How to Take a Kid to Their First Dentist Visit – Video

How to Take a Kid to Their First Dentist Visit – Video

DADDY CLAY: Welcome back to the Lab, I’m
Daddy Clay. DADDY BRAD: And I’m Daddy Brad. You know
what can scare the crap out a little kids? Clowns. DADDY CLAY: Yeah. And broccoli. DADDY BRAD: Aunt Mary’s kisses with that
big goiter and the hairy mole. DADDY CLAY: And dentists. DADDY BRAD: But it doesn’t have to be that
way. Because today we’re talking about taking the dentist off the scary list. DADDY CLAY: I don’t know, dude… DADDY BRAD: Believe it or not, the American
Dental Association says you should bring you child to the dentist’s office for the first
time at about age one. They barely have any teeth! DADDY CLAY: But early visits are important,
not just so the dentist can make an early check to make sure everything is progressing
okay, but also because it’s good for the kid to get at least a visit of two in before
any unpleasantness is involved. DADDY BRAD: Her in Austin, we’re lucky to
have a number of specialized pediatric dentists. If you have that option where you live we
highly recommend it. DADDY CLAY: Typically, the pediatric guys
are going to have tricked out waiting rooms that put the kids at ease, and usually a few
tricks in the exam chair to help young patients feel comfortable and relaxed. DADDY CLAY: Well, that’s all for us this
week in the Lab. Join us next week fir food and feeding disasters, brought to you by Boon. DADDY BRAD: So when was the last time you
went to the dentist? DADDY CLAY: Brad, no one wants to know that. DADDY BRAD: My question is are you setting
a good example? DADDY CLAY: On the DadLabs dental plan? I
don’t think so. DADDY BRAD: Did you have a bad experience
as a child? DADDY CLAY: Did you see the new Charlie and
the Chocolate factory? Like that. How about you dude. Talk about scary.

Author: Kevin Mason

28 thoughts on “How to Take a Kid to Their First Dentist Visit – Video

  1. woot! first view AND first comment?!?! I feel honored. So glad you guys got featured, I might never have discovered you and your hilarious and informative videos. I love the ones that follow the "pregnant man". Good stuff. Keep em coming!

  2. great video. Now sometimes a kid will feel better with the regular dentist… only because they have sometimes been there with mom, dad, etc.

    When I was a kid, I was not terrified at all because the dentist was a guy I'd known forever

    I'd been in there from infancy just toted along and it was a place that was made just one of the places we sometimes went.

    So if you can find a small practice before your kids are even born… get to know the dentist and just make it familiar, that helps.

  3. I don't know, It's just one of those things that I've never thought about as being really scary, the dentist just checks or your teeth and does what needs to be done. Simple.
    Some children may find it scary because people make a big deal out of it, that's usually the case with a lot of things in life. The dude in the vid is right, it's all about choosing your words carefully.

  4. Im 28 the HATE denstist with a passion as a child they terrified me plus made my mouth bleed after every visit and now i got laid off and now have no dental insurance…gotta love michigan dentist

  5. my old dentist missed like 6 cavities when we switch i had to get 6 fillings in like 2 weeks! ugg, but now i take care of my teeth

  6. Im terrified but my mom doesnt believe me! Its the needles. Im not afraid of anything else. but my dentist filled a SMALL cavity, no novocaine, be put the drill on my finger first, after that i was like, *PHEW* so my first filling was a good experience. and now i KNOW i have 2 cavaties. and im not going back!

  7. I don't like dentist, but i'm not afraid of it. It of course hurts, i've had few cavities, but i never take needles, they really don't help overall.

  8. @DadLabs Yeah seriously is right, your dentist sounds like an a**hole. Try a new dentist cause there are some great ones out there (like mine)

  9. I found a really good clown-dentist! He's awesome, always jumping out from behind corners with dental picks in his hands & screaming. Seriously, thanks for the awesome videos you guys!

  10. Thanks for sharing this great info for first dentist visit for kids. It is generally recommended that a child be seen by a dentist by the age of 1 or within 6 months after his or her first tooth comes in. A delayed first visit to the dentist can affect children's lifelong oral health.

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