How to Write a Good Blog Post or Entry in 20 Mins or Less

Hi everybody! It’s Ben Medina. This is my first video and I’m going to teach you today a cool way to blog that i just found out. I just discovered this method while reading a new article that I discovered in Hubspot, and this article is about three years old, but it still is some pretty great information that I think anyone can use. So I’ll leave a link below in the description on this particular part, if you want to check it out. So here’s the way that you can blog fast, quick, and easy; you almost don’t have to do actually any writing at all. So here’s what you do. First step is you open up a note-taking app. You can use things like Evernote or Google Keep (if you’re an Android) or iOS Notes. Any one of those three will totally fine with this method. And then, the next step you do is enable your voice notation app. For Android users, the best way to access this to use the Google Keyboard. If you’re on iOS, Siri’s built into the system. So then once you have this, all you have to do is open up your note-taking app and basically dictate yourself explaining your topic. A good tip before you actually write and dictate your blog posts is to have an outline. I recommend you use Microsoft Word because Microsoft Word has built-in outlining. Then what you do afterwards is you take a screenshot or picture of that and then you put it into a new note on your note-taking app. So then what you do afterwards is you basically open up your note-taking app, you put the cursor on, you turn on Siri or Google Now and you basically dictate. Now, when you dictate, it’s not going to actually pick up every single word you say exactly. So you’re going to have to be careful that you don’t stop dictating and start trying to edit what you’re going to say .The reason why you use these note-taking apps and one of the reasons why I recommend these note-taking apps that they automatically sync with your desktop. So one of the beauties of this is that once you actually are done dictating, you just sync via data or Wi-Fi, open up your computer, and you have all your text all set up and it’s good to go. So that’s my blogging tip for you today and I hope you guys enjoyed this. Leave me a comment, subscribe below, and hope you guys enjoy. Take care!

Author: Kevin Mason

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