Oct. 2019 but never got arrested. Then you'll understand why Ghosn escaped Japan.

  28. He lived and worked in Japan, obviously knew it's culture, so why was he surprised when such actions were taken? He was brought in exactly for this purpose, a fall guy if the company needed one. Ride that horse until it lames out and then shoot it. He got exactly what he knew would happen. That is how Japan is and always will be. He fled, is in violation of Japanese law. Is in violation with authority to be arrested by International agreements. And how in the hell could he have 4 passports? That show criminal tendencies right there. It's time for Ninja's, Japan. Let's see if you've still got it!

  29. his fleeing a communist country, are we to believe that a CEO of a company needed to steel his own money ? you can believe that here but from a communist country? come on ,what are we stupid?, what are they going to say next that he has a gambling problem and he was broke so he took money from a company who is his income -.. am not saying no more this is just stupid ,it can be ,but is stupid

  30. Everyone in the Car business is a crook , no surprise there ! In Germany with the Diesel emissions scandal the Executives there got golden Parachutes of MILLIONS !
    How bad IS this guy ? ! ?

  31. The Japanese government Judicial system is ruthless! Void of democratic rights. Japan has done this to many of my brothers and sisters in arms.

  32. Who is this stupid anchor woman to say what is appropriate or not for Japanese sovereignty and how they conduct their criminal justice? Is this Fox News’ position? What a stupid thing to say and very disrespectful.

  33. JAPAN. DO NOT hire anymore foreigners to run your companies. First Michael Woodford and then now this guy?. All the gaijins are crooks. STOP HIRING THEM. Let them stay in their corrupt countries.

  34. Not to mention prosecutors refused to give over 6000 documents to the defense that they needed to build a fair case.
    It’s stupid to even pretend he was going to get a fair trial.

  35. Japanese justice system is ruthless Ghosn was not treated any differently than any one else, whether citizen or foreigner, is treated under arrest in Japan.

  36. "Ghosn, 65, has been charged in Japan with under-reporting his income by tens of millions of dollars at Nissan and misusing company funds. He has denied wrongdoing and is awaiting trial on bail after spending 108 days in a Tokyo prison. The Stanford tuition adds to a list of lavish extras Ghosn enjoyed as the head of Nissan and its alliance partners Renault SA and Mitsubishi Motors Corp., including luxury residences on four continents and a wedding party at the Chateau of Versailles."

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