Messaging and payments apps we’re told are free, but actually they are stealing our freedoms! They started by just stealing the economic value of our data but now they are irreversibly undermining elections, dissent, and the hope for democracy. The problem is that encryption alone does not hide the most revealing data: who-talks-to-whom, when, and from where, the social-graph and other metadata. What I’ve called “the true meta-issue” of our times. Because even end-to-end encrypted messages are easily traced, by size and timing. Forty years ago I invented “metadata shredding,” and only the xx network uses it. Your smartphone sends encrypted uniform-sized messages, mixed in larger-the-better batches, thereby shredding the metadata extremely effectively. Addresses are decrypted for delivery, with content, including special digital coins, decryptable by recipients only. Current chains, even though they lack messaging, geometrically-fail to scale as users join. Only xx network scales linearly,
through to consumer scale. Current chains use so-called “encryption standards.” Only xx network uses quantum-secure cryptography instead. What the government agencies that issue the “standards” use to protect their own secrets. Yet ours is built to be easy to switch to. Current chains are more money,
more votes. Only xx network governance is
one-user, one-vote. True decentralization. Now possible with our proven breakthroughs: publicly-verifiable, vote-selling-resistant, and issue-scaleable, sample-voting. We’ve been engaging the community and the xx collective is growing. So please join us!

Author: Kevin Mason

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