How to Setup Multi WordPress Sites on a Single Ubuntu – Vultr vps

How to Setup Multi WordPress Sites on a Single Ubuntu – Vultr vps

hey guys what’s going on here this is
conceived from basic fuck talk calm in this video I’m going to show you how to
setup or install WordPress no not WordPress multi WordPress I on a single
cloud we guys yesterday I got a question from a guy on Facebook and he asked me
how to install WordPress no I don’t know why I always said WordPress multi
WordPress I on a single IP it mean that on a single droplet on only a cloud
you’ve been to server and guys so in this video I will so you have to install
to WordPress on your cloud with yes but the for you need to Cambridge initial
service of outsiders resetting yourself privilege and install and stick and then
you’re going to edit on the visual help file to pawn your WordPress blog to two
different IP no not two different two different domains okay I’m not trying to
explain much about that no no no we need one more thing to discuss guys I don’t
know what is your purpose to install the WordPress blog on the same IP but it’s
not recommend to install magic WordPress blog on the same IDs because I
experienced all of the organic traffic using multi site on the same ip and also
if you create multi site for Rhydian to fall further back link opposite it’s not
a good idea to to to use the same ID I recommend you to use different hosting
and different IP to host your video and your visual private network clock and
but if you have a specific purpose on and you want you to use a multi site on
the same APIs and this tutorial is come for you but I’m not recommend to house
your your WordPress blog on the same IP ok guys no talking much about that so
let’s go and dip into the tutorial oh I will separate the
widow into sort of a son or three though because some people ask me about how to
confess FileZilla and some people home ask me how to – in the short setup and
some people have asked me how to install and stick but actually I already put
that in a whole widows WordPress installation so that’s why I decide to
separate the widow into salt listen and if you looking for a whole verse and
just look down into the description and I will lift the link to the full video
and if you watch it on a sword video okay so here we go and I’m now on the
back end of the voice so I will hit on deploy a new server and I will go with
New York New Jersey’s and where I love actually I try to to get the Western
visitors that via I try to make my blog perform and better in that location but
if you not to get those us or you are how can explain and you need to to to
look to the server that close to your visitor so that the block will perform
better than the server that have a long stand for your visitor so make sure you
select the one that close to your customer your visitor I don’t know I
will go with ubuntu 16.04 machine and you should go with 17 and if you
familiar with the Hiawatha night actually I don’t know what is the new
release or that person that my I don’t go with that person in this tutorial but
I just go with what extremely rich and however I recommend you to go with a
less 16 person because if you go lower then there wasn’t well and this tutorial
might not work for your case so please make sure you on the and they 16 percent
I will go with a one kicker by Ram and find the last month but if you you
you clear this WordPress site for your business recommend to go with to Kiko by
Ram and because it will make your wordpress site your business I go faster
and perform by the decide students so I recommend to go which are less two
gigabyte but it is the tutorial so I go with fiber last month I will enable IP
version 6 and private network and I don’t and about the DOS protect but if
you large you can enable it it will charge you $10 a month for additional
price ok let’s go to horse and it boot important when you complete your your
your your server as is installed Sun male guys I promise to can with the Sun
male function but I had some problem with that tutorial and now I try to
contact to voice and we are driving to figure out the issue so I will come up
with that to tree as soon as possible so we go with I will name it baby chica
ok and then I hit deploy a new server and it just ly take around 5 minutes to
get the server on large and I will back into the tutorial after the server is
lie ok guys now I’m back and why they deploy
a new server for us and did you see the smoke I just smoke ok so I hit all
manage the server ok it running and here is your IP address old you can use that
IP to manager server and you can hit on this link or this link to open a console
window so that you can access to your web server using SH but I’m not using
that console window it made me working slowly as I explained in the previous
video I will use a sh client color potty and if you know that they install putty
on your notebook and you can find the download link below its previous
no previous freeware yeah that’s it okay so I will delete this I did one before
but it was run over here and it made me know and make a known it sits on in the
video so I delete it so let’s just copy your IP address and
pass it in your host name and it here and the food pot is 22 it’s correct okay
just hit on Sh and I would say the server to be BG
class so next time I don’t need to copy the IP again to save it and I hit opened
it the first time you assess to your server it problems you by the
fingerprint just head yes I will login as a root at the default user and your
password is here just copied my click on this icon I right-click on the terminal
to pass the password and I hit enter on the keyboard to login yeah usually the
first command we going to run here is I get update to update the co environment
so just update it okay now we update our co environment so the next step we going
to do is to add a new user and add user to user group and then we go into this
about the root logins and as I explained in the previous tutorial how to when you
install your WordPress blog and usually did you so they try to hack a website
server they just test with the diffuser so they might try to test the admin
administrator or root or something like that they try to test log in and try to
figure out and hang to your password so it’s not a good idea to keep the root
user permission to access to the server so now let’s go to how to do that
only wait did you understand what try to explain you and English is
difficult for me when I try to make the chatter via you know I need to sing in
my native language and then I need to translate it into English so sometimes I
pretend the wrong word sometime I speak to wrong so if I met you confused in the
tutorial you can command me on Facebook or if you watch this video on YouTube
you can come and it’s on YouTube I will try a three we try to to the respond to
your command and your question and food do not hesitate to give me what you
wonder about okay I so let’s go I will stab it adduser command to add a new
user and followed by username and it’s my name just hit enter one do create a
new sir it pro you to input the password for the new user so I give the password
for my new user and after input the password and confirm it it prom the
information regarded to the user I just input my full name it is
unnecessary to input the other informations and it’s my opening so I
just hit insert to ignore it ignore it and it confirmed you the questions are
hit by to tell the juban to that everything is correctly okay now I ready
create a new user so I will add a user to super money creation group so you so
can work as the administrator on that server I will stab it to know not to do
I Henry on the Rudy so just do some mood that’s edgy and then followed by to do
and your user name just hit enter okay guy now we ready create a new user and
add it to the pseudo group so let me try to log in as that user make sure we can
log into that user account before we going to block the root access so
hit control D on my keyboard to exit the terminal and open the pussy again
and I below the server and opened this time I will login as a new user with my
password okay now as you can see we have a different window between the root
Dokken and pseudo user log in so you can read it find more information or
whatever I don’t know and I will update the server the co environment against
that with sudo command as I am not running a reducer so I need to start
with sudo command and app good and update come on okay a little bit slower where
and it problem the password so just view the password to the new user okay guy
now I ready log in as a new user so the next step I’m going to do is to disable
root log in and as I explained you it’s it’s not a good idea
sorry it’s not a good idea to keep the just the root user the permission to
access to your server so I will added a has a configuration file and pretty here
the command over here so I just copy it just pass it over here and I hit enter
I’m looking down there to find the root log information here this you need to
change it from yes to no and just hit control a to and Y to a sub the save and
insert to finish the editing once you edit anything in the SA configuration
file you need to reload the SH with so I will start with sudo system control and
reload SH service Oh guys and if you worry about the command don’t worry I
live it down there on the description of the video and if you watch it on YouTube
and if you watch it on Facebook you can click on the link to the YouTube channel
so you can find the command down there I just hit enter to reload the service and
hit control D to exit the terminal and we need to log in to the server again
that’s what we do and log in and log out until we finish the configuration so I
load the server and I open it again I just log in as the root user and make
sure I cannot log in to the root I don’t know what is the password just copy it
here and pass it here and hit enter well bingo and that’s what we intending to do
that root is now cannot assess to to our server I just new system a
right-click on the terminal music sin and control D on this old
terminal I load the server again and I log into the server again this time I
log in the pseudo user give it the password and update the co environment
again with to do I’ve got and update before we run in the installation we
need to run the update ok here we go guys so now the root has no permission
to access to the server and the next time I’m going to do here is trying to
make my server more secure and think about we block the root access but what
if the guy did try to find they try to find a new username and it had to the
new username or they try different way to attack to your server so why don’t we
generate three that only used for our notebook to access to that server and so
I will in this step I will generate the private is a key to access to the server
and actually I just to explain about that one time in the previous video and
so now let’s again and you know every time I explain that and it will confuse
how to explain it okay so let’s think about the ATM one you need to withdraw
your money from the bank you need to put your ATM card into the ATM machine and
then you input your PIN code so what if a guy I got your ATM card and they try
to withdraw your money of course they need the pin code in order to access to
your your account and also if you got they got your
they need the care to access to your car so the is a de privately is similar to
that process so the guiding is need to the need the private key and password to
access to your your-your-your server so in this case we going to
generate the private SATs and then we secure the key with the password and
then we disabled user password login so if they get the username and password
they still cannot log into your server unless they have your private key and
password or your private key so here we go in order to generate the private key
I will I’m using Windows so I need to use a window environment I just try 40
and here as you can see you have I have a petechiae generator over here if you
install put it on your notebook you will have all environment size 40 generate 40
clients so make sure you install put it on your notebook okay
now let me check the stop I used to generate one before so I will delete
this one and make sure we not confuse with that piece okay just hit on key
make sure the is a2 is check on your yo-yo petition so we hit on generate
move your mouse around the blank space to have the programs which in red is a
key for you okay come on okay here we go and this is the fingerprint that
generate by the program and hand a command you will see this command on
note some know when do as I through your cloud VPS and the phrase is optional and
if you done input the phrase and you just need the is-8 key to a search of
your server but it’s higher command to input the phrase because as I told you
if the guy got your key they will about to assess through your server so if you
input the phrase they need the fresh and clean
to assess to your server so I will input my fresh the password for the key confirm it below and hit save
I will save it as a privately it is an accessory to save it as a public so just
say with a private key and I will save it on the desktop because it is easy for
me to assess for this tutorial and however I recommend you to save it to
wherever it is sexual and you easy to I’m sorry that insect fly around here so
it on the secure place and where you can easy to assess it over there okay just I
will name it also rocky and you can leave it to whatever you want okay here
it camp and I keep this I’m not closing it so I will go to the terminal which
are ready open it I will make a new directory with mkd and start with this
search and dot Sh okay just hit enter and I will set the permission to 600 no
so 100 so established sudo command actually are working on my home
directory so I don’t need to stab it sudo command but it’s a large server
command so why don’t we put it okay so sudo chmod Shang modification load and
it will base 100 and start with the home directory search and dot SH edinger okay
now I check the permission through the folder so i start with sudo nano and i
create a new file called auto rocky on that buddha also right piece yes it is just hit
enter and then you need to right-click on this block and to select all scroll
down here make sure you select all the characters just copy and right-click on
the terminal to press it and control edge
no no control why to accept the sale and hit enter
okay when you create the files you need to set the permission for that so I will
set it to chain permission to 600 and home directory sound dot SH and also
rise P okay I said permission for the key to 600 okay now we will agree at the
sak so let me try to log in with sa key just control D 40 and I load the server
this time I will hit on SH and also rocky did you hear the sound here and
it’s the traditional traditional festivals for Cambodia we call it wish I
purchase and the Hmong they need to place for the Buddhist for around three
month maybe I am not sure about it but my mama did they clear the clear by this
information I don’t know what that sound is the traditional first of all for
Cambodia okay so I will load the ASAP on my desktop and I’ve open it
make sure what kind of sex with that hole is it my service reduce my click so
I need to log in with the password let me check the s 8 configuration file and
what the hell is going wrong with my server just input the password let me
scroll down make sure SSH is allow okay it says yes yeah make sure on this one
is yes yes okay let me yes the Chilean respond is no that’s correct this will
be correct I think everything is correct it’s my because I did not reload is a
configuration file make sure I do we load it reload it let’s try to reload
that and hit enter okay I will stab it a new citizen I load the
server and SH and here and I choose my is a key just open it
I login as a root I still refuse over here what the hell is happened that’s it
let me do that again I read it as a configuration file maybe I need to
change the key yeah and as you can see here I just buy
generate is to zero edge yeah okay and I sing a suit home a suit and about this
location actually we we should not but let’s try to do it
just control edge and hit enter and reload the is a key again I just copy it
from here and paste it here and I will open a new session and try to log in
with that key also rocky and load it and open come on guy down put me down let’s tear reduce my key what happens okay so close it the way that we can do
that is go to the ass a configuration file maybe I said the wrong formation
but let me try this again I will come on this line yo and control
H and Y and hit enter every time you change anything just reload the SH okay
I need to close this and try to log in again maybe end it to save this private
key again make sure I just the correctly I load this
I love the also rocky yeah desktop open it the key is reduced guys maybe I said the
wrong Commission so sometimes it causes a problem okay so what I’m going to do
is I remove the P and I recreate it again so it’s a bit arm to remove remove
the is H key Fuda so it should be here dot sh and it should be flow or F I know
who can use that okay and unless al make sure there’s no is a key guy and then I
guess a key is gone so what I’m going to do is I recreate the food so I stab it
m’kay do to create a new food alcohol I so start with this charge dot is H and
then let me try to create a file called sudo nano and that sound I don’t know
how to pronounce that but it’s ten for Hong Hooda dot a sh+ also rocky and okay just hit enter a problem the
password just give what it wrong and I will right-click on this key and just
copy it and I will pass it in here control H inter no no no interval I and
enter okay reload is actually done it but yeah to make sure the switch is
working maybe I said all the wrong to permission so this time I tried now with
the promise and okay let me close this terminal to control D we try to login
again as the with the is a key come on guy I don’t put me down it should be working here we go yeah I said the wrong
permission maybe we try different mission okay I am
not set the permission over here so please try different permission and make
sure we can write and execute the file okay I give you the password to the
fresh and it is not probably the user password but the fresh password okay now
we ready login to that so the next step I am going to make it
more sexual and if the guy get my username and password they still not
able to login to my server so when it should disable password login just go to
the configuration file which sudo nano and add it on I have a configuration
file it throw me the password and I give it body 1 and look down there I find 5
out foreign password login you had it I will delete the command and
I change it just to know so I change password authentication from yes to no
so I hit ctrl H on the keyboard why and in turn to a sub save and one
you added anything on that you need to reload a s ad so I just reload this with
using sudo system control and we load a sed just hit enter what we do is again
is ctrl D to exit the terminal and open the putti again this time I will try to
log in with the password without the is a key make sure why cannot log in you
can see so and as you can see now I cannot log in with my password and so I
need the is a key to log into the server okay no prefer I will log in with my key just go I love the server and I hit on a
sh and also write and I load the file I scroll up to the session and I say the
session so next time I don’t need to find my SAT again ok also I can maybe I
can no we done it yeah ok then log in my with my username I input the fresh
password ok now we really looking and guys now we really sexual over server so
the next video I was going to show you how to install them step ok so here we
go how to install our land snake so we go to protists and I load my server
which we do setup just open it my username and I input the phrase of
the SAT and if you watch on the sole person or not really watch the previous
video and I wish you find Lynn with all of the descriptions okay so the first I
need to run sudo apt-get update to update the co environment it told me the
password just you the password or my username I saw the prepare command here
I didn’t open it that me okay here is okay now I just run the command with sudo apt-get install app a tool to
install apache2 server and it probably just hit yes to continue the
installation and please wait a little bit and it will working okay I need to
login to my server and to check the password no no no to check the IP
address of my server and here it is just go to it ok now the server is running so no no no
no no the Apache is running so we can see this plague okay after that we need
to do some configuration of the PI server so let me start it to do a pipe
control and configuration test and as you can see we have some yes some error
over here so we need to pull in a part to our server so what I’m going to do
now is added applied to configuration file
I just so do the noseless agencies iPad 2 and iPad 2 corner and hit enter you
need to scroll down to the bottom and add your server IP scroll it down and
server name so name it case sensitive make sure you input it correctly I just
copy my IP address and I pass it over here I hit control H on my keyboard and
Y and hit enter to finish it and when you edit anything in applied
configurations you need to reload up a service so I will start with through
system control and restart applied to ok let me check up a configuration test
again and as you can see the error message is gone so we ready conflict
over a patch so what you need to do neck is to install my actual server on your
server I start with sudo I’ve got install my
actual server just hit enter and yes to continue ok now it problem you the
password of the root user so just give password to the actual root user confirm
the password let’s read a little bit it’s almost done
okay now we then so we ready install my actual server so I need to secure the
install isn’t this would start with to do just to do and problem the root
password so just give the root password of my actual and in this case it as me
to set up the wall dead password plug-in so I said yes to set it up I choose to
for strong password and then it asked me to no no not ask me it told me that the
estimates the estimated strong password is 100 and in that my password is
completely strong so it asked me to change I hit enter to ignore the chain
and I hit Y and inter to remove animal unknown the most user and this one I hit
enter to ignore disable remote login and I hit right to remove test that way and
we are going to reload the privilege or we don’t need to load reload it I think
we should reloaded okay and then configurations no node configuration and
then installation of my actual server so the next step we need to install PHP so
I just copied the command and it had to run and PHP models so you just find the
command down there it’s avoid on YouTube and if you wrote on Facebook you can
find my youtube link and I lift the command down there under the YouTube
video just hit enter I just hit Y to continue the installation you okay now we dance oh let me refresh the
peg not really reloaded so no no and I don’t
know what I why I need to reload this that take it nothing related so just go
to sue Doudna no and just hit enter to edit the directory configurations and in
this case I just want to tell a part to load PHP dot sorry index dot PHP yeah I
sort of had to first load index dot PHP and then index dot HTML and yeah I just
remove the duplicate over here and I hit ctrl H on the keyboard and why to a sub
the sale and hit enter and one D chain that you need to restart the apply to so
I just do the same command just so do this time control and restart the Apache okay now just test the apply series and
as you can see a patch is active and no problem and you can install the other
Apache model but in this case I am not showing you how to install it and so we
will continue in next step so we really install the lamp stack on our server and
if you want to test how it work you candidate just let me sit this you just
start with sudo nano and /y /ww slash HTML okay and then slash index dot PHP
I agree at own index file and to make sure it work let me show you again and I
did a mistake over here so do not know this should be sorry no no okay that’s correct
and I will start with PHP commands and echo out echo a – it is working
yeah and a – okay and close PHP human that’s all and what I just check is that
work okay let me refresh the page I’m sorry let me back reflect the pic okay
now our server load the index.php file and we release it up our lamp stack guys
and i try to make the video step by step so we do finish of a lamp stack
installation on our juban through server so the next step i’m going to show you
how to install to wordpress site on the same server IP so see you in next video
hey guys welcome back to the tutorial and really secure over servers and we
install the lamp stack on our servers so in this video i am going to show you how
to manually install to wordpress i on the same with a server on the same IP
but in order to do that you need to point to domain to your server so let me
show you and now all my video server i need to go to see uh no no no DNA to
pawn my server to that and there we go to go today how can I bring angle daddy No Go Daddy
okay head is and today I just bought a new domain for this tutorial and and
just saw you that I invest 0.99 seven for a tutorial ok just login and yes and
this domain ready set up the gymnast dot advisor I just copy it and I add a new
domain and I paste it here and I pawned no man – yeah this IP my server ID and
you can go to your server so that you can see what is your server ID and just
hit on it yeah here it’s just so wordy just copy that pass it and add it once
you add your server know you’ll add the domain to your server well I set up some
C DNS record for used I seen a mail code so what you need to do is to point your
domain to the voiceover edit I will go to this domain and actually I think that
it’s ready set up ok as you can see it’s ready porn to the server so I need to to
to add another domain so just back and this domain is newly bought today and as
you can see it the same name but and with a desi extensions so I just copy it
and then I go to server again and I go to the US and add new server
I test the domain over here and then i copy my IP address and i pass it over
here and I add it so this time I need to copy this server name and I go to Venus
actually in my take up to 24 hour to to make the domain a fridge so I’m not so
at work for today so I just hit on server name and I change it just choose
cast oh come on what happened okay ready I will test the server name
over here and ready ready ready here it is I just copy under the server name and
I’ll pass it on my GoDaddy domain and I save it okay I’m
now see the mistake and suddenly the email isn’t it and let me check the
inbox in it when it ran over here so usually my home studio have a lot of
insect it fly around here did you see that and okay let me find Go Daddy let me show it for Go Daddy I thought
that s all lying me okay we didn’t see a nickel firmly so just hit on them and on
a hit on my domain on GoDaddy and to back to the domain and maybe I take some
time to get a fridge so I just keep it but let’s continue to how to install our
WordPress blog so I just closed this and it’s mess up on my screen and this one
also I will go to go to what go to parties and I’ll set through my server
know the insect make me distract me and now sorry for that okay I just hit open
and I will log in with my username I confirm the phrase password and if you
don’t know where it come and you can find a previous video I’ll leave the
link down there okay now I already on my um so what I’m going to do is I download
WordPress file which what God commands I just a bit W get and the URL of the
WordPress installation file just hit enter and okay now the download is
finished so what I’m going to do is to extract the file just avatar egg the VF
and file name so it’s just fit inter you know I know that command is for extract
the fiber I never remember that command just whenever I try to extract the file
I need to so exploit okay guy now I really extract the file on my server and
in this video I am NOT going to show you how to install WordPress with PHP my
admin as I’m not ready install it but I will use my actual command to to to
create the database and install WordPress with net so I will start with
my actual and des yeux and root I login as root and then I input the password
for my actual and you know that password when we install the lens tag yeah here
we go and now I will create two different database for through different
size and the first the first here I agree at a dead back all gymnast and I
set it to the I said have a default character and color to do at th and I’m
not going the with that so just find the command below the hit enter what the
hell going on with me clear database shall set oh I create one before yeah
yeah I create that one before so how can I drop it drop the Tibet okay
yeah I created one before so I’m trying to delete the database here make sure it
can work ah I try the wrong man okay that’s correct okay now I delete that
database so I recreate okay so just ignore the error may 2nd what I did
wrong in just a moment so let’s start again with create a new database call
some nice just hit enter okay and then I create another database for another side
just as you can see the previous database is a mess and this one is from
nest with the N of V so we just hit enter holy shit I do that in the
previous video so I need to drop that database again so I’m sorry for that so
I need to draw I think I have a draw come on over here yeah with is that no
no no no I’m sorry okay I’m drop it so I create the
database again just hit inter okay now I create two database for to sigh so I
need to create the privilege for the new user and as you can see here I grant the
HMS by the best to the username with CH m and CH m DB admin and here is the
password I create a new user and grant the privilege to that database okay so
now the permission granted and I just copy that again and I grant I’m sorry and it should be here the
database this one should be on with G okay a grandeur Commission to another
user CHM grid the word Z and the database and
with Z and the password is here so I just hit enter to grandeur privilege
okay now I ready create a database and cram the privilege for the user so I
need to fluff how can I prevent that word floss floss privilege I don’t know
what the hell you can’t remember that so I just I just try to floss the yeah and
then I need to exceed I said my actual so I stopped it exceed command and what
you going to do neck is to install some PHP models and if you don’t you didn’t
install it it’s just I’m sorry I’m running it’s the
wrong it if you don’t install it it’s not the WordPress not going to work so
just install it and give password of the language user just hit my I took on the
new installations and reg for a while for installation okay guy we really done
the installation so the next step we need to create WordPress CUDA so I will
create two WordPress folder to food in the HTML folder for the sign so I create
a folder called shamness for some Escom and I create under food there okay here
with the nest and that and this with for for another domain so okay I create a
folder and then I copy the wordpress which we just extract in the moment i
just copy the file to that makes you untie it correctly okay just hit enter please wait for a bit okay it’s done
so I copied the file to another folder so we have a web profile in each cruder
okay be done and the next step we need to add the juice to wew data and allow
it right boss so we just add the permission please find the command down
there and then add the user to WWF just hit enter okay now we add the user to
WWE so the next step I am going to do is I I
what I will rename the wp-config file to to wp-config.php yeah i rename the
gymnast just hit enter and then i rename now rename it copy and Chango name so
okay i just rename it on gymnast with this set and make sure it’s correct just
hit enter okay now we ready name it and so this type of suit will converge the
the PHP configuration file and I will conflict on tonight so okay here we go so what I’m going to do now is scroll
down yeah here it is you need to complete the information over here the
data by name they be name should be sleeve what so the Chum nests next to it correct and
the username should be let me check the username and don’t want to do the
mistake with that some 3 a.m. the CMDB I mean okay so I rename it CH 1 DB and
mins okay and I copy the password over here and I’m sick and tired of typing
that character and you need to use your keyboard your arrow key to a bit with
Nano okay I just right-click to press the
password okay everything should be done but maybe you need to add to a dislodge
how can I copy this okay go down there and nobody I just
place it here just hit enter we need to generate the key for this just copy it
and back to the terminal and what the going to do is delete all of this come
on okay I right-click on the terminal to
pass the key and I hit control egg to say and why to save the file and enter
okay now the next step I need to edit it on on what I did it on another side so I
add it on the Chum nest with these just pass it over here so the DB name should
be super Vlad should be some nests with this and this name should be I don’t
know I forgot that it should be yeah CA MZ + BB admins just copied here and pass
it over here and let you guys so copy and paste is much easier for me Oh I copy the password over here I just
right click on here to press the password and let me scroll down through
the key yeah here it is yeah okay let me do another stupid mistake by right click
over here and I pass it over here and hit enter again okay now I copy the P
from here and maybe I need to delete this it
myself okay and what we going to do now is to delete this P okay I will pass it over here and
control edge and makes you a try correctly eh okay decorate wise and
enter okay now we added the wp config on h5h side so the next step I’m going to
do now is to edit the sigh of olive oil to the visual hosts file so I just copy
this command I I split two et Cie up by two and saya volleyballs I just hit on
it okay now I am on the food that you can start with a less and less al and
you see here we have the default side over here so what I’m going to do is
copy the file and I did it so I will start with here how can I do that just right-click over here just hit
enter I’m sorry I’m doing wrong so it should be CP no to do CP and space and
attach the row on my keyboard and I hit enter and I rename it to some nests
makes you want and correctly some nests dot Cornett is it correct okay so I hit
enter and the neck I do the same just but I just change this I just add Z and
hit enter let me LS plus al make sure the file in there okay now the file in
the side of all ball so what I’m going to do is edit the file and I do
something wrong over here so I need to sudo nano hopefully is correct dot
Connor okay add it on the first file and what I’m going to do now is is one let me scroll to find something I thought yeah head is I just delete this
one large and and make it a bit close and I check it through my domain name
some less calm is that correct okay and I keep everything the food but
this one I will check it to some less then I check the root food that I put on
that domain to the food okay everything should be correct
let me check my income and knowledge okay just hit control H and Y and Inter
to save the file let me end about the fourth side and so
I and about the fourth side over here okay size and also I need to reload the
Apache we make sure the force is running and the reason I do for the first side
because I want to give some time from another domain to take a fish so lets me
go to a close this one some nice calm No maybe I need to editor the
configuration files and it’s not calm I’m sorry
yeah it should be dot egg oh I see that’s it okay control X Y and enter on
the keyboard and then reload the Apache with we’re okay dot advisee hopefully
work okay guys now the installation for the first domain is working so lets me
go to another domain so I’m not going to install it here I just so you have to to
complete how to make it work but you will go through the installation process
yourself okay so the next step I am going to do is I I need two allies okay
to edit on sudo nano youngness with Z dot count app okay I’m not going to do
the mistake again this one just gymnast with Z and let me
change this to another domain it will be gymnast G and calm go to home and I will
delete the command the step make it closer okay everything should be correct
just X Y and Inter and then you need to end a ball design with this command okay
just inter make sure a patch is running okay
we need to reload upon service okay just pass it and we load it okay now I’m
done so did I try to correct domain and with the Z no it’s still not working
that dough may not really get effect let me check the domain DNS lookup where my 7m how can I find my seven and we don’t need to add HTTP just I’ll just
look and so this forward mystic what I’m going to look up for 7m is the s 7m DNS
lookup okay just look up a pawn to my server absolutely pawn to
my server T let me let me check this no no no where is it then I look up there
oh I can check who is domain I’m sorry I already did the mistake let me do this
again I think it works it really point to my
eyepiece but the problem is maybe I let me check again on here yeah I pulling it
to Jim Jim let’s calm again I’m sorry for my mistake okay control it lies and
want to check it we start the apostrophe okay it should be book now bingo here
here we go guy so now I can install two different will press I on the same ip of the
private server and same for follow I’m watching this video and I’m sorry if I
provide you around and make you come through in the total here and if you
have the question or something not clear you can comment the below of this video
and I put a preset to respond to you as soon as possible and also guys and
usually I ask you a favor just hit the share button to let people know about
this video tutorial and I will come up with another useful to drill and make
sure you subscribe align my Facebook page and also I live my absolute link
down there and if you want to support me and you can find a link below guys
bye-bye saying for watching the video and see you in next tutorial

Author: Kevin Mason

8 thoughts on “How to Setup Multi WordPress Sites on a Single Ubuntu – Vultr vps

  1. hi kim, do you have video tutorial about folder ownership tutorial especially for FTP case.
    i notice that you change ownership WordPress script into www-data. but if that so, how you use FTP while default www-content folder access is 755 which mean another user (other than www-data,) cannot create any folder or file inside wp-content file even if they are have the same group with www-data.

  2. Hi, can you help me? When I access the site with www like it appears the default apache page. When access with non-www like appears the normal site.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Great video!! Having trouble uploading media including themes. I receive this error message:

    Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2017/11. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    Is this uploads path incorrect and if so how do we change it to the correct one? As well as this, do any permissions need to be changed?

    Hope you can help!

  4. Hi kim! How can i open the files ? Where to find them? I just want to copy my wordpress file from godaddy to vultr. Do you have any video for that? Thanks a lot.

  5. hey dude, I follow your previous video and setup single wp site on manual like you showed on that video, now my question is i want to add another website to same droplet , how to do that , please reply ASAP

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