How to prepare Vegetables seedings for AQUAPONICS?

How to prepare Vegetables seedings for AQUAPONICS?

Hi guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you’re here back at Dexter’s world Channel Today I’m so excited To share with you the seedlings of Mustaza, Pechay and the lettuce few days ago we went to the rice field and we got some soil filtered soil for our Seedling bed and today we can say that this seedlings are already growing so fast I think it’s been four days that we have planted the seeds of Pechay And you will see that they are already growing. Well, I am so sorry for this this is the seeds of the lettuce and the dog came and Trampled upon the seeding bed So it somehow created a slight damage, but I think we can still transfer them to another Container And what we do is we use the Banana leaves the root system to really develop and we filled this with Soil this has no covered. This is just true and true in the moment. The roots will grow inside we gonna transfer this to their individual cups and This is how we do it of course, we gonna put some water so that we can soften the soil and for us also to Easily plant these very delicate seedling. This is how we do it have to press it And of course, I have already put some soil in here and that’s how simple it is we will wait for a couple of days for the roots really to grow and after one week We gonna transfer this one to a plastic cup that has coco choir and soil The coco choir is really very good when you are doing aquaponics Because it will allow the roots to have free growth Inside and will traverse down below to receive the vitamins of the water coming from the pond well I have repeatedly said that the waste of this fish is really very helpful To the growth of this vegetables because the waste of the fish Contains carbon dioxide and ammonia which are the food of the plants Well plants will eat through the roots and leaves Of course The environment has carbon dioxide also and the water from the fish will pass through the roots and this Vegetables will get its nutrients Well, it really needs a lot of patience because doing these things requires patience, patient in of course making this banana leaves Dandan really has the talent he is also an Experienced farmer. Are you an experienced farmer Dandan? You are an experienced farmer. Can you face to the camera? Yes, of course you see that and He is showing interest. That’s why he said to him that we will make this for our viewers We will make this seriously for our viewers to follow and maybe also you have another way of Doing these things. You can also make use of the comment section and You can share your experience. Are this the seeds of pechay? These are the seeds how did you know that this are the seeds? Because of the color I think the color so the color is blue So we’re quite sure that this are the seedlings of the pechay. Now we will assume that This plants will grow up To this height and the roots have already established Inside meaning the roots will really now grow downwards So what’s the next procedure is to put just like that here and we will put some soil at the sidings of this to make this stable In our previous videos we have rock bits just over there and this will be placed Right here, and this has water And The roots now we’ll have access to the water and the roots will no longer have this Difficulty of growing downwards because we are using the coco choir. So that’s the cycle of our Aquaponics, actually this seedling bed has been planted with Kangkong But this kangkong will be still transferred to the individual cups This is prepared for our tank over there. So we will see our lettuce Oh So you will see the growth of our lettuce the roots are here and This is the system that we had the roots are growing downwards and this roots are sock in the water This filter box, but I had to get this one I Disturbed them. I Accidentally uprooted it, but it’s okay But the roots are here and the roots are Always wet with water because half of this is soft to this filter Bucket that is filled with stones. This is due for harvest already this is due for harvest meaning we can now enjoy the salad and this is just three weeks old so We cannot just allow this to grow and grow very old because the water Of course, the lettuce will become bitter if they are not in the correct age So you’re gonna harvest them, maybe one and a half man is enough to enjoy a fresh young I’m very positive to convert this place into a greenhouse well, my term is greenhouse because I am going to fill this with green leafy vegetables and you look at our vines here These are called Patolas and you will see that this Patolas is really producing Fruits and you will see this one if you have here at home We can also try this one and you can mix this with eggs. This is very delicious and you can just eat this. Oh It’s delicious It’s tastier than the lettuce. Well, I’m so sorry, but My hand is dirty, so I cannot eat this all maybe it can eat some It’s delicious, but you can also Mix this with your egg. You can fry this one and mix this with your egg So it’s a good breakfast in his good source of protein will the lettuce This are organic and you can even eat this directly, but this is clean This good, really And that’s the beauty of you have a Plantation like this you can eat your salad Right there fresh from your garden and it’s good to your health So thank you for watching and This is the thing that we can share so far. I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and If you are new to our channel Please hit that notification bell after you subscribe So that you will be notified of our future videos by the way, we are uploading videos Every other day and we wish to share our knowledge and experience for you guys also to maybe follow or Do it yourself only here at Dexter’s world Channel You You

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  1. Hooray I'm first to comment.
    Excellent Dexter Sir,
    Great idea with bananas leaves.
    You have to teach us how to make local cuisines with the vegetables your growing. 😁

  2. Hope you know that people on city’s and of rural areas do not have that ripe of fertility on the ground they buy , you made a mistake, the ammonia charges on nitrate and plants eat that not the ammonia, if you filter the tanks on a big bucket of small stone , you will save the poop on the stone and after 1 month you can wash the stone , and what comes off of them use it water the potatoes, Berry fertile ground

  3. Sir dexter anong mga kahoy (driftwood) ang safe sa aquarium? Search kasi ako ng search di ako makahanap e. Pang diy sana. Tsaka san anong bato din. Salamat po. Sana mapansin niyo

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    Is it possible to make an video over how to take care of beeta fish, more specifically what medicine should I use for both fish and it's water? I'm a bit confused about this.

  5. Dont use soil as it contains harmful bacteria
    Instead, use only coco peat mixture and transfer net cups for growing

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