How to Rank Smaller Websites on Google in 2020 – FAST Method for Non-Techies

How to Rank Smaller Websites on Google in 2020 – FAST Method for Non-Techies

– You see all these big
sites dominating Google, but, hey, we’re not all big sites, we’re not all billion-dollar companies. What happens if we have a small website with little to no backlinks,
very little content? Is it even possible for us
to get rankings on Google? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel,
and today I’m going to break down how to rank smaller websites
fast in Google in 2020. (peaceful music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. And if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. Look, here’s something
that you may not know. Google’s diversity update in June 2019 gave different types of sites
more opportunities to rank by limiting the number
of times a single domain can appear in a single SERP. A single website can’t rank
more than two times in a SERP. That excludes branded
key terms, of course. But this allows smaller
sites to have a chance to rank among the big dogs
like Amazon, or Microsoft, or whoever else it may be
that’s dominating the SERPs. So, how do you go out there
and rank your new site that’s small, really high,
at a quick time period? Well first off, you can start
with exact-match domain name. Now a lot of people say
exact-match domain names don’t work as well as they used to, and that’s correct, but they still do. Now creating a domain that’s a exact match to the service or product you’re selling is a great way to get some
traction in the SERPs. This works specifically
well for localized keywords and long-tail keywords. It doesn’t work well for head terms. If your site gets a little traffic, scoring an exact-match domain name could get you a spot really
high up in the SERPs. A good example of this is, let’s say you’re a tailor
in Chicago, Illinois. Having a domain name
like is a great way to rank higher. did a study on
exact-match domain names for one-page sites. They tested multiple
exact-match domain names and created small sites for those domains. And this is what they found. They created a domain name
called Chauffeur is commonly misspelled, and, for this term, they used S-H-O-F-E-R In other words, they misspelled chauffeur. Something really important
that came out of this was, a lot of people were searching
for the misspellings, and this helped them rank higher. It was simple, it was
easy, and after doing this, with a one-page website and two backlinks, the site made it to page two of Google. Now imagine if they showed a
website with a little more log. They would’ve climbed up to page one, and potentially to the top of page one. So a pro tip for you is, when you’re looking for
exact-match domains, you could also look for
misspellings as well. Another study that they conducted was a near-me domain name. They bought a domain name
titled,, and created a one-page
website with no backlinks. The entire website
consisted of a contact page and about 1,000 words of content. The page ranked on page one of Google, likely due to its relevancy
of the domain name. The next thing that you can do is build one-on-one
engagements with customers. Where big brands often tend
to ignore is small things like personal engagements
with their customers. This is how I compete with
really large companies. You’ll see that I respond to
comments on, YouTube, Facebook,
LinkedIn, even Instagram. I’m pretty much everywhere, why? Because I care about you and
I care about your success. Big companies, I’m not saying
that none of them ever do this, but most of them don’t. They don’t care, they’re faceless, and this is one way that you can compete with these larger corporations. So simple things that you can do is respond to all
comments on social media, whether they’re good or bad, set up live chats on your website, that way people can engage
and interact with you or other members of your team. You can offer amazing customer service. People love this. It’s really taken for granted
in large corporations. And, just doing that
more personal approach will start gaining you
those social signals, which will help you with
your search engine rankings. Next, I want you to focus
on long-tail keywords. According to Search Engine Guide, Amazon makes 57% of their
sales from long-tail keywords. That’s because long-tail variations, especially those with commercial
intent, convert very well. Focus on the less competitive key terms that big brands typically ignore. Focusing on long-tail keywords is a great way to find
high-quality traffic. Since long-tail keywords are typically more specific in nature, scoring them typically
generates more leads, more sales, more conversions. Now, if you’re looking for
these long-tail keywords, the easiest way to find them
is you go to Ubersuggest, you type in a keyword that’s a head term, and it’ll show you in
the keyword ides report all the long-tail variations, and even other head term
variations of that keyword. Look for the ones that
have high search volume, high CPC, because high CPC usually means that keyword generates sales, and look for ones that have
a low SEO difficulty score. Scores of 40 and under
are easier to rank for than ones that have a high SEO difficulty. Next, I want you to create
valuable specialty content in your niche. Did you know that Google
prefers niche sites over broad sites? Do you remember that
old-school site, that used to be about everything? Well, it was one of the
largest sites on the web, but over time it started to die, why? Because Google prefers niche sites. What they decided to do is
take their site and turn it into six
vertical specific sites. Now, all their million-plus articles wouldn’t fit into those six verticals, so they deleted roughly
900,000 pieces of content. Now by having those six vertical sites, not only did their traffic grow, but they also saw increase
in revenue by 140%. That’s more important than traffic. That’s a huge win. Since your site is a smaller site, you can have a complete focus
on your specialty and niche. This will help you do better
than your competition. This allows you to provide more value for your users in your content, which is often ignored by
those larger companies. You can become the credible go-to source for anything in your vertical. Just look at Brian Dean is known as the
link guy in the SEO industry. He’s really gotten niche specific. Sure he does more than
that, and he’s smart, and he’s an amazing guy,
I’ve known him for years, but taking that niche
was really smart by him. This allows you to offer more value than any broad site out
there, which then, in turn, helps with your rankings in the long run. Next, you want to make
your site mobile-friendly. I can’t reiterate this enough. Google has mobile-first indexing, and over 50% of the searches
are now done on mobile devices. So having your site optimized
for mobile devices is huge. If you’re not doing this,
you’re not going to do well. So make sure your site’s
responsive, and it loads fast. If you’re not sure on how to
make your site load faster, Google has a page speed
tool which optimizes, tells you what’s wrong with your load time so you can optimize for it, and you can also use free
solutions like Cloudflare, to put your site on servers
all across the world for free, which of course helps with
your load time as well. If you need help with your SEO, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed this
video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.

Author: Kevin Mason

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