How To Write One Blog Post Per Month And Repurpose It Into 10 Pieces Of Content

How To Write One Blog Post Per Month And Repurpose It Into 10 Pieces Of Content

What if I told you that you could create one
blog post at the beginning of the month and then use that one blog post to propel your
entire digital marketing strategy for the entire month. Well, it actually can be done. I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten,
and today I’m going to show you how to do just that. So before we dive in if you haven’t already
make sure you subscribe to your YouTube channel, but let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, so at the beginning of the month you’re
going to sit down and you’re going to write a blog post with at least 1,800 words on your
topic of choice. Now the reason we say at least 1,800 words,
and this is really important, is that Google will prioritize in the search engine longer-form
content that really gets at a granular level into a topic, and our research and other SEO
experts’ research suggests that at least 1,800 words is that crucial tipping point. So you’ll write your blog post. Make sure you have at least 1,800 words on
the topic, really dive deep and get into the granular bits and pieces of that content. Once you finish, you’re going to go ahead
and upload it to your website. And you also at that time want to make sure
that you have images included in the body of the blog post as well. So good images would be things like graphs
or charts or something that helps articulate your point even further. You can either pull these from other resources
like or other reputable sources, or you can create your own using a free tool
called Canva. Once you’ve added your images in, next you’re
going to make sure that the keywords that you would want your post to rank for when
someone is searching for content topics that are similar to it is included in both the
headline of your blog post as well as H1 and H2 tags throughout the copy. So for instance, if you’re talking about
10 tips for taking social security at the right time, you can do a quick little bit
of research on Google and see what other kinds of questions people are searching for that
are similar to that and make sure that those keywords are put throughout your post. Okay. So once you get your post uploaded to your
website, next what you’re going to do is create about 8 social media posts from that
one blog post. So you’re going to go and you’re going
to create a chart. You’ll say week 1 and for week 1 you’ll
have two posts. Week 2, two posts. So, you’ll have two posts per week. For each social media post, I want you to
create a different little commentary above what you’ll share. So you’re going to be sharing that same
blog post each time, but the way that you share it would be different. So for instance, the first time you share
it you might have a stat like did you know 61% of people end up taking social security
at the least opportune time, right? And then you share a link to your blog post. The second time you might take one of those
graphs or charts that you included in your blog post and share that with some commentary
about that graph or chart. So each of the eight different things that
you say over those four weeks is going to be a different stat or sentence or quote from
your blog post. You’ll go ahead and get all of that uploaded
into your social media scheduling tool. So now you’ve got one blog post on your
website, you’ve got 8 social media posts scheduled,
and the last thing I want you to do is to record a quick video talking about the topic
at hand just like I’m recording right here. You can even record it on your smartphone. Just make sure you have good lighting or you
can use a tool like Zoom or Loom to record it. Once you’ve recorded that, I want you to
go back and add that video into the body of your blog post as well as upload that video
to the social media channels natively and include it on your YouTube channel if you
have one. So there you have it. That’s how you take one blog post and create
10 different pieces of content from it over the course of just one month. For even more digital marketing tips just
for financial advisors, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on LinkedIn,
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Twenty Over Ten. Thanks, everyone.

Author: Kevin Mason

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