How to sell an ebook on WordPress

Just a very general overview of what we are
going to be learning is first of what can you sell online, what are the products or
just ideas for that, what type of plug-ins we will actually be using and also other tools.
So very generally, very briefly, what can you actually sell, so some ideas are just
like EBooks, graphics, photos or maybe few of the tutorials that you want to sell. And
the plug-ins that I will actually be using are very easy to use; Easy Digital Downloads,
I’ll have the link and description and also a tool called Canva and I’ve showed you tutorial
on that before and so I’ll show that very briefly now. So what I want to do now is actually talk
about Easy Digital Downloads and how you install it and how you ultimately use it, but before
that, what I want to clear the area what’s the difference between the Easy Digital Downloads
and other wo-commerce plug-ins. And so Easy Digital Downloads really should only be utilized
when you have to try to sell something just digitally like an eBook, like a plug-in or
like a theme, things like that. By things were you just trying to download something,
to users are trying to download something, just trying to buy it first plug-in like for
example like wo-commerce which is a e-commerce plug-in on WordPress , it’s more for actually
shipping out things, right? You’ll be getting addresses, things like that, you have to make
invoices and ship things out and you have a lot. It’s really showcasing a lot of different
products. Easy to do downloads, I think, yeah it definitely
can showcase a lot of items but that’s not really what it is designed for, more I would
say more of like eBooks or something digital when the user just have to download something
off your website itself, right? So what I want to show you now is actually how you utilize
it. so we are just going to download it off the Easy digital downloads and we’ll just
going to upload it like a normal plug-in or we can also search for it in the WordPress
directory. And so once everything is activated, all we’re going to do is go find this new
download section, and I will just click on add new and so when I went ahead and did is
I created just this new download and what I did was, I just made some sample content
, just ebook text, put a bunch of description, this is where you will actually describe the
content and you can think of this just like a product page. This new download page is going to be just
the product page, where you’re going to try to sell whatever it is that you wanted to
sell. And so you could play HTML things like that, just like a typical post and you specify
the price and there’s variable pricing like with discount codes and coupons, things like
that. You can even categorize them, but here is where it kind a gets a little bit different
with, this is really the power of easy digital downloads is that, typically when you want
to have your users download something, they have to upload it to your ftp or file manager,
with this, you just upload it, just like an image, right? So what I did was, you just
click on “Upload files”, you drag it and drop it in to this file. What I did is just I create
a test ebook.pdf file and so you can just select that and insert it into the post and
then this will actually be users cannot find it, right? There’s not going to be Google
search, they won’t be able to find this so they can just download it like that, then
they would have to actually purchase the product in order to gain access to it, so that’s what’s
really nice about this specific plug-in, right. So, another thing that you’re going to note
is that everything else is just little tidbits here and there, a little bit download notes
extra things like that, but you can obviously add in this picture right? This picture is
going to be your featured image picture and it’s also something that you can gain potentially
post within your actual product page but I want to talk about is since this is kind of
a comprehensive review of how to create or how to sell online products, I figured why
not show you also how to make an actual design., right? so most people have the– eventually
pay for some type of software, some type of website to make eBook covers, then some of
the eBook covers typically now are over done just because they all look the same and their
kind of look is more of advertisement rather than actual book covers.
So, one thing that I have shown you before is this Canva website, and so it’s a free
graphic design tool where you can really create any type of designs and they have all these
different templates and when I had did is make a free account and I chose this Kindle
cover, right? So this Kindle cover is just like a book covers, so they are all pretty
made themes are going to look like Kindle covers or book covers. And so you can just
choose anything that you like, typically because it looks more, I should say more professional
advertise like that potentially going to have its benefits. So yeah you just create it.
I just changed one little thing, I think I used, I see, I used this design plus, I just
changed it to eBook just to show you. Now, all you’re going to do is link and publish
and it’s going to be free because we didn’t use any premium themes or premium pictures
and just download the image. And, I already went ahead and downloaded it so I’m not going
to really show you any more than that. So what we are going to do now is we are just
going to go into the actual page that we crated or the download page that we created. We are
going to click publish obviously, I did published it but since I haven’t changed it anything,
all I want to do is show you the download. So you just going to click “View download”
right now and then once it opens up, and the website actually is going to be (inaudible
5:36) downloads /[ product name] and you can remove all these side bars like
a typical page or typical post, you can treat it just like that, right? So, this is the
product, this is the product where they describe what it is, it has the title, you can add
the picture if you would like and they’re able to purchase it, right? So at the very
bottom, you can purchase the actual product, right? So, let’s see what it looks like when we purchased
it. And so, I guess before we actually, I’ll describe how we set-up the actual payment
plan in a second, but what it is right now is just a test mode, it’s just the test mode
for PayPal. So when they check out normally, I go straight to PayPal, but since I am in
a test mode, it’s just going to go straight to actually they bought the book, and now
let’s see what they see, right? And so we see that this is their checkout
page, I guess you can think of it like a cart, and so they can (inaudible 6:28) their email
address, their name, their last name, and they’re going to see their total and they
can add coupon codes, if you specify that there was an option for variable pricing,
right? So it’s just like a typical, I guess you can say like an e-commerce page but it’s
very simple, it’s much simpler because everything is downloadable, right? And so when they purchase
it, so they’re going to have two things, now they’re going to go to the PayPal page but
since we’re in test mode, it will just going to go straight to the “Purchase Confirmation”. So now that we see all these, right? payment
method for now is just a free purchase simply because you know, it’s a test version, all
these information is going to be sent to us right, so we are going to get an email as
the admin and also the individual who bought the item, they’re going to get a download
invoice as well as the link to actually download it, and so they simply click on it test e-book
and it’s going to download, just the normal file would, right? So that’s pretty much it,
that’s all there is to the plug-in, very simple but you know exactly what you would need for
some type of sale of a digital product, right? So now, what I want to show you is actually
the settings page for a payment right because that’s very important, you want to get paid,
you don’t want to always be in test mode. So how do you go about doing that? So we are
just going to download, and then go into settings, and this is your general settings and right
now I have it in the payment gateways, I have it just a test mode so what we will see how
does it looks like, right? Pretty much, all this is pre-made for you,
all these different checkout pages, success pages, all these things are pre-made for you
so if you want to edit anything, if you want to add different text, do side bars, you can
just find these pages and you can just fix them, right? And they are all through short
codes, so once you go to the actual checkout page all is going to have is download_check
out short code and there’s just some currency settings that you can do here, so tracking
settings as well and let’s go to that payments gateway because that’s probably the most important
part to run off into the test payment. What you’re going to do is just to switch on the
“PayPal Standard”. If you want to put on the icons underneath; what type of payments do
you accept, MasterCard, visa things like that. Very simple, all you need to do is put your
PayPal email address and it’s really that easy and so you can obviously test it out,
try the first time you see if you can create something, and you know you can edit the price
so it’s much lower so you can kind a test out how everything will work with the PayPal
settings will work in to it. But it’s very simple, very easy to use, not much to it in
regards to settings that you have to change. A bunch of add-ons that I’m not really going
to go into. But that’s pretty much all we would ever need just to sell some online goods
and these are a bunch of other settings that you can browse through, just for taxes and
emails, miscellaneous things, things like that. So the two additional features that I wanted
to show you were actually the shorts codes and the widgets that they have. What you should
do to find the actually short code is go on to “Downloads” and “All Downloads”. When you
find these purchase short codes similar to any other short code but if you have a bunch
of different products that you’re trying to sell they’re all going to be under the download
page, you will see. The first one that we made and the only one
that we have is the eBook test so we are just going to copy that short code and then paste
it over into “Edit Post”, you would imagine you may want to use this if you were just
talking about all your products on one page or if you want to have a separate, besides
your actual download page, besides your actual product page, you want to just describe it,
right? Or you want to put it in the side bars, whatever it is, you just paste it in here
and we are going to update it and we’ll see how that looks right now and we’ll see that
we have seen this button before, it’s just the typical purchase button but originally
it was at the very bottom of our product page. SO the second thing that I actually wanted
to show you is actually how to utilize the widgets, right? You will see in your widgets,
now you have three more which are the “Download Cart”, “Download Categories/Tags”, and Download
Details”. Right, so what I did is I just wanted to show you the cart; you can kind a play
around with the other settings. And so, we just put it in there and we’ll see right here
that now your cart is empty, so you can assign where you actually think that the widget should
show up best and what I want to show you is just when they checkout, when they checkout
you will see that the cart is added here and as you notice the page has reloaded because
it’s powered by Ajax, what that means is that everything that’s in need a second reload,
right? And that enhanced the user’s experience, right? An if they removed it, very simple,
they can just remove it there and now they have the option to purchase it again so I
think that’s kind of nice as well.

Author: Kevin Mason

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