INSIDE GOOGLE OFFICE! All You Can Eat Employee Buffet Lunch, Game Stations & More! ◆ Emi ◆

INSIDE GOOGLE OFFICE! All You Can Eat Employee Buffet Lunch, Game Stations & More! ◆ Emi ◆

Oh we are here at Google! So cooooooool! Morning guys So today is our fourth day here in Taipei Right now, I am at Taipei 101 We are super super excited that we got the chance to visit the Google office And also to have lunch there Thank you YouTube for hooking us up We are gonna find our way up now We heard that the view at the Google office is super nice Is that the 75th floor Ooooh! Firstly to do a visitor access pass Oh we are here at Google! So cooooooool! Here is the food dishes and dessert, fruit A lot of hot dishes For healthy salad Thank you! (Working here should make one fat!
Pigging out for free every day) Look at the view here! It’s Google office! This is the fake Jiufen So pretty! You can get tea there Then, the painting behind here Very beautiful! They are some of the famous sceneries in Taipei Gaming consoles Snooker So much food Do you know why the upper part is transparent while the lower part is covered? Why? Why? You pull it open to see Is it healthy? Do not want to let you see that There are sugar-free Sugar-free? There is just a little bit in these There is a lot of sugar in these ones So… Yes, just don’t drink it All the unhealthy ones are stored underneath Healthy ones are placed here So we’ve just left Google office That was so much fun And everyone just so nice and taking us around the office Our new friends from Google said we must try the Mango Snowflake Ice So now we are here to try this Waaaaaaaa
(Mango Snowflake Ice with Taro Balls and Osmanthus) Look at this!
(Mango Snowflake Ice with Taro Balls and Osmanthus) Never tried this before We just thought it looked cool Everyone at Google really recommended it So I am gonna give it a try Ooooh so beautiful! It’s our last night here in Taipei We are going out for early dinner because we are going to this pretty famous
Japanese restaurant that a lot of you guys recommend to me on Instagram I don’t think we can make reservations So we’ll just go and hopefully, at this time we don’t need to line up We are finally here at the famous Manjedad (Manjedad) Oooh cute! So here in this place, you have to order first before you can get into the restaurant Maybe he’s just scared we don’t have money to pay
or something So, I want, I want that one
(Language barrier in ordering food…) (Language barrier in ordering food…) One for this One Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe Don Yes One Top 1 Here we go Hi everyone! Hello! Be careful with your legs Okay, thank you The shop is super small! I am wondering if you arrive late you’ll need to wait for a long time Look at the sea urchin, salmon roe! Mom’s one is a combination of everything The rolls are funny He said no need to add any soy sauce Just the right flavor Delicious It tastes so raw We are spending our last night at Ningxia Night Market Look at those steak guys Look at the octopus balls here, huge! But this is has more Look how big the oysters are! A drink that I really like
Jelly Tapioca Pearl (Aiyu Jelly plus Tapioca Balls) (Oyster Pancakes) This place where they sell Oyster Pancakes Look at the line! So many people! Super famous Oyster Pancake We’re gonna try it now Mom said it’s really good Is it very delicious? Very sweet See how big the oyster is Yummy, right? Nice Nice

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  1. Omg Google office is so cool & all the free food!!! 🤩😲😱 I wished I could get to visit one day. Thank you for sharing. And what's the name of the Japanese restaurant you went to?

  2. Next time you are in Kaohsiung, visit my niece's well known hand made artisanal gelato shop … was covered by European and north American press because of something unique …

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