100 thoughts on “IRS speeding up distribution for coronavirus relief direct deposits: Report

  1. I've been trying update my direct deposit information for the past week. Looking forward to them creating a link for it.

  2. So does first direct deposits apply to everyone or are they doing it alphabetically or based off income groups also ? Not to sure I did read somewhere that they’re distributing the direct deposits starting from the lowest annual income Americans which would begin next week and eventually the higher annual income Americans would get their share last dating in to September

  3. Congress passed a 2 Trillion dollar stimulus bill. To steal money that should have gone to the people months ago.
    And they think giving people $1,200 is going to help stimulate the economy. ??‍♂️

  4. not sure what i'm doing with my stimulus check. might do some mods to my cars or use towards some home improvements. one thing for sure…not giving one cent the the supposed poor in this country they get way too much from my tax dollars. too many poor and their self entitlement to other people's money in america. as far as poor kids go: if you can't feed'em, don't breed'em cause I'm not going to feed your kids you never should have had

  5. Ive been checking my bank account , so far nothing , i heard the 16th is when we should be getting our direct deposits .

  6. if your lives are so pathetic that 1200 dollars matters, then you've really failed as a human being. sell you godddamned iphones and data plans..then you'l have money to eat with

  7. Kushner made sure all his banker and corporate friends got their $800 BILLION dollar gifts first. We peasants can wait for our crumbs.. Crumbs of OUR OWN MONEY by the way

  8. That is great news and I will be looking forward to looking into my account and seeing the money in there as I need it.

  9. HOW COME THEY ARE FAST ON TAKING MY MONEY BUT SO SLOW ON GIVING US THE RELIEF? I wish the moon would fall to DC so that we can rebuild this country.

  10. Does anyone know what's going on with disability people and if we still have to file where we normally don't have too? I'd appreciate it if someone could help ? thank you

  11. They're probably foolishly banking on things getting better before having to pay out too many benefits so that's why they're stalling. That or they don't have enough COBOL programmers.

  12. GREAT!! I filled out my Stimulus info on turbotax they got back to me in 24 hrs saying im approved! Thanx guys!!

  13. Hi~ Can someone teach me how to read those stocks on the screen, please? What do those numbers signify in each column? I can only tell that the stock is going up because of the plus sign and the green color, but what do all those numbers mean???

  14. I return a rug one time to UPS I expected a Direct deposit refund in a week or two. Got it the very next day

  15. Thankfully I'm not going to need this but most people who do, won't get it until mid to end fall lmfao. Idiots.

  16. Shouldn’t be hard to sort. Just do an If-Then code and place everyone below the threshold of max income needed into the output. boom. That probably takes…15 mins to make? Maybe longer to run, but you’re the government…so I’m sure you have beefed up PC’s already…

  17. What's so hard about pushing a button. Zoom direct deposit. They need new computer programs, what are they doing looking by hand on paper forms for the deposit info? It should be a click.. Boom.. Info. Click zoom money sent. .

  18. I definitely need it quick,playstation 5 is coming out and I have no money, thanks for speeding up the process, I might as well put my order for 2 playstation 5.

  19. I get SS direct deposit . I'll just wait & see , if I get it fine , if I don't , that's fine too ? Hoping that those who REALLY need it do get it . Stay safe , healthy, and be blessed ??❤️❤️??

  20. I don't understand why college students and my mom won't get help guess they are immune to the virus! My mom is very ill and students have to have money too mom and dad can't do it all I know!

  21. Too bad the DEMOCRATS pushed the relief bill back so many times. The people who need the relief funds would have had them by now.

  22. We should start charging them late fees, and interest until 1200.00 turns into 10,000 like they do to us…

  23. Some people give this a “thumbs down”? Who? Why? First of all, nobody owes you guys anything! This is money that the taxpayers is providing to you guys. Chill out!

  24. IRS is full of s*** speeding up this Easter 60 million + children will not have an Easter basket or Easter but the IRS will thanks IRS bill was signed almost two weeks ago in three days they should have sent this money to people that need it so they could give the kids an Easter

  25. When I see the money I'll believe it but as of right now y'all lying just like you would with anything else ??‍♂️

  26. Most of the commentors complaining about not getting their free stuff faster, and about how inefficient and incompetent the government is, are also the ones who want government run healthcare. Go figure.

  27. I get that waiting 3 weeks sucks, but if the IRS is doing it then on or after the main taxday due date makes it that everyone has that time to finish their taxes.

  28. I'm buying a chain saw and building, fence material. Money right back in economy and me with 2 wooded acres and material to build. I'm good

  29. Where's this portal for the small percentage of people who need to change their direct deposit info?

  30. My parents paid the mortgage, cable, WiFi, phone service bills, for the next 3 months just n case since they r the same amount each month and saved an estimate of what other utilities may cost since those bills vary but thankfully both r still working atm and we have more emergency funds.

  31. They are only doing this to try and stop the riots, robbing, killings that will come with shortage of food ,supplies, medical supplies

  32. Can someone give me some info on where I can put my direct deposit info like the video was saying at the end of it? Need to give my bank info to the irs so I can get the direct deposit instead of waiting for a check in the mail

  33. Hey , Thanks to Uncle Sugar i just quit my $hit job . And You can too . Just think…$1000.00 + a Week Guaranteed for up to 5 months to spend anyway you like . Take that long overdo Vacation , spend more time with the Wife & Kids . Or just relax , drink Beer and Binge watch Netflix . Worried about Health Insurance ? No Problem , just sign up for Obamacare & your good to go . So quit your $hit Job . And apply at your nearest State Unemployment Office Today . And do Not forget to Thank Uncle Sam , he's the Man .

  34. Headline is wrong again, McConnell literally today said they have not even began distributing. Didn’t they promise a 2 week timeline 2 weeks ago lol

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