okay yeah today is Wednesday May second I’m at my desk
getting ready for lunch and I’m saving money today I’m eating chicken salad
that I made at home and crackers and I put some I got some peach flavored water
and I put two wedges of a lemon in it okay I just want to eat something light
because tonight I’m fixing um I’m gonna go home and cook some meatballs
and potatoes and I bought a cabbage and I actually bought some mustard greens so i don’t know
which one I’m going to cook, one of those oh I came on today because I had a lady
asking me, she said m’am how did you pay to get braces. I had braces up
until August but this year is 18 I think my braces came out August of 16 yeah
because last year I own last year in July before we went on vacation, my son got his
so yeah I have I’ve had my off, soon to be two years in August. So the reason I
got braces because I had a big gap at the top and the bottom of my mouth and I had a
teeth pulled her on the side and as you know, when you’re older and you pull teeth you know, even if you don’t have a gap ,your teeth automatically start shifting but anyway
so that’s why I got the braces. I had wanted them all of my life but I didn’t get them until was grown and my insurance didn’t pay for them I had to actually pay out
of pocket so what i did, EXCUSE me for smacking BUT, i’m on lunch but what I did is I found an orthodontist here
locally the first visit was ten dollars you go in and you pay the $10 and he
just talked to you and tell you what to expect and everything and then the
second time I went in I paid that’s when I signed the contract
we went over my treatment plan they take and this put this stuff in your mouth and
make impressions and then that’s all they did at that time and I think they
took pictures or whatever so then when I went back this was actually my third
visit that’s when I paid I think they did them
well yeah, cuz I had to pay two hundred seventy five dollars and that’s when they
did the impressions and stuff and so when I went back that next time that’s when
they actually had the thing with my teeth and I paid and I think maybe the
next time maybe that’s on the third the third or the fourth visit, that’s when i got my braces and they put my bottom braces on first because they needed my bottom
teeth to move back because both of my teeth my bottom and top were sticking
out too even with the gap because I used to suck my thumb as a kid. So on yeah
so they did that and what I had to do is I paid um I think I paid okay the the ten dollars
for the first visit the second visit I think I paid 250 and then when he made
the payment arrangements I paid six hundred and something dollars at that
time and then every month I paid a hundred and ten dollars which I paid it
out so basically what he did is if your treatment says gonna be twenty four
months they distribute your amount of payments equally over the course of the twenty four
months like my son’s were and I don’t have any orthodontia insurance, I have dental
insurance BUT, it doesn’t pay for orthodontia so I pay out of pocket for his, too but
I ended up paying, WELL, let me finish telling you about mine. So, I ended up paying the $1,100 down and I sorry I paid 600 something down for mine and then I
paid a hundred and ten dollars a month until I paid it out basically though
they set it up where you’re gonna pay out by the time you’re through with the
braces. in my case though I think I may have been finished paying before I was
finished I think that’s how it when and so that’s how that went and um you know it
wasn’t financing and they didn’t add any extra charges to it or nothing so that’s how that went. okay then when
my son got he is he got his last year in July I had to pay $1100 down they gave
me a discount because I had gone to him and my daughter my daughter that’s
thirty one or two thirty two she has braces now so they gave us a discount
because we all used him and he is one of the best here locally but anyway so I paid
$1,100 for my son and I pay $150 a month for his for 24 months now if you want
to pay less per month just pay a bigger down payment so is it worth it yes
because my bite was off you know and so I’m pleased with the outcome I do have a
tooth here and in my retainer, I got a permanent I got permanent um we
retainer, the top and the bottom and I have the retainer that he made for me
actually had a little tooth for the space where the extracted tooth was. so if i have retainer n, then you see the wire and
there is a tooth there see anyway if I don’t smile REAL wide, you can’t even
see it but it’s worth it so um if you have kids that need braces and if you
don’t have orthodontia with your insurance you can opt to pay it that
way as opposed to paying all at once I know on the previous job we did
have the benefit but at the time I wasn’t ready to get them because I had
he is in college and day care and ALL of that just so
happened that when I was ready to get them I didn’t have the insurance well could have gotten the insurance, but it was just super expensive so I just pay I just paid so
if if that’s something that you want to do either for yourself or your kids and
you don’t have insurance you can go ahead and and pay it like that and like
I said it wasn’t there was no finance charges or anything you just set it up
like that and you pay those payments monthly and hey I think I paid mine for
the first of the month and I pay his also so I’m almost a year in so I have one
more year left and then by the time my son is out of school his braces should come
off next July he’ll graduate next May, so I hope this helps somebody SPREAD love, today y’all!!!!!

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. This is some really good information to know especially with more than one child that needs braces. Thanks

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