How To Network: Narrow Vs Broad Networks (Which Is Better?)

How To Network: Narrow Vs  Broad Networks (Which Is Better?)

There are two types of networks: your narrow network
and your broad network. Think of your narrow network as people that
you know pretty intimately on a professional level. Your team members, colleagues, your boss,
your clients. So these are people that you know well, whom
you work with closely. That’s your narrow network. Your broad network are people whom you don’t
know very well, but I would refer to them as acquaintances. So these could be LinkedIn connections, they
could be people who are in your industry, they’re people whom you recognize and you
might talk to at a networking event but you don’t know them personally or you don’t work
with them as closely as you do your narrow network. Now what’s fascinating, is that you might
think that the majority of your professional opportunities are going to come through your
narrow network. And it’s true that that narrow focus network
does provide connections, introductions and opportunities. But what is most interesting is that the majority
of your career shaping opportunities, business shaping connections, actually come through
your broad network. They’re going to come from people whom you
don’t know very well. Now the challenge for women, is that very
often we have a really close narrow network. So we have deeper relationships and connections
with a smaller group of people. What you’ll often see with men is that they
have much broader networks filled with acquaintances, people they know casually but not quite as
well. This can make it easier for them to have access
to opportunities, information, resources, to help them get ahead. And so, as a woman, what’s really important
is that you put in the time to not only build relationships with that narrow network, but
to cultivate your broad network as well. When I did some research a few years ago,
into where my most important opportunities and connections and contracts and deals came
from, they actually all came through my broad network. Acquaintances people, who made connections
and introductions for me whom I appreciate so much but whom I don’t actually know all
that well. So there you go narrow network broad network
you want to make sure to cultivate both.

Author: Kevin Mason

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