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  1. Manual Testing Complete Playlist

  2. Thanks , very useful and informative all the description, scenario and case are well explain . I this step are mandatory steps are need more explanation ?

  3. Better write a test cases for web services or API testing instead login page and password..seeing from 2005 ..hope u understand the agony… everyone tells the same useless example brother..we are expecting more from you..

  4. Hello sir I have attended Capgemini interview in written they asked one question what is redzone defect can u plz give the answer in comment I searched this one but not getting any response

  5. Hi sir..one request can you plz make a video on test cases other than login functionalities.. like booking a ticket in online booking apps, add to cart like flipkart ecommerce sites– because I see many videos only on login functionality.. so please make a video on other functionalities too.. it will be really helpful.
    Thank you in advance..

  6. Why is it that all tutorials like this on YouTube are made by Hindu people? I have yet to find a qa test tutorial without a accent. Not hating, just noticing it. Thank you very much for the tutorials

  7. So do have videos for how to understand requirement and from that requirement tester will write test cases in real time?

  8. Hello.tell me please it is true the way from junior to senior in automation qa is too mach shorter than the same in development. Thank you for your answer

  9. Hello sir
    Good morning,
    I liked this video every much but my suggestions is to upload the excel sheet so that many of them can understands by that

  10. you should have written them already to save the time though, hovering curser later above them to explain. thanks anyways.

  11. great video sir… please upload domain specific projects testing like this.. thanks in advance

  12. no need to write test case for invalid login invalid password. Its goes to the same class as valid login invalid password or leave empty fields.

  13. Thank you! This is the second video I watched about creating a test case. I'll look for tutorial on how to use this test case.

  14. Description and test steps looks same..test description should be "verify the login functionality with valid user name and valid password"

  15. A question
    Can u please let me know when do we put status as Fail?
    As u said when we get expected outcome the status will be be pass.
    But in video u put it as fail and later delete that

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