How to Remove Dates from WordPress Blog Posts [1:49]

How to Remove Dates from WordPress Blog Posts [1:49]

hello this is Catherine Chadwick
project manager for balon brands and today I’m going to show you how to
remove the date from the blog post in your brew so what you want to do is you
know we’ll take a look here you can see there’s a date and and who is authoring
your blogs and you may not want that for some for whatever reason maybe you want
your content to look a little more evergreen you just don’t want that there
the date so you can remove it and to do so you want to be logged in to your
dashboard for your WordPress you want to go down to settings and then click
general once that opens up you’re going to scroll down to date format click
custom and then remove this information from the box and Save Changes now when
you go back to your blog post let’s reload the page you’ll see that your
date has been removed and it’s just that easy should you decide you want to put
it back just go back to that same place and choose the format you want your date
to be in and save those changes hope this helps you out make sure you like
our video and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips for your brew and
your idx broker

Author: Kevin Mason

26 thoughts on “How to Remove Dates from WordPress Blog Posts [1:49]

  1. Greatly informative and was able to easily replicate it, but what if you just want to remove the date and the 'by xauthor' area? Like for an about page, I don't want to necessarily have an author listed or really the date it was actually posted on there.

  2. Hells, yea! Thank you! I find that I love the placement of blogs for lots of themes, but with the date, I can't structure my site great. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Lori, I thought I will have to change the code from the php files. Made me worry 🙂

    It worked for me. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you! I tried many other methods advised by other webpages of which none worked. And this did it so simply!

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