come on guys oh my god hey it’s me what’s up I’m gonna get ready to go to the orthodontic’s because I am having my life to mean over my teeth as you guys don’t know I don’t know uncle almost two years now happy says if they’re coming off very soon in about four days but today is the first that’s just so crazy to be fucking ready I don’t want to share this journey of me just can’t believe within two years that’s so crazy it feels the origin [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] my wires are out is time to brush now don’t be nervous okay dr. Izak I’m gonna do your Lai scene and she wants a tight lacy and so I’m doing a couple Criss crosses and be doing and I’m holding it tight as I’m doing it I can’t I got newer bands there for low now I should be okay all right Tuesday right Tuesday 950 per say I’m not dying whatever I mean only 9:15 we go I’ll seek oh so this is my orthodontics I love love love love dr. wife and everyone in the office tailing back they have me on like double rubber band I have some lacing up here so they take a wire and they just kind of crisscross it all around and apparently this is gonna help my bite settle in I’m supposed to keep remember abandon until Tuesday which is like a couple of days only it’s currently Friday I have a date today so it’s fine I’m just gonna be like so so yeah that’s up for today I will check back in on Tuesday when we finally take off my braces [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] nine wishes [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] don’t know we’re doing a reveal for actively oh my gosh it feels so where does it feel like it feels so slimy 3 2 1 [Music] like myself only bad is this tree [Laughter] [Music] recognized myself I miss my braces though just feel really slimming it’s like I can’t stop going with it but ethers are tiny philippi it’s all find me these are not the positioners these are in position and I can’t see Mike at night and start packing I can’t believe I don’t have faith oh here’s a good shot of the office please come and just so I don’t know what’s bang I just it’s just so crazy that I don’t have ready two years ago man to celebrate this victorious day we got Bob good morning guys it is now the next day without braces I thought date this time in the morning to talk to you guys and dry the clothes because I don’t want my signature scent to be mold my underwear just created its own nest of well anyway I didn’t get a chance to actually talk to you guys about what’s going on as Gus can tell I’m not wearing a retainer right now I think for a couple weeks I’m actually gonna be put into a position ER so I mean I am on a position I mean technically it’s kind of like a retainer but it’s more similar to like a mouth guard and I’m still sitting back into my mouth for four to six hours like that so sorry beautiful oh did I mention that at night I’m supposed to keep it on for the whole night no sexy time will be occurring with that on dr. West told me that I’m gonna be in my position ER for about a couple weeks my next appointment is not until late September and then I have a couple more appointments like two more in October and that’s when we’ll be transitioning into retainers I believe I’m not too sure I got a call yesterday from Cheryl apparently dr. West will be giving me permanent retainers so like fixed retainers be high in my two buck teeth okay then I’m pretty he looked like bucket teeth I thought but the truth is my people is just crowded it made it look like buck teeth I’m talking way too much in the Atlantic Ocean is for me around with the corners of my mouth okay great but yeah I think I’m supposed to be getting a fixed retainers behind base JP all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth I think it’s just to hold my midline I don’t know I’m just making stuff up as I go because I like to answer my own question yeah hmm back show or not I think it’s only fair that I take this moment to comfortably reflect on my braces journey I loved every moment of wearing braces I mean there were some cons it’s almost like the braces came at play to me I thought it was gonna be my fourth ever took off in a ramp or so was that by me and left me with beautiful teeth so I cannot complain it’s still very sad I bonded so much with braces I feel like one of the big reasons why I really like loved this races journey was because I saw myself transformed an actual potato sack like himself blossomed from a caterpillar to a cocoon to a buck not to say that I was unattractive back then very true calm down only 90% of that is true another 10% okay but yeah now I feel like I care and freely be confident in my smile I can talk better I Liz yeah I just feel confident and there’s nothing wrong with feeling confident after taking off your braces you know because I’m quite dramatic and I feel like I had a dramatic change it’s almost like a phase that I threw and I was living through that and I saw it and because I filled in YouTube videos I was able to document the whole evolution of a being a one tooth baby in 1.5 I’m telling you that point five makes a huge difference because cuz she’s getting married laughter right what way I’m devastated I’ve never got to show you guys my braces routine if you’re considering braces regardless if that’s metal ceramic I think you should do it I think it’s worth the investment like hey I influenced my sister to get braces so she’s also going to doctor was she loves them as much as I do make sure if you are from the middle Michigan area make sure you guys check out doctor was there amazing you never feel any kind of discomfort whenever you’re in the office they always like make sure that you’re okay scheduling is always flexible and they’re so sweet about it best people ever I swear I will fight for them with my whole life I’m gonna link their website down below make sure you follow their Instagram using a video where they caught me jumping in joy that was me might natural habitat of like not knowing what to do because I was so happy thank you so much for the love that you guys been showing me with my new teeth my new smile positive vibes only make sure to subscribe like this video let me know if you guys want braces I want to know I’m actually really curious and if you are in braces do you like your journey or do you not like your journey to be over the Hmong team but the next time I’m syndulla [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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100 thoughts on “I GOT MY CLEAR BRACES OFF!!! *shocking*

  1. I started wearing my braces three days ago. My teeth hurt so much I can barely eat 😭 watching you makes me happy, thank you Fei~

  2. Ok not only are they straight, but you have a lot of teeth and im jealous 😆 I had to always get teeth removed because my mouth is small 😬

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    I didn’t skip btw
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  4. I’ve had my braces for 2 years as well, and it’s most likely I’ll get them off in 6 weeks (if everything goes as planned) AHHH IM EXCITED BUT LIKE THESE BRACES ARE APART OF ME IM GONNA MISS THEM BUT NOT REALLY EHCHW

  5. Ahhhh you look amazing Fei! ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve had my braces for about a year and a half now. I can’t wait till I get them off lol

  6. you look so cute !!! I felt so insecure when I got my braces off so please be kind to yourself!! you're beautiful with and without it !!! love the video!!

  7. Getting your races off is the best feeling in the univers like omg. I remember taking mine out three years ago now and how happy I was!
    Fei you look amazing and I love you my favorite beauty guru ever ♥♥

  8. Wow! I haven't been on Fei's channel for a long while but can I just say, her skin looks quite clear and amazing! Is there a video of her showing her update in skincare routine or something?

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  10. i have braces right now. i was nervous to get them at first but a lot of my friends say they look good on me lol. i hate when food gets stuck in them. but other than that i really like them so far. i have to wait another year to year and a half till i get them off.

  11. I got my braces a month ago and I've already seen change (I have really uneven teeth) and that's the good part, the bad part is that people think that I faked it when I couldn't chew whole food when I first got them and that was annoying

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    But honestly I got used to it and I don't remember how it feels not to have it

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  14. I have to get braces for the second time, when I first got mine off I was wearing retainers and they broke so i didn’t have them for like a month because that’s how long it took to get another appointment and my teeth had shifted cause apparently my wisdom teeth were coming in, so now I have to get them again.

  15. I had braces when I was younger but i didnt really take care of them. Now that I am a full grown adult I feel like i need them again.

  16. Omg i got my braces off a couple days ago, i only just saw this in my notifications though because youtube is whack 😂😂

  17. I had braces for 8 years and might need them again if I get tooth implants for the couple of teeth that never grew in and I feel like a freak whenever I think about all that. ;-

  18. I have a really similar body to Fei but a taller and a larger shoulder width lol.I will have to get braces but I most likely won't have them on for as long as Fei.🤔

  19. I had braces all the way from the end of 5th grade until freshman year in high school (9th grade). It’s like torture of the mouth and soul. I thought it would hurt to get them removed, but the most painful part was getting the retainers afterwards and having to shove those on a week or so later.

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