i got my front tooth & wisdom teeth removed (vlog + story)

i got my front tooth & wisdom teeth removed (vlog + story)

Hey you guys, oh I don’t want to do this ugh I hate this I literally hate that I’m making this video You know, Im being a drama queen right now, honestly, um, I just really don’t want to do this. So As you can tell by the title I don’t know if I’m I’m probably just gonna end up showing that I have no tooth because honestly, Who cares at this point I’ve embarrassed myself on the internet so many times And I can barely breathe right now, but I feel like it’s important I knew I was gonna tell you guys about it, but I don’t I didn’t know um I didn’t know if I wanted to do it right away because I don’t want to have people being like Oh Hannah like take it out like let Me see and then they’re like posts all over like with me having no front tooth. Like I don’t know I just don’t really want that to happen But I want to be real and upfront with you guys because this is a real thing that’s happening And at this point I don’t really care it’s happening and I’ve known it’s gonna happen for about five Months maybe more. Um, so basically I’m getting my wisdom teeth out, which is scary as it is And I’m also getting my front tooth out So this is my smile right now can you No I’m not doing this right now No wait what time is it? All right, it’s 7:54 and my appointment is at 8:00 and You’re not allowed to eat or drink anything before 7:55 you’re not allowed to eat or drink anything after 8:00 So right now I’m going to drink this tea that my mom made me because I’m gonna take one of these Here goes also, I don’t know why we can’t eat or drink before a surgery like that just makes it even scarier. Like why is that a rule? I’m sure it’s like has a very logical explanation behind it. But like Anyways, so This is my smile. This is my real smile. No fake teeth had braces retainers expanders Wires behind my teeth, literally probably since fourth grade Hi I’m back haven’t had a a crying sesh mental breakdown in a while. I Did like a fake tan because I knew I’d be really ugly tomorrow No matter what. I felt like if I put little color That’d be good and then like I just was upstairs talking to my family and stuff and like my grandma grandpa about like But my mom actually when she got her wisdom teeth out My grandma was like caught up in something at work. And so my grandma made my mom walk home So like at least I hope my mom doesn’t like leave me there Waiting for her cuz that would suck. But anyways, um, I hope you guys don’t think I’m overreacting um, I’m really so basically I’ll just explain this video probably seems a little confusing but basically This tooth is dead and they have to remove it this tooth was turning dead But they fixed it with the root canal and uh, I found this out like in the beginning of summer I think it was even spring and like mid spring maybe late spring and I found out about it They told me they were like, uh these two teeth I don’t really know how they said it to me But they’re being really nice about it. I just started bawling and I was like, oh my god. blah blah blah because I one not to be like oh like this is like more important for me because like I need to be on camera and like I Need to do this and that but like I literally cannot like this is just such an inconvenience like I feel like if I didn’t have like social media and stuff like that like it wouldn’t be as big of a deal because No one would be seeing me really and like, umm but at the same time I’m glad Like people are gonna watch this because I know there’s I’m not the only one who’s had a tooth die Like I’ve had friends that have their tooth die And they have to get like implants and stuff and like it’s a normal thing worrying myself anymore than I need to be worried So basically like five months ago, I would say I went to the doctor They told me that I’m going to need to get rid of these two teeth But they’re gonna do everything that they can to save them. So first it was two teeth and I Didn’t anyone but my mom and my boyfriend I didn’t even tell my sister for like a month I don’t think and I was just really embarrassed but I haven’t thought about it until maybe this past week and not like I think that’s pretty good for putting it off for like five months because I knew that this day’s Been coming for the longest time and I’m really proud of myself for like literally Ignoring it until like this week and I had a couple crying like freak out such as this week But it’s really it’s fine because yeah It’s a missing tooth and I’m gonna have to wear a retainer that has a filler tooth in it and it’ll still look normal But there are such bigger problems in the world. Like do I really need to be worrying about this right now? No, I don’t because I have everything I want in life And this is seriously just a minor inconvenience. Like it’s not that in the world. I’m gonna be fine I don’t have cancer I this is not a tumor. Like there’s just so many other problems to be worrying about right now Even I could be worrying about helping people out instead of worrying about myself and the grand scheme of things It’s not a big deal. Yeah, it sucks for a few months. But guess what? I’m gonna get an implant to go back in Um, so basically they did a root canal to fix the right tooth and the left tooth How do I open this the left tooth Couldn’t be saved look it like I have that weird thing above it I don’t understand what it is It scares me and I really just want my teeth to be healthy Healthy and so tomorrow I’m gonna have my wisdom teeth taken out. Honestly, that’s a normal thing Like I know it’s gonna suck but whatever the thing that I’m really worried about um is my tooth because Nobody knows about it. As of right now only my closest friends know about it. My family knows about it I don’t even I don’t even know if I like seriously told my brothers about it Like that’s how much I put it off and just tried to ignore it. So basically this is what my retainer looks like It looks like this and it has like a little filler tooth in it super cute. I have to take it out to eat and stuff. But yay, that’s gonna look so cute I’m just glad my teeth are gonna be healthy, whatever it’s fine So basically, what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna take my wisdom teeth out after that’s done That’s over with like I really don’t have to worry about that at all. But this tooth depends how long that has to be out because the gums have to heal up enough for them to take me back in and screw one back in my mouth. It’s like oh I need to meditate I hate to meditate the last time I had to get a shot I had a seizure and I passed out And that was like nothing then they have to like to keep the IV in your arm and I hate saying it, you know, I just need to like Mentally prepare that it’s gonna be a needle in my arm. No, it’s gonna be fine. It’s a needle literally in my arm Yeah, so Alexa what time is it [Alexa] “it’s 8:49 p.m” so I took some melatonin and yeah, I’m done drinking and eating and Today has been a rough day. It’s just been weird, but I’m ready to get this over with. Oh Here it goes gonna get my teeth out. I got this All right, I’m gonna go to bed. I’ll see you guys in the morning Goodnight 7:15 I got a pretty good night’s sleep Now the nerves are kicking in a little bit. Um, I’m just gonna throw in an outfit and Go upstairs so we could leave So I have my bed made up for when I come home Apparently it snowed last night This is the first snow of the year November 9th the day I get my wisdom teeth and my tooth out Wow The funny thing is everyone knows how nervous I am here today and my mom didn’t even come wake me up No one came and woke me up and told me like good luck. My was just yelling Hannah like its like soccer practice or something Im gonna go upstairs [mom in background] “Hannah!” Yeah, I’m coming My last real selfie smiles I am so not ready to do this. It’s just kind of happening But at least it snowed today and it’s my boyfriend and i’s anniversary. So that’s cool. Hmm. [mom] “what anniversary is it?” 13th month a year and a month About to go in [nervous laugh] you’re gonna be fine, I don’t know if you know, but Hannah does YouTube stuff videos So she’s [nurse] “wE caN’t Do aNy FiLMiNg iN hErE” Okay. No Not while it’s going on no, we’re not gonna do while it’s going on- we’re just kind of doing the prep and all that stuff and then when she comes out, oh my gawd OH MY GAWD I look so UGLY! [mom] “What’s going on?” I lOoK sO uGLyyyy [mom] ” No, it’s just the way it looks right now” [mom] “you’re going to be okay, honey” [mom] “It’s all gonna go be like in a couple of hours you’re gonna be just fine” A bUcK tOoTh AAAAAH UGGGHHH *unintelligible* [mom] “well everyone reacts differently” I HATE THIS [beep] [mom] “don’t be mad about it” ewWWWWW-UGH [mom] “don’t touch your implants or anything like that” ugggghhhhhhh It’s gonna go down you have those big thing in there right now [mom] “don’t touch it, honey” UGGGGHHHHHH [mom] “everyone reacts different, hun” [mom] well, just wait till we get home ill clean ’em up for you [mom] don’t touch ’em [mom] I think when you watch this, you’ll think it’s a little bit funny [mom] I know it’s tough. But you know you were emotional going into it. So it’s emotional coming out [mom] *laughs* you don’t want to talk to anyone but you want your phone?? [mom] Why don’t you just wait a little bit for the phone? Okay. Well we go home. It’s way back my purse [mom] I just don’t want you to do something then regret it [mom] like take a picture and snap it or do something- [mom] You’re still.. honey, you still… it’s called laughing gas it’s like a gas helps you relax so you do things and say things that you probably normally wouldn’t do. Well, I guess you could play hockey now if you wanted to [mom] well they had to get a needle to numb that area [mom] well, that’s their policy [mom] You can focus on what you couldn’t do or you focus on what you can do [mom] you’re here filming now you’re going to have a chance to film all of that HUUUUGH I’m so UgLy uuuughhhhh ewww! [mom] “honey, you’re beautiful! It’s just-” No i’M nOoOt [mom] “it’s just temporary” [mom] “they got the implant in and I have your retainer” [mom] “the implants the part that kind of holds the tooth eventually so that implant has to heal and then in a couple months you’ll go back. we’ll put the tooth in and you’ll never know you were missing a tooth” uuuuUGH UGGH [mom] “okay when we get home we’ll change your gauze and i’ll get your medicine” [mom] “But not everyone’s funny when they do this stuff. if you ever do this again, you might be super funny its kinda your emotion kind of going into it” EHHH VaMpiRe DiArieS! [mom] “you wanna be at school? *NO!* [mom] “nooo, you can’t! not today, you can get some sleep get caught up on some school work” [mom] “just relax, it’s a day off. it’s nice” [mom] “you’re gonna be fine!! it’s going to be a whole weekend, hun” [mom] “just relax” When can I take these out?? [mom] “not yet. not ’til we get home, okay” [mom] “because they stop the blood from coming out, so I want to make sure to take them out, and I’ll put new ones in” [mom] “HAHAHAHA that is good news!” [mom] “You *are* a good sleeper” [mom] “they woke you up” YOU didn’t! [mom] “This morning? No! You got up on your own” [mom] “It’s gonna be funny when you watch it” No! iT’s NoT [mom] “yes it is” this is SO [mom] hahahaha UGHHHH I wanted to be funny! Most people are funny when they get their wisdom teeth taken out I want people to like me [mom] “everyone loves you” HUH! AHHHHHH uuuhhhh [mom] “what?” I feel like I could drive right now [mom] “you could DIE right now??” *DRIVE* right now [mom] “drive?” [mom] “you’re doing just great’ Did they give me Norco? [mom] “did they give you Norco?” Did they gave me Norco? [mom] “I’m gonna hahaha I’m going to go get you some” [mom] “your friends want you to call them?” [mom] “Your phone is just fine I don’t want you to call anybody” [mom] “Because I said. You can call them later” Well, I want a video but you grabbed it They wouldn’t let me in the room remember Yeah, you gotta just swish it around Just hot water again. Swish it around stop I can take some out you want me to take some out the more you take care of it the faster it’ll stop. All right Nothing happened I’m not gonna give you your phone until I get back. I want my phone right now.You’re not having your phone right now. I want my phone for real. You’re supposed to lay down They gave you a lot of things they gave you the laughing gas and they gave you some numbing medicine You have a lot of stuff in your body right now Okay Soon as I come back, I’ll be right back. Okay the sooner I go the faster you’ll have it. So just relax I’ll be right back What happened It’s just so depressing. All right. So now I’m gonna FaceTime some friends and see how they react I mean I’m gonna get the reaction of friends when they come over and stuff But Ellie wanted me to FaceTime her and she’s in Italy right now. So the time is weird and she’s traveling and stuff I don’t know like how this is all gonna work but. Hey Do you remember when I told you that I had to get one of my front teeth out Ready I’m not pranking you Hey, you want to see my teeth this is so awkward look it Ya I don’t know. They don’t know I’ve known about it for like five months and I’ve told like nobody But I’m making a youtube video about it now. So the whole world’s gonna know I’m 5 years old. Okay. Now Ava’s gonna call me. Can you see okay? Yes, I have a retainer Yeah So I’m going through Pinterest quotes, which I love to do. And this one says greatness is not what you have It’s what you give and so obviously I lost something today But the fact that I’m posting this video and have the courage to post this video, which I really didn’t for a couple months I thought only a few limited people are gonna know and my perspective started to change and I was like wait But this could really help some people, you know, like this. Isn’t this is like a broken leg or Obviously, this is not as bad as cancer like or any awful things that happen for no reason to people. Um Cuz I bet like everyone out there Didn’t know that I was going through this for five months Like I tried to push it off but like obviously in the back of my head I still knew it was gonna have to happen like it’s still gonna have to happen I still gonna wear a retainer for three months and no real tooth there. This is who I am This is what happened to me. Also, if you’re wondering how this happened like, oh, how did your teeth die mm? I’ve been to so many meeting meetings with so many different people and they all don’t know why teeth die sometimes it’s like sometimes it just happens and I am currently Drinking this is like the only thing I’ve drinking in like 20 hours drinking this vanilla protein shake 1915 organic here are my fake teeth. Oh my god Okay, come here guys ready? Well this tooth died so they had to take it out, please tell me you got a video of this like I did. yes! oh wait I have to get your reaction to what I had to get it one of my front teeth taken out No, you didn’t.I have a retainer in right now I thought you had gonna get your wisdom teeth out. No, I swear I got my wisdom teeth out and my front tooth taken out why wait what it just died and they had to take it out no You didn’t see it either Did you? What? You didn’t see it either Did you? What? my tooth Well were gonna make milkshakes now he brought me ice cream. Maggie and Jake brought me Panera sweet. What kind of soup is it its tomato soup. Oh. Look will you vlog? Okay ready, yep, I didn’t just give I just didn’t get my wisdom teeth taken out I got a tooth out too. Let me see it. Ready. Yeah. Did you know? About your tooth? This is so scary I feel like I’m being interrogated, okay ready? Oh My god, please walk around like that. Wait do you know? Okay ready you know. NO Wait, I thought you knew no wait, why couldn’t she use the thing this morning then what? Oh, She doesn’t know I don’t know ready I’m nervous

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