How to Use the Waterpik® Complete Care 5.0

How to Use the Waterpik® Complete Care 5.0

Waterpik® Complete Care
combines water flosser and sonic toothbrush
technologies to create the perfect
oral care routine. Brushing and flossing
is now possible with one convenient device that saves
counter space and power outlets. To get started, charge the
Triple Sonic Toothbrush by placing it in
its docking station. Next, you will need
to prime the pump. Fill the reservoir
with warm water and replace it
firmly on the base. Select the tip
that’s right for you. Our customized tips are
perfect for cleaning around braces, implants,
and other dental work. Insert the tip firmly
into the handle until it clicks into place. Turn the pressure
setting to high. Point the tip into the sink. Turn power and water switches
on until water flows. Turn unit off. To start water flossing, turn
pressure to lowest setting. Place the tip into your
mouth, lean over the sink, and turn the power
and water switches on. Turn up to the pressure
setting that feels most comfortable to you. As you floss, close
your lips enough to prevent splashing
but still allow water to run freely from your
mouth into the sink. To avoid mess, don’t look in
the mirror while water flossing. Look into the sink. Use the water on/off switch on
the handle to temporarily stop the water flow if needed. For best results, aim the tip
at the gumline at a 90 degree angle. Starting with the back
teeth, follow the gum line and pause briefly between teeth. After completing
the front and back, clean the bottom
teeth in the same way. Once you finish flossing, use
the Triple Sonic Toothbrush to complete your
oral care routine. Push the power button
and select Clean mode. Brush teeth for two minutes,
working on all surface areas. You may also choose the
Whitening mode, which helps remove surface
stains, or the Massage mode for enhanced gum
stimulation and circulation. All it takes is a
few minutes a day to get healthier gums, brighter
teeth, and fresher breath. For more information

Author: Kevin Mason

5 thoughts on “How to Use the Waterpik® Complete Care 5.0

  1. Do dentists recommend that? Is there a version that connects directly to water ? Does it reduce the need for a proper dental cleaning on the dentists? Maintenance cost and hygiene maintenance?

  2. I got the black one.. . I been using it for a week and dam already can feel a change.. .
    Feels like my mouth is much cleaner.. ..

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