1. Good evening you do studies of medicine?
    I admire you because I will not be able to make challenges by falling asleep with anesthetic products.
    I will be too afraid to have health problems

  2. (By the way I'm a vetranarian) and I work with propofal and anisteasia gass / secadive anistetic. I also put another iv cathader for a drug that relaxes the animal before the actual anesthesia. The relaxing drug makes it so we can put a tube down the animals throughout so it doesn't choke during procedure. But that's not all I do 😉

  3. DBryan I am just wondering… does it smels bad? And how long does it take to feel the first effects on you? Thanks.

  4. This seemed like a very slow induction for SEVOFLUORANE. Was the other Dr. limiting the amount so your induction went slower? Nitrous is faster then the over 2 min. you were huffing. Still an awesome video, I am jealous…. 🙂

  5. sounds like marijuana high about lol, sevoflurane must be the medical equivalent of marijuana when taken in small doses to not knock you out

  6. Is this guy a medical student learning about anesthesia? I don't think they would usually administer this without sedation first – that would eliminate the slight agitation and the heaving breathing part-way through.

  7. You always give me the milk stuff I got put to sleep once with gas when they had a problem with the Ovi I wish they would do it every single time it’s so awesome to go to sleep with the gas versus the stinging crap

  8. Clearly it wasn't general anesthesia,because you would've been knocked out a few times ever you breathed that has.I've been put under general anesthesia 3 times and I went out right after I saw the mask coming towards my face

  9. Such a crazy experiment. Partly this young guy looks so funny. But surely this experiment was very dangerous too. Good Luck for him that he was done this in an Operation-Room.

  10. I would want it to smell like a mixture of strawberries,cherries,pineapples,
    blueberries,oranges,kiwis,mangos,and cotton candy grapes.I would gladly go under anesthesia if I had him working on me.I would let him get the IV done while I was awake.He would have to hold my hand down,reassure me,and try to keep me calm.So I wouldn’t freak out.Because if I did freak out.It would end badly for both of us.I would probably embarrass myself in the process and hope that they would forget about what I did in the first place.

  11. It is good for a young doctor to experience this. Then they can better notice the symptoms if there is a failure in the gas recirculation system.

  12. WHERE WERE YOUR MONITORS?? before you anaesthetize yourself, you should have a BP cuff, EKG pads, and a pulse oximeter.

  13. I LOOOOVE anesthesia, and It's sooooooo cool, however, whilst I've dreamed of doing this, and I'll admit this would be AWESOME to get such a profound opertunity to do this, This is not exactly reasonable, or ethical. For one, this is dangerous, for two, it's a waste of expensive medical gases. However, I can understand wanting to do this, as I've dreamed of being able to do this. That will NEVER happen, however, well I'd love this. I've wondered what It would be like to have that fredom to connect myself to an anesthetic circuit, and play around with the Anesthesia. I've wondered what it'd be like to do something lie an ICU sedation on Sevoflurane, with enough to keep you half awake, on the ventilator, but not fully awake. I've wanted to play around like this with BIS monitoring.

  14. super irresponsable utilizar fármacos como lo son los analgésicos inhalados para un pasatiempo peligroso, vi el vídeo pensando que era académico y termino siendo un juego, todos los fármacos tiene farmacodinamia, que indica el efecto colateral de esto y no hay excepción, no se cual utilizaron de los tantos que existen, pero que mal. tomen conciencia, LA MEDICINA SE DEBE VIVIR POR QUE ES HERMOSA, pero no se debe abusar ni faltar al respeto, ya que es la vida de un ser humano que esta en sus manos doctores.

  15. En mi última cirugía de tobillo (4a) deseé tanto que me durmieran, me aplicaron bloqueo lo cual derivó de bradicardia severa de 80 lpm a 27 lpm, e hipotensión arterial la cual bajo a 39/22 alcance a ver el monitor, me sentí morir en ese instante además del frío y dolor torácico, solo escuché que pedían atropina urgente, me porte muy mal inconscientemente tiraba todo, me quería levantar de la mesa quirúrgica y me descanalice, estuve casi todo el tiempo despierta escuchando todo el procedimiento, que horrible experiencia y esa cirugía duro 6 horas fue una tortura pasar por esa experiencia 😳 y el anestesiólogo me decía que no podía dormirme.

  16. Que nombre se le da a esa anestesia?? Es considerado un cedante o anestesia general??…Cuando a mí me pusieron la mascarilla me dijeron cuenta hasta 10 y solo llegué al 5😂😅😂

  17. Congratulations very professional! 😂
    Once I tried with only o2 + n2o. Sevo was in the zero position. I didn't fall asleep, I felt only numbness and I couldn't stop laughing. However I think that sevo can be dangerous if you are alone. You could fall asleep keeping the mask on your face (as happened in the video) and after a few minutes your breathing will slowing and slowing until it will stop completely. Not good!

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