People were demanding that I document the process behind my wisdom tooth removal. So my wisdom teeth are, as the professionals would say, FUCKED! FuCk! I don’t vlog. Trust me, you don’t want to see this. Meh, maybe you do. I’ll decide if people want to see it after I actually do the thing. In post. Bye, Chica! I love you! Okay, so this is gonna be signing off. The next time you see me I’m going to be beautiful. That’s what they’re doing to me, right? This is the nose job thing, right? (Laughter) Amy: Yeah, that’s what this is. (Markimoo awakens) HHHHHHEEEEEEYYYYY Amy: (Laughs) No, we got it. Amy: We got it, you’re good. Yessh (Poom) (Mark is startled) Amy: Oh, you’re fine, you’re fine. Amy: You’re always loud. (Mark cries in defeat) en den da ahhther waz nith, he fithtbumth me (Sniff) Amy: How does your mouth feel? Amy: Yeah? Amy: No, that’s your… Amy: Is your lip hairy? Amy: I mean, yeah that’s your lip. Amy: No, no. Amy: Yeah, your beard. Doctor: Yes. Amy: That’s what I was like. Doctor: That’s great. Amy: (Laughs) Amy: Yeah, we did. Amy: You had both (Giggles) Amy: I love you too! Amy: (Laughs) nnnHNnnHNN Amy: We’re gonna get you home though, we’re gonna go see Chica and Henry. Amy: They’re gonna be happy to see you. ~iiiiiiii eeeeeeeeeeem bedder~ I jutht came out fwum THIrjuwy. I got in Amy’th ca- Amy iz de betht I wz relee lupee aftr da thHhirjury. Amy: I could hear you from the waiting room. Marki-high-er: *surprised* yuh dI??
Amy: I could hear you talking, yeah. OnO;; wat’d I thay? Ion rmmer. I couldn’t tell, your voice just carries. Amy: You did, you did. Amy: I think they knew, they said you were great! Amy: I appreciate you too! Amy: Hey, it’s okay. Amy: I think people have seen you cry before. Yeaaaah~ 🎶
へ__(‾◡◝ )>Amy: Okay. So, uh, de advenchure iz ovur 🙁 My head doezn’t feel lighdur thnthahtiiidb But thHey lemme keep thuh teeth! Amy: Yeah, I’ll show you those later. Where are they? Amy: I’ll show you when we get home.
Mark: Are they in the baccckckkckck? Ahm gunna do uh givuhwey on mai chanul. I cn’t fmm mai- Amy: Don’t poke- faaaace ._. Amy: Don’t poke too hard. Amy: Hey! Woman: How are you?
Amy: Good. Hllooo~ ( ᐛ )و o_o -_- -_- z -_- zz -_- zzz (Mark is falling asleep) Huh? nnnnnno ima profehtenal. Amy: I know, but you’re also a sleepy professional. *sleepily* im not sleeeeepy! Amy: You keep falling asleep. ‘kay, wer on da woad. im not kKKkKna tell yu where wur going im feelin’ bedder im less loopy my tongue is numb, my nnnnips are numb. III I- I paid for the extra package. lithen, i was NUMBer thith in Forbeth’ top you-tu-bers! *noise* Amy: I’ll pay for the nip numbing! Mark: i ahhhviuslee went…
Amy: I think I can’t afford the nip numbing. mai tang is hyOOOOOJ. Amy: Yeah. But, lithen, yu guyth, i ment wat i thed. aiiiluvyhh n im so gratfl fr wat yuuv dun in my laif yr just a bunch of funi dooshbagz, all of you~ y’tho funi! (aw thanks bud, im trying, but subbing for this is harder than it looks and plus it’s 2:45 in the morning so i can’t tell who’s loopier, me or you… lmfao h e l p) aHH FFFEK ai dun haav much ls to say n i sink im cuming owddv it, tho… im unna sign off fr naw, maybe all hav en edendim on dis vidio wen we get bacc howm. Buh fr naw ahm gun siin off, cuzzis cemruh is heamvy en uh ai probuhly shuln’t be tawkng az much az ai em. imma go buh jus no.. ai rlly em gratfel tha yu gais r der on yutoob ;-; i cen beleeb… ii meens sss mucchch (Dad: why tf u cryin so damn loud) dis weeken… o, no spoylurz.. This weekend is a big, important project, it’s gonna be so cool, you’re gonna love it. You’re gonna love it. (2x) You’re gonna love it. (3x) Amy: I think they’re gonna love it. Mark: They’re gonna love it!
Amy: Yeah! So, I will see you later. If this is the end of the video, goodbye. Buh-bye! But if it’s not I’ll see you in a bit, okay? But if it is, smash that like button, hit the subscribe… ring the little bell, and uh, (kiss) smooches. Okay, bye. Alright, so all the kiddies get outta here. What you’re about to see contains graphic content. They let me keep my teeth. I haven’t seen them myself. Amy didn’t let me see them, so you see them first! In aLL tHeIr GloRY. Are they bloody and gross? (Mark mumbles) Amy: This might get you demonitized. OH MY GAW- HAH- hA- HAhAAWD
(Mark is traumatized) EEEEEUUHHHH! (Breath) EUUUUUUUU! (giggles) IT’S HORRIBLE!! It’s just a buncha’ chunks. NOOOOO!! Oh gaw- I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I didn’t see them. Ooooooo nooooo! Anyway, whoever likes this video the most. Whoever rings this bell the hardest. Whoever smashes the subscribe button until it bre- Are they playing? I’m doing a giveaway of my teeth. (Laughs) It’s a nightmare! It’s a nightmare! Ahhhhh I don’t like looking at them! Amy: You don’t have to look at them. Ahh but I’m looking at them. It’s like a car crash, you can’t look away. Anyway, I’m back home. So I’m gonna assume this is the end of the video. Thank you everybody for watching!! Thank you everybody for… Mark: (while yawning) telling meeeeeee. I’m just gonna relax, I’m gonna make sure the pie video goes up and then I’m going to just.. (takes deep breath) Relax ~ (Big comfy sigh) and take it easy and drink milkshakes and eat mashed potatooes. Okay, love you guys ❤ And I love you Amy and uh thank you everybody at home.. Brother Fist YOouu

Author: Kevin Mason


  1. Mark's so innocent, amazing, people who call him a horrible person are stupid, aka Dillion the hacker, f**king liar. Mark makes my heart melt from how cute he is in this

  2. I’ve never seen an about 25 year old man cry, but this is the best reason to 😭😂😭

    Amy: is it ok if I start driving?
    Mark: Yeaaaa~

  3. Mark,

    You have made it so clear that everyone means so much to you. In this video, it may seem you were just thanking doctors, but you were also thanking your subscribers for helping you hit this peak. I enjoy every little bit of content you make, and because of you, I'm going to an engineering collage to help it feel like you've hit that dream of yours. And, Mark, if you really want to, my dad knows a person who works at NASA and we can reach out to them to get you a little vacation into the world unknown. But what I was originally saying was we love you too, and we are thankful for what you've done. There are so many young people watching you, and I started watching you when I was young. You basically raised me cross country! You, Jack, Ethen, Felix, and all of them have made me the person I am today. Thank you!!

    Every 24 million people

    I stole your fuzzy socks!

  4. I Just had my wisdom teeth and a few others removed and it was nothing like this. Was there a problem on my end? I have been out for two hours and I am very sober and in pain.

  5. I just got mine out today and I was totally lucid and not loopy at all. The worst part was the numbness but now I’m getting very sore. My jaw bones ache and I feel like someone totally punched the crap out of my face lol. At worst it’s like a 6 out of 10 which compared to the 20/10 or 1 billion out 10 with my adult tonsillectomy recovery, feels like nothing! Got some good pain meds and aren’t too swollen so we’ll see how the next few days go.

  6. I never had this when I had mine ripped out ( still have scars, probably will forever)
    although I didn't go under when I did mine, figured I have a high pain tolerance and the numbing shot was enough. will always enjoy watching these videos XD

  7. Lol! I think I acted similarly after waking up from my wisdom teeth surgery, though all I remember was the crying part. Ugh! Curse my empathy! I guess it’s because I hadn’t seen him like this since one of his friends committed suicide about five or six years ago… That took a turn I was not expecting.

  8. Mark is the perfect man, perfect even when drunk… I swear this man was made of sugar… The purest sugar. 😭😍

  9. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and I’m having a lot of anxiety about it but this video made this a tiny bit easier to bare

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