100 thoughts on “Introducing a few new helpful things from Google.

  1. I don't know why but this looks cooler thou it is the same concepts the international companies are working on ..marketing maybe ???

  2. I do use your search engine, Google, but I fucking hate every single one of your commercial. You and liberty mutual are probably the only two ad producers that make me furious enough to search for your fucking ads and rant and complain about your harassment on the Internet. What is your fucking agenda Google? Why do you keep making these ads to torture the Internet?

  3. Meanwhile Samsung to Google and Apple : You two copycats are never going to build the kind of stuff I have built for over a decade.

  4. I love Google thanks for your sharing video beautiful thanks شكرا لك جزيل الشكر موفقة يارب العالمين وكل سنة وانتم طيبين يا رب العالمين 🙏🌿💫🌷🎉⚘⚘🌻😘🥀🥀🌻❤💙💙💕🌳🌾🍃⚘

  5. Everybody be like Google copied apple. Why nobody commenting about the fact that Pixel 4 design released before iphone 11 did?

  6. For 3 mins I thought that this was iPhone 11 pro😂🤣🤣😂and airpods pro😂😂😂and macbook pro😂😂😂and hompod😂😂😂😂

  7. Why can't Google make phones that people actually want? Bigger battery, fingerprint sensor, wide angle lens, more storage, more RAM and a larger brighter screen with no notch or forehead. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! Ditch the motion sensor radar thingy too. It's useless, doesn't work well and frankly it's just annoying.

  8. Google fix ur fucking app store it's ass I can't use it I have to use 3rd party websites to download my shit I'm pissed off rn FIX IT

  9. Google: Dude how are you so good at making hardware?

    Apple: If you teach me software, I’ll give you some tips.

    Google: hold my beer

  10. Apple: Lemme copy your hw.

    Samsung: Just change it a little bit so The teacher won't notice

    Google: Hey! Me too bro, Didn't have time.

  11. I wonder why Google doesn't give us a Snapdragon Chromebook as alternative version, rather than just releasing one kind of device. Even some other laptop brand release both intel & snapdragon variant for their windows laptop. It should be easier for Google since most android apps are already optimized for arm chipset. Right? No?

  12. New Google service for Corporate add giver – Developing a game for a company precise under their commercial advertising needs needs. Using product placement like in movies.

  13. I love pixel phone and Google products my house is Google
    But Google have ignore Africa because so many things doesn't work in Africa eg call screening, solid radar and a lot of things
    Google if you can read this
    Next year pixel phones please give us good battery life and good video
    I don't care about ultra wide 📷

  14. Don’t you guys think google is such a copycat? Like literally, those earbuds look EXACTLY like AirPods. And also the phone look EXACTLY like the iPhone 11 pro or max. COPYCATS ARE BRATS!

  15. Mio fratello dice cazzate sono 11 mesi che prendo la pensione. Lui ha detto solo 3 mesi. Mi sono informato alla banca. Certo non dica nulla altrimenti è guerra contro di me. È da molti mesi che chiedo un computer nuovo portatile lui dice sempre il mese prossimo la storia va avanti già da molto tempo! Questa è disonestà pura comunque protegge perché se no è guerra contro di me. Ugo

  16. I have the pixel 4, and It is a disappointed phone, No headphones, no adapter jack port and poor battery life. No case. Also It is expensive. The girl who sold me, told me that include headphones adapter. Next time I will buy some other brand of phones.

  17. Google is the worst company. I regret that I bought Pixel 4 XL and Stadia. They don't care about customers. All they want is money at any cost.

  18. Biggest Request In History,,, South Africa Would Also Like Google Products !!!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 Please Don’t Exclude Us,,,💔

  19. People trying to defend google be like bUt TheY leAkeD thE DesIgn firSt. Well heck Apple release the ACTUAL phone first so what's your excuse?

  20. How I would compete with pixelbook, Some well tuned ARM cores with up to date GPU's, 4 GB dram with a second SSD for fast extended ram and some specially Ported stuff for ARM and and Chrome OS like cloud supported Blender.

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