Ingraham: Democrats misread America

Ingraham: Democrats misread America

Author: Kevin Mason

27 thoughts on “Ingraham: Democrats misread America

  1. The Deathocrats are so far removed from the values of the vast majority of Americans that they are now irrelevant.

  2. Much more likely trump and Fox Spews have misread the majority of Americans if they fantasize this senile old fool would be elected for a second term. Time to get old fat Freddy the freeloader out of the WH.

  3. Perverse is the new “Avant-Garde” . Whoever can come up with the most perverse public policy prescription gets to be the head of the pack. Let’s elect a Democratic-Socialist, pro post-partum abortions, anti-Catholic, pro Religious freedom/conscience destroying legislation Equality Law, American job-killing Globalist economic policies w/open border unlimited illegal unfettered immigration.Christian/LGBT-but anti-Christian/Traditional Family Politician politicians whose only policy platform is that the “other” guy is simply too pro-American/heterosexual/God fearing anti-progress racist who happens to have done more for Black and Hispanic economic and personal independence in just over two years than any other president ever since slavery was abolish following the civil war.

  4. If a women wants “control” of her own body then, since a man has no control to keep a baby a woman doesn’t want then legislation needs to be passed saying that if a woman has a baby the FATHER doesn’t want then he is not then responsible for the bills for that child for the next 18-21 years. You want choice- why shouldn’t men have choice too. What if a man wants his se. but doesn’t want an unintended child and the woman wants to keep it. Ok, but don’t expect him to pay those bills-unless of course marriage counts in which case it means abortions wxnyec by married women should require her husband’s agreement in that case too.

  5. Her pathetic purpose! Laura Ingraham is the the false of face American "Exceptionalism". Does anyone feel "special" after listening to this false "journalist"?

  6. I understand. I know. One would think, Laura Ingraham would be a responsible advocate for intelligent journalism. Guess not.

  7. Smh……Laura Ingraham. …..the way that you frame it it just really doesn't put the matter in a clear light. It promises only to confuse and bewilder.

  8. I got a real good question for all those socialists the believing all this nonsense that there’s spewing let me ask you a simple question is it not a full grown baby when it’s delivered at nine months old and yet you’re concerned more about the children down at the border than you are about children that are be being born in the United States that are actually legal citizens and should have rights and the children down at the border do not have rights because they are here illegally this is the difference between socialism

  9. Wake up Fox viewers. I have heard that many people my age 67 watch FOX and I am shocked! I suggest you watch just one or two other sites or maybe just walk out the door.

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