‘I Am Paul Walker’ Documentary Highlights | Paramount Network

‘I Am Paul Walker’ Documentary Highlights | Paramount Network

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Paul ♪ – The reason why we all were
devastated about Paul Walker is because he’s the
nicest dude on human feet. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Woman] Make a wish. – Paul had real
relationships with everybody. You felt his love. You felt his spirit. You felt his energy. You felt the morale, the
camaraderie, the inclusion. – [Cameraperson] Birthday
boy, look this way. Paul, look this way. (somber instrumental music) – He was somebody that cared, and he was somebody that
really was experiencing life and on the daily, trying to
experience it to the fullest. – Never back down mindset,
you know, go big or go home. – He was just a kid from
(murmuring), you know? The gun-toting hippie,
balance of opposites. You know, a lover and a fighter. – He got into a lot of
fights when he was younger. He didn’t lose very many fights. He would’ve been a great
fireman. He likes to grind, he’s
not afraid to get dirty, talks a lot of trash; he just
fits in. – I just thought he was the
coolest guy in the world and had nothing to do
with the movies, nothing. – He was a guy who’s getting
phone calls left and right from creditors, and right in the middle of that, he’s like, dude, I’m gonna be a
dad. – Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for Paul Walker. All the ladies flip out. – When you meet this dude, you felt like he jumped out of a
magazine. It was like, that’s who he was. – The cinema didn’t capture it
all, couldn’t capture it all. – Paul was always an actor who
had one foot in and one foot out. He would just disappear. – When Paul wasn’t making
movies, he wasn’t in LA. He wasn’t even in the country. He would be, like, in the
Amazon, or he’d be, like, diving with
sharks. – Hey, we got him hooked good! – Each time he appeared
in a Shark Week episode, he donated to my nonprofit. He didn’t even tell me. – He did take care of
people to the point where he wasn’t looking after himself. – He pretty much made a decision that he was gonna back
away from Hollywood. – He was like, “Time? “I don’t have time, I don’t get
time.” You know? “I got money, I don’t got time.” – He really liked the cars, and on those movies he got into
it. He could tell you what
size turbos the cars had, or what they should do
different to make ’em better, and the other actors don’t even
know how to drive a manual
transmission car. He did his homework like nobody
else. – I always believed the subject
matter had a chance to be successful, but when I walked out of that
screening, I knew he was a movie star. – I’m enjoying it, I have
a blast, I love my job. I get to travel. Gosh, I mean, it’s just amazing. I mean, this has really
been going on for me now, like, maybe six years. I think Pleasantville I
did, like, six years ago. – Please welcome Vin Diesel
and Paul Walker, boys. (audience screaming) – You know, I don’t ever want it
to end. – To be young, handsome,
making all that money. The token negro and the
token white man in Miami. It was hard to get a lot of
work done out there, you know? My God. – I don’t know, we just
got along really well. The problem really was though is
like, we got along so well that we
were screwing around more half the
time. – While you’re supposed to be
working. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah. – And so we got, you know,
John Singleton barking at us every once in a while
telling us to get serious. – What up to John Singleton. – The night when I did a big
car jump over a drawbridge, yeah, in a little Nissan
Skyline with no suspension, so it was a hard landing. – Woo! (mechanical crunching) – He would ask me how big the
hits were, and how much it really
hurt, you know what I mean? He was so curious on that part
of it. – Paul Walker was, like,
born for this role. It was crazy. I feel like we’re, like, actors
that was in Paul’s movie. Because everything that’s tied
into cars and adrenaline, it was Paul’s
world. (car engine revving) Some dudes, where they handsome, and they become arrogant with it and they’re unapproachable. As a man, he wasn’t
intimidating, because he was so regular,
and so grounded, and so cool. He was the guy that every
woman wanted to be with and every man wanted to be like. – I think after “Fast and
Furious 1,” he became much more
to what he wanted to do. He didn’t wanna live in
Hollywood. Whenever he wasn’t working, he would be off somewhere on a
boat or hiding under a tree, or
doing whatever he was doing. – He’d always say, like, I
wanted to be a Park Ranger. You know, make $28 grand a year, and like, live in the
wilderness. Like, that’s really what he
wanted to do. – Paul looked around hard
where he wanted to settle down because he was very nomadic. Santa Barbara is a special
place. – [Paul] Most of my time is
spent, you know, Santa Barbara north. As I’ve grown older, I
appreciate more where it’s more lush and more
green. There’s nowhere else like it on
Earth. It’s unique. – Paul, when he got the place up in Santa Barbara, he was so
excited. It was the first time I’d
seen him buy something where he was like, you know,
really, like, I worked and I got this. It was really hard to get to. It was a seasonal road. The dirt that you had to go up had a place where you
could go up there and hide. Take a shower for three or
four days, or five days, and run around, get muddy and
plant trees and shoot and, you know,
just do guy shit, you know? (off-road vehicle engine
buzzing) – Oh, I thought I was
gone for sure. (laughing) – It was his playground. He was a big kid. He was a big kid. – Paul liked to race cars. Not street racing but
really race cars on tracks. – Our common interest was cars. Cars brought us together. He walk it over to me, go, “Hey, are you the guy
who just bought my GT3?” Then, yeah, I told him that I’m
the guy and I also told him that, you
know, a man should never sell
his GT3 in his life. And from that moment on,
we become close friend. (race car engine revving) He loves things that’s fast. Always evolving. Paul built that along with
Roger. They put together a team and he start hanging around more and more with professional
drivers, and he start really learning a lot of great skills with cars. He went from a movie character to really become a race car
driver. A lot of respect for that. – He truly loved the Nissan
Skyline and those kind of cars
more than muscle cars. He liked the technical
part and the better brakes and all the stuff, but
then really what he drove in his everyday life was a
Tacoma truck. He wanted somebody to ding him, and he’d like, oh, don’t worry
about it, and they’d just be shocked. – If he was here right now, and, you know, had something
cool parked outside, and you made a comment
about how cool his car is, he would literally throw the
keys at you and say just, cool, go have fun. It didn’t matter, like, when
he didn’t have anything at all and then when he had everything. Like, nothing about him changed. – Paul had a passage
from George Bernard Shaw that said, you know, I
want to be all used up. You know, I’m not just
some flickering candle. I’m gonna be a torch. When I’m done, I wanna
be thrown completely used on the trash heap of life. And I can actually say
he did a lot of things that made a lot of difference
in a lot of people’s lives. He was a giver. – What is success to you? – [Interviewer] Success
is balance in life. That’s the most difficult thing
to find. – Every single person in my
family, every single person
that calls Paul a friend has been told by Paul from his
mouth, “This is the last one. “Oh, this is the last one. “This is the last one and I’m
done.” Heard that forever. But he couldn’t walk away. He couldn’t quite walk
away yet in his mind, and that’s one thing
that’s, like, so killer. It sucks so bad about, you know, he never got to really enjoy,
like, just watching his daughter grow
up and enjoy everything he
had worked so hard for. He was finally starting to
really kinda put that together and like (sighing) and
then just got cut short. (floaty chime noise)

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. I miss him so much. Still almost can't accept that he's gone. He had so much promise. So very young. He was just good.

  2. RIP Paul Walker I miss you man Paul's brother when I saw you I saw him I started to cry I miss him he was my inspiration he kept me going 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  3. Keep in mind when Paul Walker was 33 he was dating a 16 year old which makes him a Statutory Rapist, outside of that he was cool but he was still a Statutory Rapist no matter how you look at it.

  4. I remember seeing him for the first time in my home town. He volunteered to be one of the judges for a all highschool catwalk event that was booked by my mom at the plaza. It was super packed. After the show ended, I remember seeing him run towards the nearest pub called Killarney's while being chased by women lol. They locked the doors from the public but I managed to get inside thanks to security knowing me and my mom (their boss) and letting me in. I was only 12 when I saw him sitting there by himself at the bar. He didn't have anybody next to him and he only spoke a little bit to the bartender. I built up the courage to go and ask him if I could have his autograph
    He gave me a genuine smile and said sure, and wrote his signature on a pamphlet I had on me. He was the first celebrity I ever met and I wish I could go back to that time and meet him again.

  5. Paul walker and Giorgi Tevadze both were very inspiring car enthusiasts to me. it’s very sad and ironic on how they both died in a car crash on the same year and as passengers.

    RIP Paul Walker RIP OOM-500

  6. Without Brian fast furious sequels are all trash.

    The best part was the fast and the furious 2001 that was the original fucking masterpiece from Cohen the others are all no sense and trash.

  7. Two things a lot of you may not know. Paul did a lot of research on Great White sharks …and he purchased wedding rings for complete strangers who could not afford the rings at a jewelry store. Can anyone verify my comment? It's the truth. That's just who he was. He was a happy person.

  8. Rest in paradise Paul, you are missed by many.

    He was my favorite actor in the fast and furious franchise. I watched every movie he was in and enjoyed them all. I still remember the day I heard about the accident that took him from us and it broke my heart. I couldn't believe it and initially thought it was a mistake. How could someone so involved in fast cars be taken away by one. It was a tough pill to swallow. Even to this day it's hard to believe.

    I felt so bad for his family, I remember his father breaking down during an interview and I felt so bad for him. He came from a wonderful family and my heart goes out to them all.

    I will never forget Paul Walker and there are Millions and Millions of others who won't either.

  9. Why did Paul Walker cross the road?
    Cause he wasn't wearing his seat belt.

    Whats the difference between Paul Walker and my computer?
    I actually care when my computer crashes.


  10. From the 1st fast n furious to his last Paul Walker was an always will be a great human being. He is one of the reasons why my son loves cars and inspires to learn more.

  11. He dated a 16 year old girl at 28 and then another 16 year old while in his 30's…. Isn't that what R Kelly is being prosecuted for?

  12. Paul Walker is the best actor no matter what this guy is something else why illuminati ppl has to set him up like that walker remind me of my little brother the way he acts and talk to people with interview I feel emotional man by seeing this n my favourite character wer like mainly Paul Walker and now I’m hearing they making fast 9 is going to be hard for me to Watch without Walker rest in peace Paul Walker never been forgotten 🙏❤️

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