Hi there. This is a short video about how to set Google as your home page in the Safari browser – this is really only for Mac operating system, just because you can’t run safari on a PC, at least I don’t think anyway -so here’s Safari, and uh…I’ve got Apple as my home page on the Safari page, and it’s really simple. You just go up to the pull down menu here, and you go to preferences and you go to preferences and you go to “set current page” or you type in the URL now, to make life easy I am going to use a shortcut I’ve got to google here going back to safari, Preferences, so I’ve got the page open that I want to use as my home page which is Google Set current page, change home page, done. That’s it, it’s done. Just to prove it, I will close down Safari, start up Safari, Woo hoo! Google is my home page, there you go – so if you like this video and it’s useful to you, please click “like” and if you want to see more of my videos or watch any of my new ones that are coming out, then please subscribe, thanks for watching, have a good day, goodbye.

Author: Kevin Mason

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