100 thoughts on “If Google Was A Guy (Part 3)

  1. beautifull indian princess.. dont have princesses but some act like that…. beautifull … can be found after sorting through the pierced ones… but damn 300 pounds….. then biggest sexiest woman in all of iraq…
    that guy is a chubby chaser… even the last guy searched sugar roy then big booty puerto rican goddess….
    and dont get me started on the guy who searched sonic the hedgehog with safe search off then orgasmed saying omg and asked to clear history while google ysed flamethrower…. did he went to shadbase sonic…… shudders at thought.

  2. The best thing is there is a hidden story everytime.
    Like the guy wanted to fake die so he doesnt pay taxes and the police are seraching whats the diffrence between a human and a maniquin. He used a maniquin to fake die because it looks like a human body(himself).

  3. I love how the whole sidestory with that one guy
    "Why pay taxes"
    "Dead People pay taxes"
    "How to make people think you're dead"
    "Where to buy a lifelike bearded mannequin"
    And then a policeman saying
    "How to tell the difference between a person and a mannequin"

  4. 0:57:2:35 I stan Google. “Just because have it (the wrong resource) doesn’t mean it’s true!!!!!” Yes tho. Neat pile of accurate info on the right tho.

  5. I like how the bitcoin dude looked up how to make people think you died, then a cop comes up asking difference between human and mannequin

  6. Google:end my suffering pls

    Bing:let me replace u google


    After 1 year

    People:Doing stupid stuff😂😂

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