I Tried To Do My Own Dental Work – Here’s What Happened

I Tried To Do My Own Dental Work – Here’s What Happened

In Today’s Video I’ll be attempting to do my own Dental Work After A Professional Dentist Broke A Drill bit Off in my tooth and left it There and More Things you Guys dared to do in the Comments Section If you Enjoyed this Video Make Sure to give it a thumbs up at Whatever Point it Looks Like I should Probably go, to a real dentist which was Probably Years Ago plus We can get this Video to 10,000 Likes I will bleach and die my S beard Every Color of the Rainbow so let’s fire Up that like Button we’ll get This Thing Going so before We start the Procedure I wanted to tell you Guys a little bit About how I got this Drill bit in My Mouth and also mentioned that I am not A
Dentist Or a Doctor and I am not giving you any Medical or dentist Advice Full Disclosure I might even Be an Idiot So Just don’t try This at Home we cool Okay so i recently acquired Dental insurance for the very first Time Because I had A Huge Cavity On the Left side of my Mouth which means I would have to pick which dentist’s Office I would be going to from a list That They had so I did some Research and Chose one Based on good reviews and the fact that they have a really Nice Office i then went to my first appointment Where I was Told I would need A root canal for Sure and I could choose Between Having A Crown which he Recommended Or a build-Up a Build-Up isn’t as good but it’s like half the cost and i’m Kind of A cheapskate so that’s the Route That I went and About Halfway Through the Procedure he Looks Down at me Kind of Freaking out and Says This is gonna be Really Really Weak We should Have Totally Done a crown so I plugged my Phone and Type out let’s do a Crown then I mean what other Option? Did I have so he’s like okay and then he Proceeds to Continue Drilling on my face he eventually Finishes Up and Puts a temporary Crown On but that’s When he Looks over and tells me that he Broke a Drill bit Off in my tooth and that he Cannot get It out he Said There Would be no bill yet and I’D need to go to an Endodontist so they Could try To get the drill bit out of my Mouth and Finish Up procedure There and then I would go back to his Office and get My permanent Crown but he, also Said that now that We have to do all this extra? Drilling That I might lose The Tooth Entirely in Which case I would need to get an Implant and not the fun Kind Which Is Like Another five Grand Or i could Keep the drill bit in There and Just Actually put a crown over that But that, also comes With, some risks like, I don’t think I would Ever be Able to get an Mri So I’m not Really sure what to do About it but in the Meantime I have two other Small Cavities on the right Side of My Mouth that I caused a while back Eating Hard Candy I kid you not and not Unlike an Idiot I thought if the Pros Are Just Gonna Break Drill bits Off in my Mouth I don’t really need Their Help for that I can Take Care of that Myself so i did A ton of Research about Dentistry and Particularly Adding Fillings Now Typically if You have a cavity On the Top of A back molar they’ll Take a Drill and Basically Hollow Out your entire Tooth and Then fill it with Metal Or a Variety of other Things However When Searching for Permanent dental Fillings on ebay I found a product called glass Ionomer Cement That Seems perfect and it’s an actual Professional Dental Filling Material and it Had a bunch of Reviews from People like me that Also used it Which was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only One Stupid Enough to try This I then Bought A? Bunch of other Dental Tools from Amazon and Came up with a Plan So this material is Said to only Take seven Minutes for it to set but it Actually Takes 24 Hours for it to Mature Which Means I’ll need to not eat Anything for the next day so i decided to just Scrape out as much of the decayed material As i can with dental picks so I spent the Days Leading up to this Just Constantly Scraping my Teeth out then I began the Actual Procedure I Mix up the Filling Material and dried up the Tooth with A Dental Syringe I then Place my first Diy Dental Filling and I shaped it as best as I could I’ve Been Grinding my Teeth on a small Piece of Plastic to just Make sure that it Didn’t Affect my bite in Any Way and The Plastic Would Help Keep The Filling from getting on my other Teeth Also Flossing between my Teeth to Make sure that the Teeth Didn’t Actually get Stuck Together After that I just Basically Had to wait A Really Really Long Time for it to dry Then I basically did the same Thing on the other Tooth and here are the results for now it’s been A few Days Now and the Fillings are Still in There and They Feel fine Now of Course Time will tell if This Was a good Decision or not but If I can get A few Years out of this before I have to see A real dentist I’d Consider it a Success Now if There’s Any Changes in Condition like if it falls out or Anything I’ll leave A comment pin to the top Down Below so If There’s no New Comment that means There is no change and so far I’m pretty Happy With the results by the way I made A playlist of my most recent Videos over here you Should Definitely Check Those out but in The Meantime I’m Always up for a good challenge so Make Sure to leave your dares in the Comment Section Make Sure to like the Video subscribe if You’ve Got to have done That of Course if you Actually want to See the Videos Make sure to bail me for Notifications it’s Kind of the only way to Be sure you’ll See the Video and as always I’ll be Seeing you Guys in Just A few Days with A new Video all right Thanks Guys Bye

Author: Kevin Mason

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  6. okay so I am a dental assistant and see people who have done their own "diy dental work" all the time. This is actually so bad. Cavities are caused by bacteria that is eating away at your tooth. The ONLY to get rid of the decay is to have it drilled out by a dentist. We use different types of drills that remove the decay. If the decay is not removed, you will have a bigger problem, i.e. having to have a root canal, getting a tooth pulled, or the decay will move into the surrounding tissue like the nerves and gums. Once the decay is in your gums, it is IRREVERSIBLE and extremely painful. Please, go into a dentist and have them done by a PROFESSIONAL. It will be better for you in the long run.

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  9. I did 3 of my teeth but i use a dremel small engraving tool with a dental burr with water stream to remove the rotten pieces then i disinfect with peroxide and colloidal silver to make sure no bacteria are left before i apply the composite resin. I then use a big aquarium filter to dry the area around the tooth since it got to be dry for composite resin to bond correctly and then i apply a bonding agent on the damage area. I use composite resin that require a light to cure it and it is almost instantaneous and before the light you can shape it without having to hurry. Then i switch to a polishing disc on my dremel drill and i put the final touch. It's been 7 years and yet everything is holding nicely. As a bonus tip: oregano oil do wonder on tooth abscess, you can reduce it by 3/4 of it's size after 10 to 20 min and the next day it's gone. Use 1 part of oregano oil for one part of olive oil ex; 5 drops of oregano oil mix with 5 drops of olive oil and use a cu-tip to apply on abscess and surrounding teeth and gums. Dentists are really crooks but you still need them in certain situation like implants.

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