HUG your HYGIENIST – Why a dental cleaning is mandatory for health and hygiene! – EP 03 Dental Drive

HUG your HYGIENIST – Why a dental cleaning is mandatory for health and hygiene! – EP 03 Dental Drive

(smooth music) – What’s going on guys? This is Dr. O. Hope you had an awesome day. It was a great, beautiful
day, as you can tell. The sun is shining in
Springfield, Missouri. Man, I love the sun. I don’t know about you guys, but we’ve had some rough weather. It’s not been seasonably warm, it’s been seasonably, unseasonably, I don’t know what the
word is, seasonably cold, something like that, I don’t know. Unseasonably cold, that’s
what I’m going for. So today on The Dental
Drive, this is episode three, so we’re just trucking along. This is three days in a row. Anybody liking it? I don’t know. I don’t know, I’m enjoying it. It’s a little bit of fun. So we’re gonna talk about something that I think is pretty cool. It’s the main person you want to be in good relationship with
at your dental practice, and that is your hygienist. They change the world, right? So all you hygienists that watch this, big thumbs up to you. A matter of fact, if you
have a channel let me know, I’ll thumb-up your hygiene channel. But hygienists are rockstars. They make a huge difference for the health of our
patient’s mouth, probably, golly, probably more so
than than dentists really. I mean, we come in and we
reconstruct and maybe fix things, but hygienists prevent so much. So why is it so important and mandatory for you to visit your hygienist? And that’s kind of the
topic of this video. So we all want to brush and floss and hopefully you’re doing
that a couple times a day and at least for a few minutes, making sure you keep your teeth clean, but even if you do this and
you’re a rockstar at it, it’s still not going to prevent something that’s gonna
build up in your teeth and that’s called tartar. Tartar is like that calcified plaque, it’s hardened onto your teeth, you can’t get it off with a toothbrush, and so there comes in the need
for you to go to a hygienist. And you might be going, “Man,
I haven’t been in a while. “I don’t have any problems.” The reason I decided to
talk about this today is we had a patient today, no pain, the only reason she came in is her gums are starting to bleed. She’s a previous smoker,
so she quit smoking. Hats off to her, that’s awesome, I know that’s not easy to quit smoking, but the smoking was preventing
her gums from bleeding and if your gums don’t bleed you wouldn’t know that they’re infected and that’s what kind of
smoking kind of masks that. But her gums were severely
infected from the tartar buildup and even worse, she was suffering
from periodontal disease and didn’t even know it. And this is kind of the big deal. Periodontal disease causes so many things. That’s a whole other discussion, probably at least 10-15 minutes of kind of laying out the groundwork of why periodontal disease
can be so damaging. But long story short, it causes bone loss
and can do it silently. You’ll have no clue it’s even going on and before you know it, half your bone is
missing around your teeth and that’s what the
story was for this lady. Beautiful teeth, fortunately
not a ton of decay, but half of the bone is gone on her teeth. So now we gotta do what? We gotta get those hygienists who are, by the way, they’re expertly trained. They go to two years of extra training just to learn how to clean teeth. You can imagine how good they are, if that’s what they focus on, is cleaning teeth for two years. So that’s why you got to
trust them, take their advice. They’re gonna be able to really
guide you on the right path to really maintaining your teeth and keeping you from spending a lot of wasted money on your oral health. So that’s important to
kind of listen to them. Think of them as your first defense to prevent you from having to see and get shots from from
a dentist like myself who has to maybe come in and fix things that are
gone a little too far. But anyway, so this
patient had this problem and we were able to let her know that, “Hey, we got to get you
healthy and clean that up.” So what does that look like? So let’s say you’ve lost quite a bit of bone
from periodontal disease or you know you’ve been suffering from it, we can’t really just reverse
and grow the bone back, but we can at least halt it. And so what we want to do is do what’s called a
scaling and root planing. it’s a specialized type of cleaning that’s just a deep clean. It goes below the gum line and specially removes all
the tartar around your teeth and because it’s so kind of skilled, it takes quite a bit of time and there’s obviously a
lot of tooth structure to go around and clean this all off and so it takes at least, maybe about an hour
and a half to two hours per half of the mouth, if you
have that type of disease. Now you may just maybe have tartar buildup and aren’t susceptible
to periodontal disease, don’t have the bone loss that
comes from the tartar buildup and that’s why just going
in every six months to, at least once a year, to
make sure that your hygienist can help knock off that tartar. So that’s why they’re awesome, that’s why I titled
this hug your hygienist, because they’re awesome,
they’re really valuable. Make sure you appreciate them, they work really hard doing kind of the, that’s a tedious task
to go around each tooth and kind of remove that tartar. Also, I want you to know that there’s a lot of people who have asked about, maybe they have some condition or some issues that they’d
like to be addressed and fixed and they might want to travel or maybe they don’t have
any financial way to do it, we’ve got something pretty cool coming up that you’ll be able to
submit some information. We might be doing, I don’t
know, some sort of giveaway. I don’t want to spill the
beans on all the details, but it’s gonna be awesome,
it’s gonna be really cool. It may cost you next to
nothing or actually nothing. See, I get so excited. I want to fill you all in, but you’re gonna just have
to wait and be patient. I’m not very patient. I don’t know if you guys
struggle with patience, I definitely do. And then I’m gonna give you
a little prelude to tomorrow. So tomorrow we’re gonna
have a good discussion on, I keep getting asked, “What
in the world are you doing “giving cookies and cappuccinos “and sugar at a dental office?” It’s a valid question. I’ve got a really good answer for it. I’ll talk about it tomorrow. But if you enjoyed this video, learned a little bit about tartar buildup, learned about loving your hygienist, giving them a hug, high-five. My hygienists, when I
told I was gonna do this, they’re like, “Don’t tell
everybody to give us a hug.” I’m like, “Okay, well it’s
a play on words, right?” Hug your hygienist. Alright, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. You guys have an awesome
evening, awesome day tomorrow. Thanks for watching and
give the video a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t already. I hate saying all that stuff, but you gotta say it,
otherwise you forget, right? So if you’ve watch to
now, please that courtesy. Hit that little thing like that and you guys have an awesome one. Keep smiling.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. I agree 100% but I been using Sonicare toothbrush and my dental hygienist noticed a big difference. I never told her I was using it but she knew I used it.

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  3. Thank you for the nice video! I am worried about infections from the Tooth Cleaning given the news around hepatitis infections that some patients got from going to their dental office. Is there any way dentists can provide each patient with personal tooth cleaning kit that they can carry on their visit to the dental hygienist. Are the costs prohibitive…how much would it cost if I wanted to have my own set of cleaning tools? Thank you!

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