INSPIRATIONAL CORNER | The Secret of Network Marketing

A lot of people who do network marketing do it to achieve passive income. But in reality, a lot of them quits before their effort comes true. Why is that? Because there’s actually a secret they didn’t know. There are basic principles we have to do as a key. A secret. A secret key to build a strong and solid network marketing all over the world. These principles have to be implemented. So now, do you want to have it? What kind of dreams in my life that I want to achieve? You have to have a burning desire. You must have a reason why you’re in this business. What are the Four Pillars and Nine Foundations? The first pillar of the Four Pillars is Learning Attitude. A legend or champion in any fields have a coach or mentor in their life. Its the same in any fields we’re doing today. You need to listen and learn from people before us that had achieve things we haven’t. The second is Edification. Giving value is needed and important in network marketing business. Why? Because the business of network marketing talks about people. Speaking of people, they have different backgrounds. In network marketing, people can join with variety of backgrounds. Everybody who have dreams, who desires to have a better life, financially, they are free to join this business. So basically, everybody is allowed to join this business. The third is No Crosslining. Not engaging in talks of business when not in the same business line. The fourth is Consultation. Consultation is a smart way of working. A way for you to achieve your success faster. In FFG, I’m guided by my Mentors. And they are people who have proven to achieve things I haven’t achieve. So all I have to do is follow them. Since attending the training given by my Mentor, Mr. Onggy Hianata, I realized that I’m a winner. Ladies and gentlemen, if you remember, if you want to building to become big, won’t be affected by earthquake, or collapse, the part that took long time to build is the foundation. So when building the foundation, it took longer time compared to everything else. Why? So when building a building, to have a stronger foundation, that structure can support the building strongly. So the condition is to really build a really solid foundation. Because remember, we’re doing business. Time is life and time is money, right? If you can’t invite your friends out to meet you, you’ll never get a new team member. You’ll never get a new customer. Because you will never have the chance to speak to them. Perhaps you’ve known that the main risk in network marketing is rejection. Only experiencing rejection. But if you have the courage to handle rejection, big income will soon come to you. My life has to have a big meaning. I believe that God create me as I am. I’m supposed to be somebody. This business, network marketing, gives the opportunity of long term passive income. There are several quotes from successful people in the world about network marketing. The first is Bill Gates, and he said, If I would be given the chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing. The second is Jim Rohn. He said that, Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital. The last is Warren Buffet. He said that, One of the best investments he has ever made is through network marketing. About added value, are we only talking about artists? Is it only about bands? Is it only talking about Leaders? No. Anyone desrves the added values. Including yourself. By reading books like these, it will give yourself added values. By helping people, it gives added values to yourself. Who will give it? Other people will. Because you can’t tell stories about yourself. Now, what is your added value? Your life is so expensive. You have value. Value your life. God create your soul as unique and unbelievable. You are a winner. I’m thankful to meet FFG Community. FFG Community is a business community that has spread to 80 countries today. And this community has created many of the world’s millionaires. I’m thankful that with FFG Community I’ve build my business in many cities and even countries.

Author: Kevin Mason

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