I Bought A $100 Mystery Box From Ebay

I Bought A $100 Mystery Box From Ebay

– I paid $100 for this box and
I have no idea what’s inside. (whooshes and squeaks) (playful music) I am about to go shopping
on Ebay right now to buy mystery boxes. What’s in a mystery box? Nobody knows except for the Ebay seller, they just throw some stuff in a box put it on Ebay and apparently
people buy that sometimes. Now you might be asking what kind of idiot would buy something
before knowing what it is, this idiot right here is gonna do it. It just says mystery box
and the photo is a picture of a question mark that looks
like it was drawn poorly in Microsoft Paint. I have to buy this. It’s $15. This listing is also vaguely insulting. It says, just buy it,
it’s $15 you cheap ass. I have low self esteem so I’m gonna buy it. This $50 mystery box says, totally strange and also something totally useful. I don’t know what that could
be, what’s both strange and useful, and costs $50? Like a turtle, I don’t know? I’m gonna pull the trigger
on this $100 mystery box because I gotta, I gotta see what an expensive mystery looks like. It could literally be anything,
someone out there could have farted in a box, put it on Ebay for $100 and I’m gonna buy it. I can’t believe I spent so
much money on mystery boxes. (upbeat music) Just got my first mystery box in the mail. Very excited. – I want to know, can I open it? Can I open it and not
tell you what’s in it? – Thank you. So this box is pretty small,
smaller than I thought. I don’t even remember which one this is but it’s light. This is the big one, the granddaddy, the $100 mystery box, it’s finally here. This is my stack of mystery boxes. (dings) I’ve never been more
excited to open something in my entire life. I’m either gonna look like an idiot or this stuffs gonna be really cool. But I’m probably gonna look like an idiot. (mysterious music) This was the cheapest mystery box. It was $15, it’s very lightweight. I don’t have high hopes for this. (shakes) – I want to say it’s a fanny pack. – Like a clutch or wallet. – Its some trendy glasses. – The listing was very aggressive. So I’m a little scared. (shakes) – Oh, I’m sorry. – This could just be a box of hair. – What if this is a treasure map? – What if it is like poison, I don’t know. It’s probably not. I’m scared to look. Okay, okay. Okay, okay, okay. What is this? Is this like a broken iPhone? What the hell? (laughs) This is literally like a
broken part of an iPhone. I paid $15 for a small box of garbage. (heavenly music) Okay so let’s hope that the
mystery boxes get better when they increase in price. This box was $50. – Maybe it’s like a Roomba? – Cooking machine and
it only cooks hot dogs. – Now that I know it can
definitely be garbage, I’m a little bit, worried to open this. – Maybe like a watermelon? – There’s a lot of stuff in here. – It kind of feels like very heavy shoes. – What? This has a little smiley face. What is all this stuff? Oh my god. Are these fireworks? I don’t. Smells like smoke. This just says here is a bag of strange. What have I done? Are these dead batteries? What is this? The (beeps). Is this a gumball, is this a loose? This is a loose gumball. Is this just, no? This is a bag of garbage. (laughs) What the hell, what is this. This is something to catch flies. There’s a loose gumball I can’t. Moist towelette. A tiny Mickey statuette. The thing that’s really got
me upset is this floss pick. Like if this is used that’s horrifying. Oh God. There’s actual stuff
in here but this person just threw in a bonus bag of garbage with a little smiley face. There’s a book called
How to Speak Southern. Spinach seeds. Watermelon seeds, whoever said
that there was a watermelon in here is not wrong. Sonic the Hedgehog game. Vintage salt and pepper shakers. This is not total
garbage its kind of cool. (magical music) (exhales) Okay, $100. Let’s find out what $100
of mystery looks like? – Can I shake it? Why? – $100? And you don’t even know what it is? (laughs) – This is like scary Christmas. – Probably is a tacky lamp. Yeah, a tacky lamp. – It’s gotta be like an
insane amount of jeans. – Okay. What is this? It smells weird, this is like some stuff, okay. This doesn’t look like trash, which is very exciting. First thing I see is a, oh my goodness, it’s a biography of Ronald Reagan. Wow, there are pants in here. There’s a lot of pants. There’s a straw purse, this is kinda cool. This is definitely like, lady stuff. Is there anything in this purse? There is, oh my goodness. Ha, okay there’s this belt. (gasps) What the? This looks like someone’s like wallet, this is so weird. So here’s this like, I
do not know what this is, are these perfumes? These are, no, these are used like little
on the go toiletries. Breath spray, what does that mean? I feel like these are partially empty. So it’s not like it’s new. Oh tweezers. From a stranger. Got some shorts, Armani exchange. Okay, we got a skirt. Alright a skirt. God there’s like weird stuff
coming out of this box. A bunch of cloth napkins. Oh my god. I feel like instead of going to Goodwill this person just put all this
stuff in a box and shipped it. Which is probably more work
than just dropping it off at Goodwill, then again they did get $100 for worthless junk. Oh that’s musty as hell. Oh wait there’s one more thing. It’s maybe breakable. What is thi? (coughs) It’s like dust. Oh my god is this like a piece? (laughs) It’s a pipe. (laughs) So I believe this is drug paraphernalia, for smoking marijuana. So there’s a bunch of like lady clothes. A Ronald Reagan book. And a pipe. For marijuana. (ethereal music) These were the most exciting
boxes I’ve ever opened. Even though they contained trash
they were very fun to open. I don’t think any of the
things that were sent to me were worth any money at all. But, it was exciting, it was exciting, it did bring some mystery
into my very dull life. If you want like maybe
30 seconds os excitement. And then hours of disappointment and wondering why you wasted money, get a mystery box from Ebay. It makes me want to put my junk in a box and try to sell it on
Ebay but I don’t know if there’s as many dumb
people out there like me that will actually buy it. Part of me wants to chew this gumball. I know I shouldn’t chew
this gumball but like, I do love gum. (upbeat music) (whooshes and squeaks)

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “I Bought A $100 Mystery Box From Ebay

  1. So glad I watched this, i was tossing around the idea of buying one of these! Forget it now! Although, maybe I will send some now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is great idea! I will sale my rubbish on eBay! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. I like the concept of "-Scary Christmas ".
    I think you've invented a new holiday ! !

  4. As soon as you said โ€œ…strange and useful…โ€my mind automatically went to toilet paper ๐Ÿงป๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Only the curious & gullible. Reminds me of the "let's make a deal show". ย "What's behind door number 1, 2 , 3" ?

  6. Mystery packages, if you send the box or the package and real cash. I would give great stuff, and worth more than you paid.

  7. This isn't legal on ebay. You have to show what you are selling. If you do this, they will shut you down. I know, it happened to me.

  8. I would put her ass in a box ๐Ÿ“ฆ with a mystery price๐Ÿทon it and just try to handle the many frustrated returns

  9. 3:11 I work at a job where we repair phones like screens and do battery replacements. I could have used it as a practice phone because I'm am still in training.

  10. If I were her I would just have donated my money online instead for wasting it in buying boxes full of crap.

  11. I have low self esteem so i am gonna buy it. Omg ma'am,you are funny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. well im sorry but the description was right of the box…useful but strange things… true to its words id say

  13. She's hot….but I can't stand when people do that nonchalant, "I just woke up" voice.

  14. The first one that you pulled out was actually the back part of an iPhone5s how do I know well cause I know how small they are I know what they look like cause ….. I have had one for 3 years now still using it now

  15. I was thinking How to Speak Southern… should be useful. I'm from Texas, and speaking proper southern ain't somethin' that should be kept under one's hat, y'all!

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