How to Network with Powerful People – 60 Seconds of Value Tip!

How to Network with Powerful People – 60 Seconds of Value Tip!

– Hey, everyone, this
is Self Made Millennial. I’m Madeline Mann, and today
I’m gonna share with you my most powerful networking tip, which I call 60 seconds of value. I learned this from observing people and noticing how they’re able to make such a big impression on me in a short amount of time. So I thought, I’ll just snag this for my own bag of tricks and
I’m passing it along to you. I’ll explain what the tip
is, a real world example, as well as five ways that you can add 60
seconds of value to anyone. Let me explain this all
by telling you a story about a woman that I will never forget. I was at an event for video creators, and I ended up sitting next
to someone I didn’t know, turned out to Crystal Hilliard, and she started asking me
questions about what I’m up to. Of course, it came up that
I have this YouTube channel. And she had her computer
out, and she was like, “Oh, really, oh, what is it? “Let me look it up right now.” So she starts scrolling
through all my videos and goes, “Wow, there’s
so much content here.” And goes, “You know what? “I just remembered, I
wrote a status on LinkedIn “and I got commented that
he was having trouble “in his job search. “Why don’t I share your channel with him?” She immediately, boom, pops
the link in there for him. Then, she goes, “Why not stop there? “I’m just gonna share your channel “with my entire LinkedIn network.” Boom, send. And that 60 seconds of
her just taking the time to share those links with her
network meant so much to me, and I felt like she was so thoughtful. And I just looked at her, and I go, “Crystal, I’m gonna
make a video about you.” Crystal, to me, represents
the true networker, because I feel like a lot of
us are conditioned to think that networking is all about
impressing another person or selling them, or understanding
how the exchange of value can be equal or tit for tat. But really, networking is so
much more simple than that. It’s all about going in with
the objective to make friends, and then following up by
adding 60 seconds of value to their life. This is how you can make more
meaningful relationships, ’cause when people see that
they got an email from you, they don’t assume that you
need something from them. So how do you add 60 seconds of value to the people you talk to? Well, I have five ways to do
it and there’s so many more. The preamble to adding
the value to these people is make sure that you are
talking with them on the phone or in person or asking
them questions over email, getting really curious about what they’ve been up
to the past few months, what do they care about,
and that will give you ideas of exactly how to add value to them. So the first way to
add 60 seconds of value is to make an introduction. A lot of times we think
of these introductions as other people they
can work with or hire, or someone can invest in their projects, but it could also be like a nonprofessional
introduction as well, such as they just moved here and they’re looking for a new barber. You could introduce them to
your barber, whatever it is. Number two, send them
articles and resources. There’s a young lady who
I was helping to coach who, she was interested in
pursuing a career in HR. And every few months, she sends me a really thoughtful, interesting article. The other day, she sent me a deck on Gary Vaynerchuk’s
content strategy. And I was like, “Yes,
this is very relevant. “Thank you so much.” The super pro tip for this is if you’re sending an
article, you can even write a few sentence summary to them about why you think that they would
be interested in that article, and a couple of the key findings, like, hey, I thought you’d be
interested in these two stats. And then here’s the rest of the article if you wanna read it for yourself. (scoffs) For the busy person in your life, they will think you
are so durn thoughtful. Good job. And remember, just like
I said for number one, this is all about making friends, so your articles might not
always be professionally related. Let’s say, in your conversation with them, you learn that they’re a great hiker. Maybe you can send them an article that’s a top 10 hiking spots in L.A., and they can really appreciate that. Number three, invite them to communities. You may be a part of or know
of different meet up groups, Facebook groups,
communities, whatever it is, and invite those people to join them. For example, I met this woman who wanted to break into
the blockchain industry and was asking for my help. And I said, “Hey, I’m part
of several Facebook groups “where we’re constantly
discussing what’s going on “and sharing articles and
learning from each other. “Would you like me to invite you?” She said, “Absolutely.” This whole thing took 60 seconds adding her to these five different groups. And a year later, I still see her posting in them all the time, contributing, her career
has really taken off, and so just me taking
that time to recognize how I can add her to those
communities was hugely valuable. Number four, brainstorm
ideas that can help them. You know, people are so awesome. I had someone last month,
he emailed me some ideas on how to better market my channel. Thank you, super rad. Another guy, he sent me this
really long LinkedIn message, stream of consciousness, of
all these video topic ideas for me to do, and I even did some of them, and I just thought, the
fact that he took that time to think of all those
ideas meant the world. And then the fifth one, we
learned this one from Crystal, but engage with them on social media. There’s tons of different ways that you can engage with
people on social media. You know, you retweet,
you share their article, you comment on stuff, you endorse them for skills on LinkedIn. For anyone who careers anything online, they notice when there’s certain people who are repeatedly
engaging with their post. If you’re liking all of them,
that can usually be noticed, but not as much as if you’re
sharing and commenting. Uh-huh. So really get in this
mindset of adding value. I mean, people ask me, “Why do you have this YouTube channel? “You’re giving away tons
of content for free.” And really my concept is, I’m
adding value to the world, and I know it’s gonna come back to me. So really think about it that way and if you felt like I
added value in your life, please hit a like, maybe even comment, and make sure you subscribe. New videos coming out every week. Thanks so much, everyone. Wi-Fi high five!

Author: Kevin Mason

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